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Before You Buy Comforter Online, Read This


In this blog: To be wrapped in comfort is to be wrapped in a plush comforter. 

In today’s post, we will share everything you need to know before you buy comforter online. 

From size of comforters to knowing the benefits of comforter vs quilt, dohar vs comforter, and comforter vs blanket, all details are covered in this article. 

So sit back and relax, as we walk you through the world of comforters so that when you emerge from this, you have transformed into a mini comforter expert! 

Highlights of the post

Different types of beddings 

– Advantages of using blankets 
Wakefit’s Sherpa Blankets  

Size of comforters 
Advantages of using a comforter 

Wakefit’s comforter range 

Advantages of using dohar 
Wakefit dohar/AC blanket

Benefits of using a quilt 

Sleep means cosiness. And nothing does cosy better than a comforter!

Before you buy comforter online, we advise you to read this post on everything you need to know about a comforter.

comforter online|wakefit

Since we are mostly working from home, currently, we get to avoid the traffic, and can start work late. This means, we have been lazing in bed later than usual.

Do you know what makes lazing in bed a much plusher experience? A comfortable comforter! 

Before we get into the perfect size of comforters and guide you through the cosiest range of comforters at Wakefit, let us tell you about a few key differences between a comforter, a blanket, a quilt, and a dohar

Knowing the difference between comforters, blankets, quilts and dohars, will help you make the right bedding investment!

Below watch Pooja style her bed with Wakefit’s printed comforted: 


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Different types of beddings 

Before you buy comforter online, let us explore each of these wraps and their features in the next section. 


A soft blanket for winter is a single fabric layer either made of wool or cotton. 

You might also find a more luxurious variety of heavy winter blanket online which has a dual feel in terms of fabric. The Wakefit Sherpa Blanket, for instance, is made of Ultra-soft Micromink Polyester on one side and White faux Sherpa fleece on the other. 

The best blankets for winter in India are those that offer durability. This is because we in India love investing in things that last long because, 

  1. It is cost-effective in the long run, and 
  2. We tend to form an attachment and cherish our things. 

This is why woollen blankets are the most common winter bed throw in Indian households. 

Advantages of using blankets

There are several benefits of blankets. Some of these include: 

  • A heavy winter blanket consists of a smooth layer of cosy warmth
  • Heavy winter blankets online can be used as a top cover for your bed during winters
  • Blankets take less storage space compared to comforters  

But though we love our soft blankets for winter for their durability and cost-effectiveness, there are few things about them that we shouldn’t ignore. 

A blanket is usually harder to maintain compared to a comforter. This is because blankets gather dust easily. 

Also, blankets are heavier than comforters. 

Wakefit’s blankets, however, overcome both these shortcomings as you will see in the next section. 

Wakefit’s Sherpa Blankets

Wakefit Sherpa Blankets

1 . They are hypoallergenic

Wakefit’s blankets have 220 GSM hypoallergenic down alternative hollow polyester fiber fill. 

The hypoallergenic nature of the fill prevents our blankets from gathering dust. 

2. They are sweat-resistant 

Wakefit’s sherpa blanket is made with a moisture wicking fabric, so it is extremely breathable while keeping you cozy and warm.

Wakefit Shop

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A comforter marries the best features of lightness and warmth, and is a soft blanket for winter.

A comforter’s lightness is mainly because of the way it is constructed.

Bed comforters are the best blankets for winter in India as they are optimally created to feel as light as a feather while keeping you cosy and snug through the cold winter nights.

Bed comforters are also hypoallergenic, which means that they are a great option for those who tend to develop skin or dust allergies. 

A comforter is a winter sleep solution that keeps dust away from you when you sleep, thus taking care of your respiratory system and your skin. 

Couple your comforter with a hypoallergenic mattress, and your skin will thank you forever. 

Depending on the material used among other factors, a comforter is considered the best winter blanket online for those on a budget. 

That’s not it, unlike blankets, a reversible comforter gives you two prints in one, which you can use interchangeably, and style your bedroom differently each time.

The best part about buying a comforter is that it comes in many colours to match your home furnishings. 

If you have light shade walls, then you can settle for printed or solid coloured bed comforters. 

Bed comforters with bright shades are also available which serve as a mood enhancer during the dreary winters. 

A comforter also comes in many patterns and designs, and suits traditional as well as contemporary decor.

