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In your living room, on a lazy Sunday when all your chores are done and you’re free and your TV unit stares at you. What would you do? Everyone has their own unique way of watching TV. Some of us only like watching TV while we eat, while others aren’t really as picky. Whatever your TV habits, your TV room design should focus on making sure your unique preferences meet.

For those of us who don’t get enough time to binge-watch Netflix together or watch an informational documentary, a good setup can really improve the quality of TV time. From utility to a design that syncs with your room, a great TV console table puts it all together. It makes sure you have everything you need, so you don’t have to pause the show at an intense cliffhanger moment.

3 Things to Consider
While Planning Your
TV Room Design

Before planning anything, you need to consider a few factors that would make the new plan more efficient. You would want to make the most of your new design. So, let’s look at the checklist that you need to follow before going for a new design for your TV room.
Like any other room, the first thing to consider is how the room will be used. Is it going to be a haven for every lazy Sunday? Is it gonna be a nightly marathon space? You know best when it comes to your own TV habits. Above all, understanding the utility of the space will make the design more sensible and useful. Hence, let’s look at the 3 things to consider while planning to do a TV room design.

TV Room Design: Things to Consider before Designing your Room

Like any other room, the first thing to consider is how the room will be used. Is it going to be a haven for every lazy Sunday? Is it gonna be a nightly marathon space? You know best when it comes to your own TV habits. Above all, understanding the utility of the space will make the design more sensible and useful. Hence, let’s look at the 3 things to consider while planning to do a TV room design.

TV Room Design

1. Layout

The centrepiece of the room is going to be the TV, and nothing should distract from it. Make sure the TV doesn’t catch the glare from any windows during the day, as that can strain your TV-watching.
You’ll want plenty of space to sit, especially if you’re planning on having a Netflix watch party or two. You’ll want to have more width in the room so that you won’t have people sitting in front of each other. Once you decide on the TV position, everything else about the TV room design becomes easier to decide.

TV Room Design

2. Colour

For a truly cinematic experience, most people like keeping the lights low or completely off. This means you should choose colours that suit low lighting. A fiery red wall colour mixed with poor lighting can be a pretty bad combination. In fact, it will be distracting considering that you will use TV more than just on a lazy Sunday.
Choose simple, neutral tones that will look good and not be distracting. Patterns are great, but again it depends on how they catch the light. A good rule of thumb is to avoid using bright colours that can intrude on what catches your eye.

TV Room Design

3. Usage

Depending on how the room is going to be used, you will want to accessorize accordingly. If you like eating while you watch, make sure to include a plan in your TV room design for a table or side table to keep your food.
If the room is going to be used for something else, try to still dedicate 50-75% of the room for TV watching. For example – If the room also has a computer, make sure it’s behind your TV room sofa to avoid having two screens in your eyeliner. Also, if you’re planning to get together with friends for football watch parties, expect an extremely busy room. You’ll want to avoid cluttering up the room and keep the furniture light and movable. The most important events you’ll use it for should be a key factor in your TV room design. That said, remember to occasionally maintain your loungers. You can learn how to clean a sofa at home with our pro tips and adopt hygienic ways of living.

Couple your watch experience with a good sofa!

TV Room Design:
Wall Decor Ideas

Whether you want a full-fledged TV unit interior or a simple table setup, the wall behind your TV is important hands-down! Good TV room design always focuses on the TV as the essence of the room. The wall behind it should not have jarring colours or distracting elements.
Light colours with occasional bursts of warm tones will work. And dark shades with similar tones will be great as well. That said, let’s look at how we can give the wall some attention.
Building the right kind of TV unit decor gives your TV space the eye-catching attention it deserves. Here are some ideas for TV wall design for small living rooms.

What are some TV room Wall Decor Ideas?

Building the right kind of TV unit decor gives your TV space the eye-catching attention it deserves. Here are some ideas for TV wall design for small living rooms.

