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Reading Corner For Kids

reading corner for kids

There’s something about a quiet, pretty reading nook that makes you want to get back to reading. If you’re looking to get your children to pick up a reading habit, then a reading corner for kids is a great way to start.

Give your children a cozy space where their imagination can take them to new worlds. There’s plenty of ideas for reading corners that you can fit into different kinds of spaces.

reading corner for kids

Some helpful ideas to empower your child’s reading journey:


The most common approach is to put a reading corner in bedrooms. This way, your children will be able to use their room as they please while also having a dedicated space for reading.

Another extremely popular idea for a reading corner for kids is to build the nook on or next to a window sill. This gives plenty of natural light and a nice view for the child to truly fall in love with the spot.

Putting a reading corner in school libraries is another great idea to encourage children to read more. Having the space in school makes sure the child is supervised and has a steady supply of books to read from.

And, with the perfect reading corner comes a list of best books to read for beginners, which includes our top most recommendations for kids as well. Have a look so you can give them an enchanting reading experience throughout!


Making the reading corner for kids comfortable is the highest priority. A comfortable bean bag, cushion or hammock to rest in makes the reading corner much more usable.

At Wakefit, we have plenty of pillows and cushions that come in different colours and sizes for every type of reading corner design. A strong contender for a reading corner in bedrooms is the wedge pillow which can be used to make anything a comfortable reading space.

If you live in a colder region, then blankets and comforters are a must-have in your reading corner for kids. There’s nothing quite like getting under a soft, warm blanket and reading on a rainy day.

Also make sure you have space to put books, snacks and drinks in the reading nook. It should be easy to snack while also keeping the space neat and orderly. As your child’s collection of books increases, a good sleek looking bookshelf will fill out the space nicely.

A reading nook can also have a study corner with the right kind of study decor furniture. 

If you’re making a reading corner in school, then you should make sure there is enough furniture for a study group of 3-4 kids with different kinds of seating. 

Decor Ideas

Now that we’ve addressed the essentials, it is time to think about the finer points of the reading corner design. You can use a variety of design accessories to get the kind of look you want.

Pick a theme for the room and decide on a colour palette for the reading corner design. Some examples of themes are forest, beach, space, monsoon, winter etc. Depending on the budget and the time you can put in, you can go quite crazy with what you create.


You can create a semi-closed off space by adding some curtains to the mix. These could be see-through net-style curtains that help control the light but also keep the reading corner for kids safely in sight.

You can also use curtains to create a tent-style reading nook with a light fixture on the top. This gives the child a cool camping experience while also helping to ward off mosquitos and shielding them from cold wind if you decide to keep the nook outside.

Hanging decor

Using wind chimes, or suspended decor items can give the reading nook a friendlier and artsier look. If you’re looking for ways to add colour, these will be a great fit.

Plus, studies show that a good feng shui can greatly improve the concentration ability of the child. So, make sure the feng shui for home is set right!

Wall Art

Painting the walls the right colour is important. It is usually better for kids to have brighter, friendlier colours while they read. Colours surely play a vital role in deciding the overall mood of any individual, even of our little ones, hence check our detailed list of kids room colours in India which could make your child’s room more cheerful to continue reading their favourite books.

Another great way to decorate your walls is to paint quotes or inspirational messages on the walls. You can also put on artwork or have the child join you in the decoration with their budding painting skills. The reading corner for kids that you’re hoping to build is only limited by your imagination.


If you don’t want to paint over the walls, you can stick printed cutouts of your child’s favourite characters and use this trick to decorate the reading corner for kids. This is also a great use of book covers that have fallen apart beyond repair.

You can mix and match these ideas for reading corners in your own unique way. There are plenty of brilliant DIY reading corners that don’t require complicated skills or expensive purchases.

So long as you keep the core requirements in mind, you’ll end up making an excellent reading corner for kids and maybe adults too.

Further, check out these kids bedroom ideas in India which can turn out magical for their reading mood!

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