Size of bed comforters

Bed Size Size of comforters
Single bed 1.52m x 2.29m (59.9” x 90.15”)
Double bed 2.54m x 2.29m (100” x 90.15”)
Queen size bed 2.54m x 2.29m (100” x 90.15”)
King size bed 2.54m x 2.29m (100” x 90.15”)

Advantages of using a comforter

Benefits of using a comforter: 

  • A comforter consists of two layers and insulation filling 
  • A comforter is hypoallergenic 
  • A comforter is cost-effective 
  • Comforters live long 
  • Bed comforters offer more warmth than average blankets 
  • Bed comforters work best for the Indian climate
  • A comforter adds a touch of oomph to your bedroom decor 
  • Comforters are easier to maintain 

Let us now have a look at Wakefit’s range of bed comforters in the next section before you buy comforter online. 

Wakefit’s comforter range



Printed reversible comforters 

1. Serene Flora

2. Leafy Bliss

3. Dreamy Bubbles


Fabric Feel  Super soft made with 100% cotton fabric
Comforter Pattern Reversible for use on both sides
Fill Specs 220 gsm
Comforter Fill 220 GSM hypoallergenic down alternative hollow polyester fibre fill
Care  Quick machine washable material for hygiene and cleanliness
Regular Price INR 1575 (Click here for special price)

Wakefit Shop

Reversible comforters in solid colours 

  1. Brown & Beige

Brown & Beige


2. Taupe and Navy Blue

Taupe and Navy Blue


3.Grey and Dark Teal



Fabric Feel  Ultra-soft feel, made using luxurious spun micro peach finished fabric
Comforter Pattern Reversible for use on both sides
Fill Specs 220 GSM
Comforter Fill 220 GSM hypoallergenic down alternative hollow polyester fibre fill
Care  Quick machine washable material for hygiene and cleanliness
Regular Price INR 1047 (Click here for special price)


Wakefit Shop



A dohar or AC blanket is the perfect throw for summer nights. 

A heavy blanket is something that you cannot imagine during summers. And if you use an AC, then all you need is a gentle throw that keeps you cosy at night. 

A dohar is, therefore, the perfect answer to summer nights. 

Advantages of using dohar

  • Dohars are usually reversible so you can have two designs at the price of one
  • A dohar is easier to maintain 
  • Dohars are hypoallergenic 
  • A dohar keeps you warm, and yet is light as a feather 
  • Perfect for Indian summers  

Wakefit’s Dohar/AC blanket

Wakefit’s Dohar/AC blanket

1. They are ultra plush

The gorgeous prints of Wakefit’s dohar blanket will add panache to your bedroom. 

2. These are sturdy 

Created to last long, Wakefit’s dohar blanket is made with a polyester outer covering and art stitching techniques that enhance the dohar’s strength. 

3. They don’t make you sweat 

Wakefit’s dohars use moisture wicking fabric, which means though you sleep warm and cosy, you will not be sleeping hot and sweaty.

Wakefit Shop


Though quilts are thought to be synonymous with a soft blanket for winter, they tend to be heavier and warmer than the latter and are among the heavy winter blanket options. 

This is because quilts are made of three layers: top, middle and bottom layers. 

The top and bottom layers are identical as they are both fabric layers. The middle one consists of the insulation fillers, that is wool or cotton or down feathers. 

Quilts, unlike the soft blanket for winter, are not as hypoallergenic as comforters and can be hard to store. 

There are a few similarities between a comforter and a quilt, like both beddings have top layers made of cotton and contain a filling made of polyester or down. 

However, there are also many differences between quilts and comforters.

A comforter is a soft blanket for winter and is warmer than quilts. 

Also, comforters offer better insulation than a quilt.

When it comes to the uses of quilts, they can act as couch throws or even as camping gear apart from being on beds.

A comforter, on the contrary, is mainly used to make naps more comfortable.  

Benefits of using a quilt

  • A quilt consists of three layers 
  • Quilts are available in different prints 
  • A quilt is heavy and warmer than an average blanket 

Despite their benefits, if you compare a comforter vs quilt, you will see that quilts have a number of disadvantages. 

Some of the disadvantages of quilts include:

  • Quilts are more expensive than a comforter or a blanket 
  • Quilts are heavy winter blanket and are difficult to maintain
  • A quilt is heavier than a blanket or comforter

Knowing these pros and cons of comforter vs quilt, dohar vs comforter, and comforter vs blanket, will help you make a better choice when you buy comforter online. 

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Today’s post discussed the various types of winter beddings, with comforters being the highlight. 

We looked at blankets, comforters, quilts and dohars, especially their advantages and disadvantages (if any). 

Was this post helpful? Tell us in the comments!

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