TV Room Design

1. Accent Wall

It is basically a false wall that allows you to make clever carved designs and inlays. It provides unique lighting opportunities that normally require drilling or tampering with the wall during your TV room design. They are a thoughtful hall showcase interior design idea that elevates the room’s essence of togetherness.
An accent wall is the first thing that will catch the attention of any room. You can mount your TV, provide a backlight and create unique wall patterns for your TV entertainment unit.

floating tv wall unit

2. Pop TV Wall Design

Think of this as a TV wall, but as something created specifically to suit your tastes. You can create anything you like from futuristic command room themes to a maze design around your TV. Pop TV wall design is the epitome of custom TV unit decor.
A well-made custom stand will bring personality to the TV wall design for small living rooms. Being able to mix and match materials, colours, lights and themes will make sure your TV stands out with your persona. Hence, a pop TV wall design is a creative style in a lot of Indian homes. Plus, with this design, you can create a floating TV wall unit and get to the next level of creativity!

TV Room Design

3. Wooden Panels

Another TV wall design for small living room is using wooden panels. There’s something about wood interacting with technology elements that just oozes class. Wooden panels are versatile when it comes to TV unit decor. The panelling provides contrast and the colour of the wood can be set to suit any wall colour.
Panels also save you the extra effort of having to create a giant stand to suit your TV. It could be two simple well-polished boards of wood, and you have an elegant, minimal TV entertainment unit.

TV Room Design

4. Paintings and Art

If you have empty space on your walls that you want to fill up, a great way to go about it is by adding some art to it. Statement pieces are a crucial part of minimal design, but they can fit into any kind of TV room design.
The art you choose is an expression of your personality and can also reflect the theme of the room. You can also get photo frames and put in posters of your favourite movies and TV shows to bring the room to life along with the hall showcase interior design elements. Another way to decorate the walls is to use decals. These are stickers that are easy to place and can come in a variety of patterns, designs and colours. If you don’t feel like putting nails or screws in the walls, decals are a nice, non-invasive option.

Tv Room Design
Furniture Essentials

The second most important part of your TV room design would be the TV room sofa. A comfortable piece of furniture that you can sit or lie down on for hours together on a lazy Sunday. Of course, you’ll need more than a sofa when you get together with friends.
The sofa will set the tone for the rest of your TV room furniture. Are you going for a cosy, minimalist look or do you have a grander theme in mind? Depending on the wall and tv unit decor, you’ll have to pick furniture to match. To better the Tv room decor, you can take cues from our sofa cover design ideas!

1. Tv Room Sofa

Consider the size of your watch parties. This will tell you how much space you can invest in your sofa. Larger modern sofa designs are usually more comfortable since you can lie down and stretch your legs if no one else is around.
Also, consider the number of regular users. If you’ve got 3-4 people at home who might join you for TV time, you’ll want to get a long TV room sofa with plenty of space. You can bring in a couple of recliners, but remember that they take up more space per seat. We at Wakefit pride ourselves on our range of sofas that come in different shapes, colours and sizes to suit your needs. Our large L shaped sofas can comfortably seat up to 5 people, perfect for when you watch Netflix together.

TV console table

2. Mobile Furniture

For the remaining furniture, make sure you don’t clutter up the room by having it all there. Bean bags and stackable/foldable chairs are great ways to keep the area clean until you need them.
Wakefit’s Napper Ottomans are a good way to secure a footrest as well as a place to sit. Since they are mobile, fit in with sofa sets and come in a range of colours that can provide contrast to the rest of your room.

TV console table

3. TV Console Table

If you’ve decided to keep a minimal TV unit and not build a big floating TV wall unit, then a TV console table is ideal. It is perfect for your gaming consoles, DVD players and gives you a space to charge your devices.
Drawers in the table give you a place to put away things like remotes and cables so you can make sure everything is in its proper place. Not to mention, it also allows you to neatly tuck away wiring and cables that can spread out and make a mess.

