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4 Best Chairs for Work From Home to be your Productive Best

best chairs for work from home

Working from home is part of the new normal, but are you able to maintain your productivity? A lot of people miss working out of the office and all the benefits of having a dedicated workspace. 

If you, like many other people, have been using a makeshift home office setup, it might be the time to change things. Choose from some of the best chairs for work from home to boost your productivity and protect your back from long hours at your desk.

Here is a brief list of quality comfortable work chairs that you can consider using. Let’s see what’s special in them and understand if it’s great for you.

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4 Best Chairs for Work from Home: Give your Back the Support it Needs

Working for 8 to 9 hours straight without the right chair can be detrimental to your physical health. Back pain among today’s youth is so common that it’s terrifying. And the practice of working from home makes it even more difficult!

And to cure this, the least you can do is change your sitting position and choose a WFH home chair. Such pain doesn’t go unless you change your lifestyle. And they are definitely not here for some time. The aches can turn chronic if you don’t take the immediate step.

However, here are some of the best office chair for working from home:

1. Have your back covered: Wakefit Severus Medium Back Office Chair

One thing that hurts the body the most is the use of the wrong chair. Or not having one at all! believe it or not, 8 or 9 hours doesn’t seem so easy without back support. Hence, a chair with a strong build that also provides great lumbar support is all that you can crave.

The Severus by Wakefit has an impressive build that covers your back and allows for easy adjustment as you like.

2. Adjust your way: Wakefit Luna Medium Back Office Chair

It’s not just that the back will suffer. Your neck and your entire body also reflect the changes. Plus, the impact reflects on your posture and the way you present yourself. The Luna by Wakefit is one of the best work from home chairs that is adjustable and gives ample support from all sides to your back.

It may seem that you wouldn’t need a chair and a table set for working from home. But the pandemic seems never-ending. So, choosing a chair is the least you can do for your health. And Wakefit’s Luna is the best computer chair for long hours!

3. Made way for headrest: Wakefit Draco High Back Office Chair

If you are tall enough and need something for your head and neck, Wakefit’s Draco will be the best fit. It’s difficult for taller people to use headrests in regular chairs. The backrest gets used and the head gets left out. And this is what Wakefit’s Draco doesn’t allow!

Hence, it remains the best office chair for work from home purposes! It has your back, your neck and your entire health. This way, you save your posture and gait!

4. Call it out for comfort: Wakefit Albus Medium Back Office Chair

Talking about work from home chairs, it’s best to go with something standard. One that has your back covered and the hips alignment as well. A proper chair allows keeping your spine aligned and thereby makes way to keep your body healthy.

Moreover, long hours take a lot of energy out. And it is worse if you don’t use a WFH setup. Tiredness will find pain as its new company! Hence, Wakefit’s Albus stands as the best computer chair for long hours among all others.

So, these four varieties were some of the best WFH chairs that aid your backache and allow a proper alignment of the spine! Now, that we have the list ready of what to buy, let’s help you understand how to choose the best office chair for work from home.

5 Things to Consider for Choosing the Best Chairs for Work from Home

To bring home a comfortable work chair, you need to research and consider a few factors. You need to understand what aspects make the best computer chair for long hours. Is it its back support or is it the strong build? Once you know what goes where you will easily understand what’s great for you. However, here is a checklist of aspects you should look for in your ideal WFH office chairs.

1. Protect your back

A comfortable chair for work from home is an absolute must-have if you are likely to spend more than 4-6 hours working. A lot more people have been complaining of back pain ever since the pandemic started, the reason for which is poor seating and posture.

Consider getting a back support cushion if your back is already feeling the strain of working from home. The best chairs for work from home get even better when you take the extra step to protect your spine.

The best WFH chairs have waterfall seats, where your knees are a little higher than your hips while you sit, this helps you hold a better posture and helps to protect your lower back. A waterfall seat has a rounded edge that gives your posture a bit of a slope and relieves pressure on the back of the thighs.

