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Top 5 Home Decor Ideas By Wakefit

Your home is a canvas that artistically portrays your personality. It represents the person you are and your comfort zone and hangs pictures of victories and memoirs of stories untold. It is also the space you share with your beloved family and creates a safe zone for them to express themselves, unwind, mingle, and carry on with their daily activities. If you’ve bought a new home and are wondering how to incorporate a style that is uber-stylish yet functional to cater to all your needs- we’ve got news for you! While interior décor magazines showcase stunning homes with impeccable décor that instantly opens up the space, it all comes at a costly price. We’re here to tell you no makeover or home décor ideas need to be expensive. Instead, you can choose from top home décor ideas recommended by Wakefit to ensure your home is classy, welcoming, and well within budget. 

Before starting your journey into ideas for wall painting, drilling, and the works, it’s important to cover a few points:

Drop the Shop Routine

Hear us out. Have you heard of the old saying- ‘Don’t shop for groceries when hungry’? The same applies to home décor ideas too! It’s quite easy to get tempted by attractive home décor ideas that involve luxurious sofa sets and other items that may not even fit your home. We all know what a walk through a beautiful showroom can do- it can tempt you to empty your wallet by stocking on things you didn’t know you even needed! More importantly, home décor ideas keep evolving as you continue to build your home theme. The last thing you want is a large, expensive piece of furniture that doesn’t match the items you pick later; instead, go for simple home décor ideas. Not prepping yourself before a purchase can lead to expensive heartbreaks- so stay away from purchasing from a shop just until you’ve done the first step.

Measuring Tape: Every Home Décor Idea’s First Step

Arm yourself with a measuring tape to allocate space for everything you need. Knowing the measurements of every room helps you understand the furniture scale you can go for.

Measuring window openings and wall space around them helps in understanding the scope of window coverings too. Additionally, it’s also worth noting potential obstructions that could get in the way, like, radiators, columns, stairs, existing furniture and other such. 

Have a Plan

Draw it the old fashion way with a pencil and paper, or get it done by a professional. Once you have a blueprint of the space, you can then start experimenting placement of furniture and ignite your imagination for creative home décor ideas to implement. 

Additionally, it’s worth assessing the kind of lifestyle you currently live or intend to embrace. For instance, will you be hosting many soirees, or do you dream of crashing on the couch watching TV to unwind? Knowing this beforehand helps to plan living room décor ideas accordingly. 

Discover your Style

Probably the hardest, as everything can look enticing when it’s on a glossy page cover or under shiny showroom lights! When it comes to choosing your best home décor ideas, it’s important to visualise the kind of style you most resonate with. Look for inspiration on online furniture and styling websites like Wakefit, design books, and magazines to get a feel of different styles. Bookmark the ones you like and study them in detail to see what best suits your space. For instance, do you prefer wallpapers or feel inspired by ideas for wall painting from images?


The most important factor before implementing house décor ideas for a makeover or filling of a new home is to plan a budget. This step will help avoid an unexpected splurge, ensuring you are strategic about your purchases while sticking to the plan.

Set with the above? Without further ado, let’s move on to the top 5 home décor ideas to turn your house into a home.

Top 5 Home Décor Ideas You Can Implement Today

Wall Décor

Most people opt for extensive wall panelling, tiling, and wallpapers for living room wall décor ideas in their space. However, did you know that one of the easiest options to elevate any room is using simple and stunning wall accessories? The Wakefit Garden Wall clock is a visual treat adding a pop of colour to the otherwise bland wall. Build around this decorative clock with family pictures, travel souvenirs, and other knick-knacks that keep your memories warm. Try these wall art ideas with DIY wall accessories, too, as part of a family project you and your family can enjoy doing together.

Out with the traditional ideas for wall painting, and in with the funky, stunning, and eye-catching decorating wall décor that’ll turn heads! 

Home Organisers for Storage and Display

Lesser the furniture, the more floor space. However, that spills into a crunch in storage space, leaving a chance for more clutter around. Whether you enjoy living room décor ideas with minimal furniture or are someone who prefers a no-rules book when it comes to interior themes, don’t forget to invest in home organisers. Having lesser clutter around instantly opens the space giving an airy, bright, fresh finish. Look out for display shelves, TV units or even elegant coffee tables that have inbuilt storage space to stow away cushions, air fresheners, candles, snacks while watching TV etc. For rental apartments, check out portable shelving and hanging baskets that make life easy even if you decide to move homes later. 

The Trick of Lighting

The trick truly lies in dedicated lighting. Whether it is natural or artificial lighting, navigating it to highlight segregated spaces brings out a charm. One of the top living room décor ideas, especially if sharing with a dining area too, is to get playful with lighting. Fix ceiling pendant lights to lighten up the designated dining area or as part of mandir decoration ideas in a living room. Adding table lamps on either side of a couch in a living room can bring in a cosy ambience too. For natural lighting, don’t forget to use mirrors to send bright light bouncing around the room!

Go Green

Indoor plants are not just in fashion but are the most inexpensive way to bring a classy, elegant freshness to your living room. Choose from fuss-free options like gorgeous succulents, snake plants, Amazon Lily, and Money plants; the list is endless! Arrange these in decorative pots, choosing different sizes to create an interesting look. Want to get adventurous in living room décor ideas? Invest in a living wall consisting of panels of plants growing vertically. The only downside to it is that it can lead to water collection leading to clogged drainage. 

Big Rugs

A known hack used by interior decorators today- big rugs spread across your living room can give the impression of a larger room. The area covered forms a great base for important living room furniture like sofa sets, centre tables, and chairs. Probably the quickest to implement in home décor ideas, find a rug that suits your living room colours thematically. 

Enjoy a new look to your existing home or decorate a new home with these top 5 home décor ideas- today.

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