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5 influencers to help you burn calories at home- The Lockdown Life

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It takes 21 days to build a habit, a habit that is a vital part of our existence. Fitness.

With most of us stuck at our homes, it is ideal to stick to a routine of getting fit and giving those lazy muscles a good stretch perhaps?

Research proves that having a sedentary lifestyle causes harm to your physical and mental health. Physical activity not only helps keep control of your blood pressure and cholesterol, it helps reduce the risk of heart disease and maintain bone density. Fun fact, a fitness routine is proven to keep your immune system working effectively as it flushes bacteria and helps in blood circulation. Certainly the need of the hour!

You don’t need fancy gyms or equipment, all you need to do is pick up your phone, look out for these top 5 fitness influencers who’ve proven time and again that all you need is to get up and get going!

  • Kayla Itsines


A fitness entrepreneur with 12.4M followers makes it to the top of our list. From home workouts to ab challenges and posture corrections, she’s got it all. Kayla’s workouts will have you using the chairs and tables lying around. If you’re someone who needs a push to get out of the bed and learn a few muscle moves, follow her.

  • Shwetambari Shetty


A passionate fitness instructor with 65.3k followers is an inspiration to many. Her journey from banking to guiding young fitness enthusiasts and co-founding The Tribe fitness club is worth your scrolling time. Her home workouts plans and fitness tips will keep you glued on.

With her famous Zumba moves and deep squats she’s got you looking good already for that summer bod. 

  • Joe Wicks 


A well known TV presenter, Joe is on a mission to make the world a fitter and happier place. With 3.5M followers, his fitness journey and mental health talks are relevant and heartwarming. Catch him live on his YouTube channels and workout along.

  • Nidhi Mohan Kamal


Nidhi Mohan, a sought after nutritionist and fitness trainer, is on a mission to make home workouts the next fad. From using buckets to water cans she’s bound to make your lockdown fitness life insta-worthy. Follow her workout plans to achieve your fitness goals this summer.

  • Devrath Vijay

A software engineer turned fitness freak, Devrath VIjay’s animal flow training and strength conditioning proves the endless possibilities of the human body. A master of the fitness art, his Instagram posts are flooded with simple home routines and much more. 

Check out his crazy home workouts and get inspired.

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