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Benefits of Plants at Home

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There are many reasons why keeping Indoor plants is a great idea. Plants bring positive vibes, purify the air, and are also an aesthetic addition to a home. The Vaastu Shastra is an integral part of architecture and interior design in Indian Homes. It sheds light on the many benefits of plants at home.  

Today, many social media channels such as Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, etc. are highlighting the key benefits of plants. Artists, bloggers, influencers, and plant lovers, share expertise to maintain plants for home gardens in India, which has led to an increase in awareness and attention towards the importance of having indoor plants at home.

Now that it has been established that there are multiple benefits of plants for your home, let’s dive more into the importance of plants for home gardens in India and how they bring positive energy to your home.

Benefits of Plants at Home

Seven Benefits of Plants at Home 

  1. Indoor Plants at Home Are Stress-Busters

According to a published research paper in the Journal of Physiological Anthropology, indoor plants reduce stress-level. The natural ambiance provides comfort, soothes your nerves, and improves work performance.

Researchers found a positive impact on blood pressure, heart rate and a positive effect on psychological and physiological stress factors.

Stress Buster indoor plants at home
  1. Improves Concentration and Productivity 

In an experiment observing plastic plants and real plants at home, the latter proved to improve productivity with greater concentration. These benefits of plants have gotten more attention, especially due to the ongoing work from the home situation due to the global pandemic. Research shows that from adults to young adults to teenagers, everyone seems to focus better on their tasks with the energy of plants around them. So next time you are setting up your work from home table don’t forget to include a plant as a decor piece that exudes positivity.

indoor plants at home improves productivity
  1. Benefits of Plants for Horticultural Therapy

Medical practitioners are using plants for treating depression, dementia, anxiety, and other medical conditions. Indoor plants at home for therapy have been available for quite some time, but only now are getting the attention it deserves and being used around the world, with the power of social media, word of mouth, etc. These home plants help establish calmness in your home, thereby helping you think clearly.

plants for home garden in india for horticulture category
  1. Home Plants Help in Recovery from A Medical Condition

Hospitals, nursing homes, and clinics are often surrounded by trees and plants. Research shows that greenery has healing properties and can help cure patients faster because a major portion of illnesses can be psychological. Hence, keeping air purifier plants at home, helps in accelerated recovery from illnesses, thereby keeping us healthy.

  1. Indoor Plants at Workplace

 Offices with indoor plants improve creativity and overall productivity. Several studies have proved that greenery around causes less stress of work which led to less sick leave, and eventually more productivity. Employees become more energized and involved with eagerness to take initiative.

air purifier plants for home & workspace
  1. Improves Air Quality

Home plants help remove contaminants from the air inside the house and make it breathable. The process of cleaning the air with the air purifier plants at home is known as phytoremediation. Indoor plants such as Boston Fern, Areca, Dwarf date, Bamboo palms, Ficus Tree, Spider Plant, Rubber tree, etc. are plants that improve ventilation in homes.

  1. Vaastu Benefits of Plants at Home

Based on Hindu beliefs and religion, following Vaastu is known to be vital for peace and prosperity in homes. The five major home plants for good luck and healthy living according to the Vaastu Shastra are Tulsi (Basil), Neem tree, Banana tree, Bamboo, and Money plant. If you have space constraints, then along with space-saving furniture options you could use little bonsai trees that add a touch of serenity. 

Home Gardens In India 

Indian homes have a fluid concept of home gardening. Home Garden depends upon available space according to your residence. The Garden could be in the backyard, front yard with sprawling greenery. Flats, apartments, and smaller residences do garden on the balcony, on the terrace, windows, etc.

Plants for Home Outdoor 

Outdoor plants are more suitable for bigger spaces such as big lawns, backyard, front yard, and spacious places around your houses. Outdoor plants keep the temperature cool and ventilate your home. Additionally, they add aesthetic value to your home decor and experience fresh natural air with these outdoor and indoor house plants.

List of significant types and varieties of indoor plants at home

plants for home outdoor in India
  • Succulent: These types of home plants carry water in their leaves. Examples: Sansevieria, Jade plant, Haworthia, etc.
  • Ficus Tree: This plant is also known as the Weeping fig and grows slowly.
Best indoor plants at home
  • Ornamental: You can search for these ornamental plants for home outdoor and indoor online and choose your desired one from hundreds of options.
  • Tulsi, Bamboo, Money Plant, Neem: These are great options for bringing positivity, reducing stress, anxiety, and improving concentration. 
Best Indoor plants for home garden in india
  • Other categories: hanging plants, bonsai, foliage, etc

Bring these plants home to explore scientifically and Vaastu compliant benefits of plants for indoor and outdoor.

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