There’s nothing more disturbing than having a good stretch break and almost falling over because of a bad chair. Most WFH office chairs have strong lumbar support, allowing you to lean back smoothly without any jerks, like the Wakefit Albus medium back office chair.

2. Consider the Chair height

The best chairs for work from home vary from person to person, especially when it comes to height. The height of the backrest is something that cannot be modified at a later date, so you’ll have to be extra careful when you’re choosing your chair.

The height of the seating is also important, especially if you have a work table that is taller or shorter than the average work desk. A comfortable chair for work from home should have an adjustable height feature, like the Wakefit Aries office chair.

3. Pick the one with Armrests

The best chairs for work from home always have armrests, especially for computer heavy work. One armrest stabilizes your keyboard hand while the other can stabilize your mouse hand. Even if you use a laptop trackpad, the extra support can make a lot of difference.

If you don’t have an armrest, your hands are being supported by your shoulders which tires you out fast. Most WFH office chairs come with armrests to help you avoid fatigue and even injuries like tendonitis and carpal tunnel syndrome.

The best office chairs for working from home have adjustable armrests so anyone can sit comfortably at any table when they work from home, like Wakefit’s Virgo high back office chair, which also has an ergonomic design based on a headrest.

4. Understand if you need a Headrest

If you’re particular about having a headrest while you work, you may want to spend some time physically trying out the chair. To find the best chairs for work from home, sit down, rest your neck and meditate for around 5 minutes to see if you are comfortable.

To lean back and relax while working, your neck should not be under any kind of strain because of the headrest. The best chairs for work from home are the ones you can sit in for hours at a stretch, so make sure you really test your chair for comfort over long hours.

5. Check the Material, know its Durability

The best chairs for work from home have a lifespan of 5 years on average. This is considering you will be using the chair even outside your work hours if you are gaming or otherwise using your computer. The durability depends on the usage and material.

The most common surface materials for office chairs are leather and fabric. Fabric based mesh chairs are a huge hit in corporate offices because they are comfortable work chairs that are breathable and easy to maintain with parts that are easy to replace.

Leather chairs are very comfortable, but they can be difficult to sit on in hot weather. Not only do they make a more comfortable work chair, but they also look better and make you feel like a boss. While leather chairs are more expensive, they also last longer than fabric chairs.

The Best Chairs for Work from Home Improve Productivity

Just like a faster laptop, a more comfortable chair can really make it easier for you to do your best work. The best chairs for work from home should boost your productivity by making it easier to spend time at your desk. You tend to maintain the right posture and have the right balance throughout the body. Plus, your hips alignment remains safe and healthy as well.

Therefore, with everything set, you tend to feel better and more energetic! That said, you see a significant difference in your attitude, effectiveness and performance. This is the difference the right work from home chairs bring to you. They have an ergonomic design that understands your requirements and adjusts accordingly.

A review of several studies points towards improved productivity and health at the workplace when ergonomic chairs were introduced.

If you’re looking to upgrade your home office setup, we at Wakefit have a range of diverse options for both tables and the best office chairs for working from home. With options for space-saving and aesthetically appealing furniture, you’ll definitely find what you’re looking for. Don’t forget to check out our tips for working from home effectively!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the most comfortable chair for work from home?

Talking about comfort for 8 long hours, a chair that has lumbar support and is easily adjustable is your pick. To make your search easier, Wakefit’s Severus chair model takes the spotlight as it literally heals your back’s condition. Plus, it is strongly built and the entire look gives an assurance of comfort and strength!

  1. Which is the best computer chair for long hours while working from home?

The best chairs for work from home are the ones that have a strong look. They must have lumbar support that aids your back with the support it needs for 9 hours straight, an ergonomic design that understands you and a headrest for complete comfort.

  1. What are the best chairs for work from home for back pain?

The characteristics of the best work from home chairs include complete back and neck support. Here are the best picks for you:

  • Wakefit’s Severus Medium Back Office Chair
  • Wakefit’s Luna Medium Back Office Chair
  • Wakefit’s Draco High Back Office Chair
  • Wakefit’s Albus Back Office Chair

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