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Is buying a solid wood bed a good idea?

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Buying a solid wood bed is something a lot of people want to, but are apprehensive about. The only worry according to our research is that people believe buying a solid wood king size bed with storage is going to be expensive. Is that true though? A good quality Sheesham bed online does not necessarily have to be that expensive. How do we know? Because we make such a quality bed that ticks all the good features of a wood bed while making sure you need not break the bank to own the bed! 

Sheesham wood bed online

Before getting into the price, let us quickly browse through the reasons why one should invest in a Sheesham bed online. 

Why purchase a wood bed

A solid wood bed ticks all the boxes of what a good relationship should look like:

  • It’s strong. 

A wood bed is robust. It is sturdier than a bed with a metal frame. In case you are investing in a memory foam mattress such as the Wakefit Orthopaedic Memory Foam Mattress, then you need a bed that is sturdy enough to support the mattress so that the mattress can do its job of supporting you. 

  • It lasts long. 

It is one of the longest relationships you will have. A wood bed lasts generations, and so it is an investment in the truest sense of the word. Therefore, when buying a wood bed you need to pick one that is made of hardwood variety such as Sheesham wood. Investing in a bed made from engineered wood may not be that great an idea. 

  • It is easy to maintain. 

The best thing about a wood bed is that it is very easy to maintain. Taking care of it involves cleaning it with a piece of clean cloth and some mild detergent. Be very careful not to use any abrasive cleaning 

  • It adds panache.

One of the biggest reasons behind the popularity of wood bed is how good it looks. It is stylish and yet it adds warmth to the overall bed set up. Warmth and coziness not only look good but are also crucial elements for sleep. 

Wakefit’s solid wood beds

When planning to buy a Sheesham bed online, Wakefit has your back! Our solid wood beds are both luxurious in how they look and the support and comfort they offer. Our Sheesham wood beds are designed to support your mattress in such a way that the mattress can do its job of conforming to your body shape and distributing your body weight. Along with the mattress, the beds ensure you get the best sleep every night and wake up fit and fresh. Our beds are available in all sizes, such as King, Queen, Single, and we also offer custom-size beds. The beds will complement your sleep environment and will be within your budget. To browse through the options, visit us here

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