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Make A DIY Tote Bag, This Earth Day

We have been spending a lot of time at home, and we are running out of things to do. What if we told you, we had an amazing activity for you by the end of which you will have reused an old t-shirt, created a new tote bag for yourself, and have saved the planet from plastic? Sounds fun, right? 

Plastic has wreaked havoc on this planet. It is choking the planet’s health because it is non-degradable, finding its way into the oceans and making life miserable for the animals of the water kingdom. The only way to steer clear of it is to replace it with environment-friendly options. We are offering you one in today’s post. 

A zero-waste lifestyle is only a step away, and you can take that first step by creating a DIY tote bag. Sahar Mansoor, who is the founder of Bare Necessities, helps us make a tote bag for ourselves that involves no stitching or sticking. It is easy, not cumbersome, and leaves you with a fashionable tote bag. 

How to make a tote bag at home

The best thing about the tote bag, it is a DIY reversible tote bag, so you can use it on both sides and have fun with it! A smart thing to do is to go for a material that has two different patterns on the two sides or has two different solid colors on the two sides. 

Things you will need

The things you will need for your DIY tote bag can be found easily in your home. So there is no need to go out to get these during the lockdown. These items include:  

  • Fabric scissors 
  • Pens and ruler
  • An old tee 

How to make a bag from an old tee 

The simple steps by the end of which you will have a brand new tote bag that use to make heads turn wherever you go are: 

  1. Fold the t-shirt 
  2. Cut the sleeves off 
  3. Cut out the neck in a deep U-shape
  4. Draw a horizontal line and several vertical lines as shown in the video 
  5. Cut strips along the T-shirts bottom 
  6. Tie these strips together 
  7. Tie the top strip with the bottom of the next strip in order to cover the holes 
  8. The knots have to be tight so be very careful 
  9. And done! 

This Do It Yourself is not only fun, but it also makes you an environment champion by helping you say no to plastic! 

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