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Wakefit Bed

Wakefit has been filling your homes with quality beds for a while now. We have now decided to upgrade them and give you products that are more stylish, practical, and ergonomic. Our engineered wood beds are here to make sleep time the best time of your day. 

Wakefit Bed


Wakefit’s engineered wood beds are easy to assemble, keeping in mind that life today is super hectic and no one has one whole day to fit their new bed. The simple design is sleek and amps your sleep experience by several notches. Both our engineered wood beds, Orion engineered wood bed and Leo engineered wood bed comes in King and Queen sizes. They are convenient, comfortable, modern-looking, and affordable. Also, the best part? They both have storage space! Let us introduce you to these two beds in the next section. 

Engineered wood bed by Wakefit 

Orion engineered wood bed with storage

With a headboard that turns heads, the Orion storage wood bed by Wakefit is a sleep product that you can lean back on, literally. The shelves in the headboard allow you to store everything that you need or is part of your sleep ritual. From books and candles to journals and alarms, you can use the shelves the way you want. 

The Orion bed also comes with great storage for both large and small things. The MDF boards ensure that this space is well supported and the nine compartments allow you to organize your things in the best possible way. The bed comes with a warranty of one year, doorstep delivery, and no-cost EMI. 

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Leo engineered wood bed with storage

Want a bed that will be your companion for years to come? Get yourself the Leo engineered wood bed by Wakefit. With storage compartments made of a string plywood columns network, this wood bed is both resilient and robust. The solid wood legs give the bed the strength it needs, to give you in turn the support you deserve. We use the best-engineered wood for our beds, and the wood is treated to be moisture-resistant so you need not worry about it warping in the rainy season. 

Leo engineered wood bed can be easily assembled, and therefore, you will have a hassle-free experience if you are shifting homes. Maintaining the bed is effortless too. All one requires is a clean piece of dry cloth. Be sure not to use any abrasive solution as it might hinder the shine of the bed. Also, avoid rubbing too hard, again for the same reason. The bed comes with a warranty of one year, doorstep delivery, and no-cost EMI. 

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