TV Room Design

4. Shelves & Cabinets

In any room, the right furniture makes it complete. Likewise, a TV room furniture includes a minimal TV unit, a coffee table and a shelf to complete the design. If you’re a movie buff, you’ll definitely want a prominent place to put your collection of movies to watch at home. If the TV room design also has a reading nook, you’ll need space to put your book collection.
Wakefit shelves are designed to look stylish and quirky. The unique patterns fit in with different kinds of TV room designs with a modern, sleek finish. Shelves and storage cabinets are additions to create a simple TV showcase design for hall.

TV Room Design

5. Coffee Table

TV time is snack time. Whether that means a cup of tea/coffee or a bag of chips, is up to you. However, if you want to avoid piling everything onto the sofa and fumbling for the remote all the time, a coffee table is a must.
We at Wakefit make a range of coffee tables that will suit any vibe, aesthetic or theme. With different colours and finishes, the tables are sturdy, long-lasting and ideal for TV room design on a budget.

Scroll through a bunch of TV units that add to the room’s vibe!

Additional Details to
Make Your Tv Room
Inviting & Fun

Aside from the big details, there are a few more things you should think of adding to spice up your TV room design. These are good ways to express yourself and liven up the Prime video party when you have a gathering.

1. Fluffy Carpet

This is a must-have in any cosy TV room design. In addition to giving the room a sense of extra comfort, a carpet is also a great place to sit if there’s not enough furniture. You can try out different patterns and colours to suit the room.
If you’re going for a pop wall, you might want a carpet that matches the theme you’ve set for your room. Alternatively, just matching the wall colour alone gives you a very good aesthetic.

TV Room design

2. Cushions and Plushies

There are few things as comforting as a nice fluffy cushion. You almost can’t have enough of them. Wakefit’s cushions come in different colours, patterns and sizes to match any kind of couch or furniture you might have.
Plushies are a great way of expressing yourself. They are little pillows in the shape of your favourite characters from books, movies and TV shows. They add more personality to the room and give people something extra to talk about during your Prime video party.

TV Room Design

3. Creative Lighting

Being able to experiment with lighting colours and black lights can add a touch of excitement to the room. You can set different vibes and temperatures of lighting to suit any mood.
Smart lights can be programmed to change colour and intensity to suit different preset moods. You can also get some clap on lights that can make it easier for you to do things without getting up. Good TV room design works in a variety of different kinds of lighting. This is because everyone likes a different ambience during TV time. Some like it well lit, while others prefer to keep it spare. Try to build a deep range of lighting to suit all tastes.
Hence, when you plan to get together with friends and have a Prime video party or maybe a Netflix watch party, the lighting will add to the entire experience.

4. Gaming Consoles

Video games are amazing fun to play if you pick ones that are right for you. It doesn’t have to be hardcore gaming, but fun stuff like Mario Party and Wii Sports are great entertainers. A console with a motion controller is for everyone and can bring any party to life.

5. Surround Sound

Aside from good picture quality, a good TV experience requires a great sound experience. Picking a sound system with speakers placed all around gives you a nice immersive vibe when you watch Netflix together.
That is why every high-end TV entertainment unit or home theatre puts a lot of emphasis on surround sound. The surround sound systems boost the cinematic experience of movies to watch at home.

TV Placement Ideas
for Living Room

A few decades ago, the TV was a huge beast that was encased in a wooden frame. But that was the past, and these days they are as slim as paper, allowing designers to position them creatively. From concealing them in built-in cupboards to hanging them on the wall, they can gel into the living room aesthetically. But one thing is that it pays to first think about where to place the TV. The TV screen looks vibrant and bright when placed in the right spot. On the contrary, they were placed in the wrong place, and the pictures look muddy and washed out. You don’t need an interior designer to get the right TV placement, only a little forethought and some muscle power to move things around.

How far should my TV be from the couch?

There is a remarkable difference in viewing experience when you have the proper distance between the TV and the place you sit. Sit too close, you risk straining your eyes, sit too far, and you can see the screen correctly. So it should be a middle ground where you can enjoy your TV comfortably. Here are some expert recommendations for viewing distance.

