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Unique Gift Ideas For Family And Friends

Everyone has that one person in their lives who is impossible to shop for. Either they seem to have everything or are picky, making it difficult to get the ‘wow’ reaction from them. The best gift ideas are unique and thoughtful, leaving the receiver feeling a warmth of love. Whether it’s an experience or a physical gift wrapped in stylish paper and a bow, ultimately, it’s the memories you shared during the season of gifting. With every few months having a festival or an occasion, you are bound to feel even more stumped with limited gift ideas options in stores. Worry not; 2023 will be much more planned with Wakefit’s list of beautiful gift ideas that are unique and memorable and will have your friends and family cherish them more. 

Lights and Lamps

No matter the occasion, when you gift someone, it represents love and light. So why not literally gift a lamp that can bring light into their lives? Lights and lamps are one of the most perfect gift ideas for the family, as you probably know their décor style that even matches their space. It’s practical and decorative and completes a home while adding a vibe. Additionally, when looking for perfect gift ideas for friends, lamps still rank number one as they can be used by both men and women alike in their homes or office space. Wakefit has attractive ornamental designs in lights and lamps that can instantly upgrade any interior décor. The Wakefit Noether single-point ceiling Hanging Pendant is a sparkly, lean, and minimalistic lamp with a welcoming festive sparkle that’ll have your friends and family thrilled to receive it!

For those who want tech-savvy gift ideas, opt for a soft, glowing, smart lamp that includes multiple functions like radio, Bluetooth and many more. These don’t need to be fitted into a ceiling and can instead be placed on a flat surface. 

Custom Illustrated Family Picture

Festivals can be a hard time for many, especially for those who miss their dear ones who have passed away or are in a different country. Gift your beloved friends and family with a custom-illustrated family print that includes all their favourite family members (including pets!) to hang on a wall at home proudly. Unlike a photo, these can be personalised to include drawings of everything you choose (think of their favourite holiday destination, clothing, cropping in a celebrity, fun props etc.) to make the print even more special. A hot favourite in the trending list of gift ideas, many are choosing to go for a lighter and more creative option of caricature as gift ideas for family or gift ideas for friends- more fun for everyone!

Succulent Indoor plants

The latest trend in gift ideas is succulent plants. They are small, easy to care for, and fit on a desk or window sill. Succulents are indoor plants that widely symbolise strength, persistence and generous love. The colour green is also known to keep the mind calm, add vibrancy to the room, and fit in as a great décor item. Gifting an assortment of these has become a signature in gift ideas for friends, especially those who cannot keep a plant alive, even if their life depended on it! 

Mini Projector

Are you looking for gift ideas for friends that’ll commemorate your love for movies? We have the perfect idea that tops every list of gift ideas possible- a mini projector! It’s cool, savvy, and can connect to any device to create an enticing visual performance. Venture into the backyard for an open cinema feel or snuggle up indoors to warm your hearts with Christmas cheer on TV, a mini projector can do it all! This is one gift your friends won’t want to exchange or return. Guarantee!

Jewellery Organiser

We know how much women love their jewellery, and most of them have them stored as ‘daily wear’ and for ‘special occasions only’. Win the heart of your special woman by gifting her a stunning ring holder or a multi-utility piece that is both functional and aesthetic. Wakefit’s premium quality Birds Paradise Aluminum Antler and the Tree of Life Modern Aluminum Antler are excellent pieces to help organise daily jewellery wear of various sizes. Add flare to their vanity space with these gorgeous gift ideas for women for all celebratory moments.

Portable Ping Pong Set

Challenge your friends and family with a fun game of ping pong for Christmas or a casual hangout. If you are looking for gift ideas for men, this one’s for you. Buy a portable ping pong set that sets up on any table and comes with a ping pong net too. Your guy friends can carry this set on holidays, fun trips with the boys or a family staycation too. 

Personalised Candles

Buy these one-of-a-kind treasures to gift your loved ones. Treat your office friends or family with personalised candles that aren’t mass-produced or store-bought. Truly like the love you have for your beloved, customised candles are unique gift ideas handmade to perfection and reflect your unconditional love and wishes. Print a special message honouring a special anniversary date or a wish that promotes positive vibes!

Reversible Comforters

Looking for unique gift ideas for friends or gift ideas for the family that are functional and aesthetic too? Trust us when we say, they will thank you for a warmth-giving double siliconised reversible comforter like the one Wakefit offers. Its ultra-soft feel is made with luxurious spun micro peach finished fabric made to give a wonderful experience to those using it. Turn the comforter over for another colour that can match their interiors too. 

Remember, the act of gifting is an important gesture as it makes the other feel loved, appreciated, and noted. However, the most important gift is the gift of time that you share with your friends and family to celebrate the most cherished moments to come. This year when you pick from our list of gift ideas for friends or gift ideas for family, remember to complete the gifting experience by spending as much time possible with them and capturing these memories to revisit.

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