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Eco Friendly Decor Ideas For Your Home

Eco Friendly Decor Ideas

With the alarming increase of global warming and wildfire instances, one thing is certain – we aren’t taking care of our planet the way we are supposed to. We pollute, destroy plantations, hurt our animals, and don’t even get us started on plastic production. According to the famous Australian virologist Frank Fenner, humans are most likely to become extinct by the next century, owing to overpopulation, climate change, and environmental destruction. 

The good news though, is that many of us have started making simple lifestyle changes and using eco friendly decor ideas that are more sustainable. Yes! We’re integrating eco friendly decor ideas into our old looking homes. Stainless straws, recyclable shopping bags, steel and glass containers instead of Tupperware, and even battery-operated vehicles are not uncommon or unheard of today. 

While personal initiatives are a great start, it’s high time we bring these changes into our homes and workplaces so together, we can not only be the change we wish to see, but we will also leave a better and cleaner planet for our offsprings. 

In this article, we’re going to give you some sustainable, eco-friendly décor ideas that are breathtakingly gorgeous and also easy for our planet to handle. 

Eco Friendly Decor Ideas

Benefits of Eco friendly home designs:

Below are some of the top most benefits of having an eco friendly home decor and eco friendly home designs:

  • Lesser negative impact on the environment
  • Prevents emission of harmful chemicals in your home
  • Save on energy and water bills (solar energy)
  • Unique furniture designs that are better alternatives to forest wood
  • Less material cost and resource cost
  • Healthier, safer, less humidity and more comfortable to stay in.

Eco friendly decor ideas for your home:

Ever came across a popular saying which goes like “Good design is a Sustainable design”? Sustainable home decor and furniture are interior designs that are recyclable and reusable. Incorporating a sustainable lifestyle is something we should strive for if we want to save our environment from being over-utilized with the passing years. These products are generally exceptionally beautiful and personal because they are handcrafted and typically from local artisans. For instance, wooden furniture requires less energy than other materials, making it sustainable.

If you are looking to redecorate or revamp your living space, make sure you incorporate the following eco-friendly decor ideas on your checklist:

1. Beautify with indoor plants or plant wall art

Plants are a great way to add calming vibes to your home. Not only are they aesthetically beautiful, but they also cleanse the air inside the house and increase oxygen circulation. Choose the traditional clay pots for your plants or opt for handcrafted jute or hyacinth planters. They are strong, long-lasting, and are not industrially made.  Ideally, you could also opt for plant wall arts or moss wall arts. The moss is 100% naturally preserved and perfect as an eco-friendly home decor!

Nothing can be more enchanting than creating your personal home garden which is another great option if you want to switch to an environment-friendly sustainable lifestyle in the long run. The benefits of plants for home garden in India are huge and this can surely be a great addition to your eco-friendly home decor.

Indoor Eco Friendly House designs

2. Opt for second hand furniture:

Always reuse or rent out your furniture. There are a billion people on the planet and if each one of them splurges on new furniture each time, the number of waste furniture around the planet would increase dramatically. If you absolutely have to buy new furniture, opt for timeless designs and sustainably sourced raw materials like bamboo, wicker cane, or rattan. These are organic and extremely durable. Remember, intricate detailing + strong furniture + sustainable material = total win! 

Thrift Furniture & Opt-for Sustainable Home Decor

3. Reuse own furniture:

Before throwing out your old furniture, try to upscale or reuse it elsewhere in your home. For example, an old kitchen cabinet can be revamped into a coffee table or a shoe rack. Just some wood polish or a color change and it’s as good as new! Further, we have bonus tips and ideas for an impressive furniture arrangement around your house to captivate your friends and relatives the next time they pay visit to your home.

Eco Friendly Decor for Home

4. Choose non toxic wall paint:

Most of the chemicals we inhale come from VOCs (Volatile Organic Components) that are present in paints, wallpapers, and other toxic materials used in our homes. Eco paints are made from plant extracts like seed oil beeswax and lemon peels. They don’t have a negative effect on the environment, are cost-efficient, and have low to no VOC content. 

Use Non-Toxic Paint for Eco-Friendly Home Decor

5. Support local sustainable artisans:

Macrame wall art, bamboo furniture, hyacinth furniture and planters, wicker cane furniture, rattan furniture, jute bags and rugs, organic cotton, pottery, and other sustainable home decor products are typically handmade by local artisans. Buying from them will not only fill your own with one-of-a-kind decor pieces but will also support local businesses and artists to survive on these sales.

Local Sustainable Items for Eco-Friendly Home Decor

6. Decorate with sustainable wallpapers:

Normal wallpaper and adhesives have high VOC content. Opt for eco-friendly wallpapers that are made up of cotton fibre and grasscloth. 

7. Use vegans soaps:

Last but not the least, use vegan products in and around the house that are sulfate, silicone, and paraben-free. Most of these products are made from raw materials and fit right in with your eco-friendly decor ideas.

Eco-Friendly Soaps for Sustainable Living

Incorporate the above eco-friendly home design ideas into your home for improved physical, mental, and environmental well-being, to do your part in taking care of the planet. After all, she doesn’t need us, but we most definitely need her to thrive and survive! 

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