What we manifest for Union Budget, 2023

The Union Budget 2023-2024 is around the corner! 

Union Budget | Wakefit

Everyone is making predictions on what might be announced this week.

We went a step ahead. 

We have come up with manifestations instead!

budget season | Wakefit

You may say we are dreamers, and that these manifestations may not bear fruit this (budget) season. But we believe someday they will! 🤞 

What we manifest for the Financial Budget to include: 

1. RRR Fund 

RRR Fund | Wakefit

Funds allocated for rest, relaxation, rejuvenation. 

This fund will be used to get rid of sleep shame. It will also be exercised to support fairly local influencers like Kumbhkaran who will tour the country and eradicate the phrase ‘you snooze you lose’

2. Nap Time Policy

Nap Time Policy | Wakefit

Why stop at sleep, right? Let’s make naps great again! 

The Nap Time policy will provide dedicated funding to embolden every Indian’s Right to Nap.

The funds allocated will be utilized to create designated nap spaces in public areas, so that naps in public become as common as Indians calling random strangers uncle and aunty. 

P.S. We might also need legislation to make naps at work mandatory. Wakefit’s already shown the way! 😉


3. Nook Creation Programme 

Nook Creation Programme | Wakefit

Also called Home Is Where The Heart Is Programme.

The funds here will be used to make every nook and cranny resemble your heart, that is, warm and lovely!

From snuggle-ready reading nooks to corners where you can let your hair down and chill, this programme will add the fun in funds! 

4. Work-Life Balance Grant

Work-Life Balance Grant | Wakefit

Grants for companies and organizations to implement policies and practices (parties?) that support work-life balance. 

The funds will be spent toward building an India that works hard, parties harder, and naps hardest! 

Well, these are our dreams. Tell us what you are manifesting this budget season? Drop a comment! 


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