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DIY Bath Salt: A Relaxing Guide to Self Care

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We all have days that end terribly or stressful days where you’re so wound up that it’s hard to relax enough to sleep. What can turn your day around and set you up for a  good night’s sleep  is a hot bath with relaxing DIY bath salt.

In this pandemic especially, we’re finding that we’re working longer hours, managing our homes with no help, and are stuck indoors with limited ways of letting off steam. Moreover, socializing is also not so frequent and with time it can take a toll on mental health largely.

This simple bath salt recipe will help you relax on the worst days of lockdown. So, let’s help you make the best bath salts so you can take out time for proper self care. But before that, what are bath salts anyway? And what benefits will you have if you make them? Let’s take you through it all.

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What are Bath Salts?

DIY bath salt or Epsom Salt which is used to make bath salts are rich in magnesium and when we bathe with them, we enable our bodies to absorb magnesium through them. The logic is that when we soak in water fused with Epsom salts or bath salts, we absorb magnesium through our skin. Bath salts also act as muscle relaxers, mood elevators, and sleep inducers. Soaking in an Epsom salt bath also helps you get rid of toxins in your body, which help in detoxification.

Bath Salts Benefits: Why Use DIY Bath Salt

When you feel good, you tend to be more productive. Our bodies need regular cleansing of the toxins. But not everyone has time for that. This is where bath salts benefits step in. They act as antiseptic elements, moisturizers, have natural healing elements, and more. And the best bath salts are those that are homemade and safer, namely, DIY bath salt.

Therefore, for a better and clearer understanding of such bath companions, here are the popular bath salts benefits.

1. Leaves your skin moisturized

We don’t realize that our skin needs some rejuvenation. Dirt and dust are regular visitors to our skin pores and need occasional cleansing. Instead of the regular scrubs, we vouch for something natural. DIY bath salt is the one that your body loves.

Regular bath salt use can decrease the different skin barriers thereby adding the much-needed moisture. Plus, it also hydrates your skin resulting in younger-looking and glowing skin with properly balanced levels of moisture.

2. Eliminates stress

Our minds have become commonplace to anxiety and stress. Daily routine and continuous work might be draining without proper self care. And this is what a DIY bath salt can resolve when used regularly.

They are designed to detoxify and boost the circulation of the body thereby calming your system making it an easy way to relieve stress. You will experience less tension and anxiety with regular bath salt use.

3. Reduces pain

DIY bath salt contains natural healing elements that help soothe any physical pain caused by some impact. Moreover, it helps revive the affected area thanks to its properties. Other additional bath salts benefits include boosting cardiovascular health as well as strengthening overall immunity.

4. Helps with insomnia

When stress, skin, and pain is taken care of, your body automatically makes way for a restful sleep even if you haven’t had one lately. DIY bath salt is your go-to remedy for finding solace in your bed and yourself.

5. Overcoming that drained feeling

Through our hectic days, we lose some of the magnesium in our bodies. Most people are already deficient in this vital element, and this loss makes us even more tired. Magnesium in our bodies regulates the level of stress hormones in our bodies and can prevent the entrance of these hormones into our brains, as a result of which we feel calm, rejuvenated, and relaxed.

Have the benefits piqued your interests? Then, let’s show you our quick bath salt recipe.

How to Make Bath Salt

When the times are tough, you need more time to yourself and of quality. So, we bring you a simple bath salt recipe with just a few simple ingredients. In these times, when we’re homebound and only buying essentials, this basic recipe is a cost-effective way of getting a spa treatment that would have relaxed you otherwise.

Get a few jars, hunt in your pantry for these simple ingredients and make a batch of salts and create your own spa this weekend. Once you know how to make bath salt, you’d love to use them often. Also, follow the later steps on how to use bath salts.

Bath Salt Recipe: What you Need

Here’s what goes into bath salt making.

  • 1 cup of either rock salt, Epsom salt, or pink morning salt. 
  • 1 large tablespoon of Cold Pressed Coconut Oil
  • Some dried rose buds or lavender buds. If you don’t have dried flowers, you can also use green tea or dried leaves. 
  • Scented essential oils such as lemongrass or lavender. 

Quick Steps: How to Make Bath Salt

In a large bowl, pour the cup of Epsom salt. Add a large tablespoon of cold-pressed coconut oil. Give it a good mix so that the oil is incorporated with the salt. Then goes in the essential oil of your choice. Add in about 10 drops, to get a good aroma. Once again, mix to incorporate. 

Then add in your dried leaves or flowers and your DIY bath salt is ready to go! 

How to Use Bath Salts

Now that you know how to make bath salt, it’s time to use it.

Pour the salt into running water onto your bathtub so that it can dissolve quicker. Then, soak yourself in the solution for 15 to 20 minutes. Once done, you will feel the difference in your skin, body, and mind.

So end your tiring days with a warm epsom salt bath infused with your own made bath salts and fall asleep feeling calm and relaxed. This will help you boost your immunity and you will wake up fresh the next day, ready to take on any challenges that come your way. 

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