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Hello Restful Sleep: The Best Bedroom Colors For Sleep

best bedroom colors for sleep

Did you know that you could still feel tired even after a sound sleep, or, anxious when you are laying in your bed? As much as the lights and mattresses, the bedroom colors are equally responsible to affect your psyche and your sleep. Which is why it is vital that we choose best bedroom colors for sleep.

If you toss from one end of your cozy bed to another even with blinds to shut any peeping light, you might want to consider calming paint colors for bedroom. And bring back your long-lost restful sleep cycle.

To answer your question, here are some of the best bedroom colors for sleep and they are proven to calm the body and mind thereby preparing you for a restful night.

best bedroom colors for sleep

Best Bedroom Colors for Sleep : 6 Calming Shades

According to color psychology, some paint colors for sleep have a calming effect on us and should be picked for bedrooms. While some shades make us anxious and should be avoided in the bedroom, some shades are popular for inducing sound sleep.

Hues of blue, yellow, green, silver, or orange are known to be the best colors for a goodnight’s sleep, enhancing the chances of having a healthy mind & body. Moreover, a soothing color for the bedroom also makes your healthy sleeping habits, with proper nighttime routine and care, effective. Let’s read more about the best bedroom colors for sleep.

1. Blue

Blue is known to be one of the best light colors for bedroom. Most importantly, your brain is highly receptive to blue because of special receptors in your retinas called ganglions. Research says that people with blue bedrooms take delight in an average sleep of 7 hours 52 minutes. Among the best sleeping room colors, painting your bedroom blue may be a step towards fewer sleepless nights.

2. Yellow

Softer shades of yellow are clearly soothing colors. These soft variations are known to be one of the best bedroom colors for sleep thanks to their peaceful vibe. They can also stimulate your nervous system, encouraging relaxation.

However, the brighter and more vibrant shades of yellow could be triggering energy. It is one of the most preferred kids bedroom colors. Thereby, they subliminally ruin the tranquility within you resulting in disturbed sleep patterns. So, it’s common advice to stick with light paint colors for sleep when it comes to choosing yellow.

3. Green

Nature pleases the eyes. As always, green is known to be food for the eye as it represents greenery. The color evokes images of nature, a reassuring contrast to our technology-driven lives. Green is one of the best bedroom colors for sleep as it relates to positive elements and makes you feel calm and relaxed. This is an especially pleasing result that leaves you feeling upbeat and positive.

Moreover, because of its representation of nature, green stands as one of the all-time chosen calming paint colors for bedroom.

4. Silver

For those of you that want a less colorful option, silver could be the one. Silver is a unique color, yet conducive for sleep. It’s one of the best bedroom paint colors if you prefer neutral shades. Silver is a neutral option and can induce a peaceful rest.

Moreover, dark gray tones of silver can make your bedroom seem dull and depressing. Lighter shades with a matte finish are proven to be one of the best bedroom paint colors that induce sleep.

5. Orange

When we say orange, we mean its softer shades. Orange depicts warmth and happiness and is one of the best bedroom colors for sleep. However, the darker tone of orange is a bold shade. But since we are talking about calming paint colors for bedroom, we will stick to the lighter tones that help you sleep better.

You can choose orange with lighter shades and warm undertones. Shades of calming orange include tan, beige that remind you of a beach’s calming essence. Moreover, you can also go with shades of terracotta to bring a brownish hue into your bedroom. All these selected shades of brown are some of the best bedroom paint colors.

6. Pink

With pink, it’s tricky but equally soothing if you choose the correct shade. You must avoid the shades with underlying red tones. We mean, the brighter and more disturbing ones. Some might believe that painting a single wall with their favorite shade of pink wouldn’t hurt. However, such a practice may cause enough trouble while sleeping. It is a common recommendation to avoid any sort of sharp sleeping room colors on the walls.

Why Choose the Best Light Colors for Bedroom?

If you’re someone who has trouble falling asleep or even waking up on time, a bedroom makeover might just do the trick to help your body and mind rest. A thoughtful bedroom color not only allows proper rest but also calms you as you enter. It creates the initial look of the room. So, you can choose from any of our best bedroom colors for sleep as it can also affect the way the room makes you feel.

The importance of sleep is under-rated in today’s fast-paced world but in addition to having the right colors, it is also important to make sure that your bedroom is a sleep sanctuary. Simply painting your walls with the suggested colors won’t help with good sleep. Developing healthy sleeping habits, following a sleep schedule and proper sleep hygiene rules are equally essential for a restful slumber.

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