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Best DIY Toothpaste You Can Make At Home This Earth Day

Looking at adopting new habits while you spend time at home? Make DIY toothpaste and create a sustainable lifestyle for you and your family.

Sustainable living is all about being an integral part of the mission to save mother earth. Changing a few practices and contributing less to the already polluted environment that we live in. The key is to be a part of the bigger change.

Did you know that a plastic toothbrush takes 700 years to disintegrate?

And, a toothpaste tube takes 500 years!

The human contribution to biohazards such as these has caused enough and more harm to the environment. Due to the ignorance and lethargic activities as humans, the air, land, and water around us has taken a toll, indirectly causing harm to biodiversity. Simple everyday products like toothpaste, toothbrushes, bath salts, etc. can be made at home with simple ingredients. These products, when handmade, surprisingly last longer and give better results.

Have you ever wondered how you can start small and inspire others? 

Take that first step into a zero-waste lifestyle by making a DIY toothpaste! Sahar Mansoor, founder of Bare Necessities takes us through the easiest toothpaste recipe that you’ll thank us later for. The best ingredients are the ones available at home, it’s that simple.

DIY Toothpaste recipe

Here’s what you’ll need,

Baking soda

Coconut oil

Essential oil- Preferably mint


  • Take equal parts of baking soda and coconut oil in a mixing bowl. 
  • Add your favorite pure essential oil and mix well.
  • Mix until a pasty consistency form.
  • Store in a glass bottle and use away!

Simple yet effective. This DIY hack is surely better than the regular toothpaste tubes we buy from the store. 

Take a pledge to be the change and live a sustainable life. Follow the mantra to a healthy lifestyle as you reduce, reuse, and recycle.

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