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Tidying Up: How to Make It Fun

Tidying up : House cleaning tips

If you were to ask those around you whether they find tidying up fun and it’s guaranteed you’d only hear a couple of positive answers. And that’s completely understandable given that maintaining a tidy house comes with what some may consider a mental block. We’ve all grown up believing that the meaning of tidying up your house is meant to be a chore. That sort of thinking can be changed, read more to find out how!

Tips to keep your sofa set clean

Ideas To Try At Least Once To Make Tidying Up Fun

So it’s 2021, some of us have suddenly been thrust into the unforgiving world of adulthood. When everything seems chaotic, it can be extremely liberating to finally get around to tidying your home. Plus, there is plenty of powerful psychology behind keeping your house clean. And they are the reason it’s important to make your bed the first thing in the morning!

Importance of keeping your house clean

Here’s how.

1. Get On A Long-overdue Phone Call

It’s fine to admit there’s been at least a phone call or two we’ve all been putting off for way too long. What better than to kill two birds with one stone? Negate the monotony of tidying your room by catching up with a friend or relative. All you need are good Bluetooth earphones and you’re good to go.

This way, you’re bonding, mending and tidying up two things at once.

2. Treat Thyself

Look, making tidying up fun is no easy task. But what if you would wire yourself into looking forward to a reward post tidying up? So go on ahead, give yourself the afternoon, sink into a comfortable sofa and order some food in, have a night out with friends, have a long relaxing soak in the tub, whatever it is that motivates you to commit to keeping your house clean.

3. Find A Reason That’s Compelling Enough

Keeping your house clean is not a one-time job, but a commitment, so you need to sit down and think about what tidying up even does for you. Go even further from generic reasons such as cleanliness. 

Think about the kind of value the aftermath of tidying your home could add to your daily life. Once a strong connection is formed to your reason, it becomes much less of a chore then. Sometimes even the reward of a good night’s sleep in a mattress you can sink into surrounded by your favorite pillows for sleep is enough. 

4. Stop Trying to Get it All done at Once

When you have an overwhelming list of spaces to tidy up, it is important to break it up into smaller activities instead. For starters choose just 8-10 items to keep in their place. It may sound like less but would still make a world of a difference for your space. 

This way the task of tidying up is less daunting and stressful. You may even find yourself so content with the results that you make yourself tidy up more and before you know it, you’d already gotten a sizable amount of work done. Give yourself a well-deserved break, grab a cup of coffee and put your feet up on a cushioned ottoman before you continue.

5. Pay Attention to your Daily Habits

Look at your day and figure out certain patterns. Are you someone that removes your socks immediately at the door or do you wait till you’re in the bedroom? Accordingly, install provisions for either case, for example, for the former scenario, have a mini basket out front for used socks. This way you’re ensuring that tidying up in the future is less laborious.

6. Embrace Minimalism

The crux of minimalism is rooted simply in having only the things that add value to your life while also discarding items that don’t serve a purpose in your life any longer. A tidy house leads to a tidy mind. In short, stop filling your home with even more junk & useless items to organize and keep. 

Sometimes to keep your house clean you must declutter, as hard as it may be at first. By doing this, you tidy your room and it will always be a reflection of what you prioritize concerning how you utilize your space.

7. The Internet is your Best Friend

A great way to get into making tidying up more sustainable in the long term is to do research and figure out what works best for you. This is where the internet can play a major role, with blogs, YouTube videos, TikToks, and whatnot, there is a sea of information out there that’s worth looking into. 

Tailor a tidying up routine specific to your needs, purchase products that make the job much easier, invest in functional furniture that takes up much less space- you get the drift.

8. Learn to Delegate work

Tidying up should be a group effort unless you live alone of course. Everyone in the house should have weekly chores, which can be things each person enjoys doing specifically. It is also important to realize when to get help externally and hire a cleaning service to help get over the initial bump of a particularly overwhelming tidying up job once in a while.

Tidying up is a mindset. So ultimately, instead of pushing yourself to get the motivation to do the task, give into what keeps you in a great headspace. This way, cleaning isn’t a chore, but a task that unwinds you. Hope our house cleaning tips have helped you!

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