Tune Into Work With Just The Right Tunes

Working from home on a daily basis can be challenging. Most of us don’t associate our homes as places of office work but rather we think of them as sanctuaries of rest and recreation. Working in this set up can feel like a task. We might often get distracted and procrastinate. Music can help you bring about a small change in your mindset and the way you work.

Music has long known to prove very efficient in influencing our mood. This is why we have musical cues in movies that help set the emotion of a scene. Food joints and supermarkets similarly play upbeat music to influence the decisions we make and the mood in which we make them. And therefore, it can play a vital role in altering our mood and productivity while we work as well – in the office or at home. 

The benefits of working in music have been demonstrated in various studies. Music boosts morale and uplifts mood while working. It also helps us work faster with greater accuracy. Surgeons demonstrated greater accuracy while working and listening to classical music. Creative professionals saw a boost in creativity when they listened to ambient music at a moderate volume – at 70 decibels or the hum of a vacuum cleaner. Software developers saw better efficiency, quality of work and better learning capacities when they worked while listening to music. 

The rule of thumb is that when we perform repetitive well-known tasks, we respond better in terms of productivity to lyrical music but if we’re trying to learn or process new information, then music without lyrics works better. So we, at Wakefit, have decided to curate a few playlists for you ranging from lyrical to ambient so that you have one for every kind of task on your to-do list, this week. Plugin, play and enjoy. 

A Litany of Lyricless Melodies:

A live jazz station that has music that’s perfect to get you in the zone every morning.

A slow-paced compilation of relaxing music, perfect to clear your head on stressful days.

Ambient music at its finest. From waking you up gently, this playlist is the perfect companion through your workdays. 

A more upbeat version of a chill playlist, these beats will wake you up from that afternoon slump. (If you’re a big A.R Rahman fan, this is for you)

Soothing instruments, popular tunes minus the lyrics from our very own A R Rahman.

Beats to get out the best of you:

Best on Fridays when you want to finish your work week on a high.

Looking for something Bollywood? Look no further. 

A live station with great compilations, this playlist is for those repetitive tasks we spoke of earlier.

Want to go a little retro in Bollywood? Here you go.

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