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We’ve been home bound for two weeks. And while the Lockdown may be relaxed soon, travel still seems like a distant dream. With a global crisis of such a magnitude, it may be a while before you get to explore the world this year. But we’re not writing this to depress you, we’re writing this to take you on a world trip from the safe comfort of your living room. 

From the bustling tours of cities, we’ve also included garden tours and an underwater tour so you can explore what you love best. 

London Calling:

Takes you right to the heart of London on an interactive city tour starting from the Big Ben, covering the hotspots of the city. 

Marvel at the blooms at Kukenhof Garden, Netherlands:

Walk through the lovely Kukenhof Gardens on a sunny day in the town of Lisse in the Netherlands. The gardens cover an area of 32 hectares. It is one of the largest flower gardens in the world. 

The United Stated Botanical Gardens in Washington D.C. 

Another beautiful walk through the United States Botanical Gardens in Washington D.C. as old as 1821. If you can’t explore the great outdoors, bring it virtually into your living room. 

Go East to Tokyo, while still at home: 

Explore the best of Tokyo from a walk on the busiest street of Tokyo to a walk through a zen garden and a temple visit. 

For the love of Florence:

A guided one-day tour of Florence is just what you need if you want a history lesson while you absorb the wonderful architecture of Florence. 

Plunge into Palau: 

If you would rather spend your time underwater, we’ve got just the thing for you. This 360 degree virtual tour allows you to explore the coral reef in the most immersive experience yet. This guided tour tells you all you need to know about coral reefs and their importance in our eco-systems. 

Paris: The Louvre

If you’re the kind to marvel at art, here is a tour inside the Louvre in Paris. Walk around this majestic collection of sculptures, painting and architecture for an afternoon steeped in culture. 

We may be homebound, but our imagination can take us wherever we want to go if only we allow ourselves to indulge in it. So if you’re going to use screens, use it in a way that will expand your horizons and give you a different perspective. Travel is really one of the best experiences we can have and with the advancement of technology, there’s still so much to see and learn about, even if it is just from your living room. We hope to have provided you with some entertainment as well as a travel bucket list for when we get out of this pandemic and are ready to travel the globe again.

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