  • 42 inches TV: 5.9 ft
  • 50 inches:7 feet
  • 55 inches: 7.7 feet
  • 65 inches: 9.1 feet
  • 75 inches: 10.5 feet

These recommendations are not rules; you can sit as close or far away as you want. But the above distance gives a theatre-like immersive experience.

Height of the TV

Apart from considering the viewing distance between your couch and TV, you should also think of how high to place it to get the best viewing experience. If you place it too high, you end up craning the neck, and your neck is tilted down too low. Sitting for long periods in both these positions causes neck strain. So you should position the TV, so the screen is at eye level.

There is also a decision on whether you should mount the TV on a wall or use an entertainment centre. If you want a clutter-free space, opt for a wall mount as it gives space for things like routers, gaming consoles, etc. However, if you want flexibility, use a traditional TV stand, which can be moved around easily. While mounting the TV, use adjustable mounts to give you the freedom to tilt it to the best viewing angle.

Placement of your Couch

The placement of your sofa also plays an essential role in deciding where to keep the TV. If possible, you should sit in front of the TV. That means the sofa chairs should be directly across the TV. It is similar to choosing centre seats in a theatre; sitting in the centre gives you a full view of the TV without moving your head. If you have an accent chair like an armchair, ensure it is towards the screen.

Check for Light Sources

One of the worst enemies of TV display is the reflections. Light from a fixture above pointing towards the TV or a window light can make the content look muddy and muted. So it is best to avoid placing your TV in front of the window as the natural light competes with the screen straining your eyes. Added to the fact that modern TV screens are glossy, it amplifies the problem. Also, placing a TV in front of a window defeats the purpose of having them in the first place.

Choose the Right TV

When there is a TV plan, there is not much flexibility in terms of the space available. So the size of the living room affects where you place the TV and also the size of the TV you should buy. When you shop for it, remember to check the viewing distance. It is tempting to buy a big TV, but it can overwhelm the space. Be realistic about what fits into the living room, and you won’t regret your choice.

Decorating with TV
and around the TV

Create a Gallery Effect

One of the best TV wall decor ideas is to make a gallery wall to disguise the presence of your TV. You can place it alongside your shelves of books, oversized photos, art, and more. Use dark frames for the artwork so that it gives a coordinated look. You can also mix and match for an eclectic gallery. Choosing black frames also helps the screen gel into the display. The TV screen should be smaller than the largest of your wall art, so it blends in beautifully.

Place your TV Off-Centre

If your TV viewing is limited, then this is an ideal option. Though the rule is to place the TV directly across the sofa, there is no rule that it has to be done. If the living room for you is a place for conversation rather than watching the screen, it makes better sense to prioritise other things. Once you have added your favourite artwork, collectables, etc., you can add a TV where ever there is space. Use a swivel wall mount so that you can adjust the viewing angle when needed.

Use Furniture to Good Effect

You can use your furniture to frame a big TV screen and make it more purposeful. For instance, choose a chest of drawers, armoire, or a simple traditional TV stand to place a TV. Flank the TV with shelving units that can be lined with accessories and books.

TV Entertainment Centres

Entertainment centres are popular TV unit decor. It is also a simple and popular solution to housing your TV unit. Purchase a beautiful entertainment centre, place your TV on it, and your living room style gets amplified. These stylish TV unit stands come with many shelves which can be decorated with artwork, books, vases, and more. These can have custom holes to have wires concealed.

Frequently Asked Questions on Cozy Tv Room Design Ideas

A TV room in a house is designed specifically as a recreational room for viewing television set aside for viewing television. It is generally built as a ground floor extension and is sound proof. Sometimes it is also a separate part of the house. A TV room is usually enclosed by walls and ceiling.

If your TV wall is plain, and you are looking for easy ways to decorate it, wood panelling is perfect.

  • Add planks: All you need is a couple of good looking planks that can be attached to the wall, and you have modern, sleek decor.
  • Backlighting: Other simple options include backlighting. This gives your TV a halo effect and looks extremely cool.
  • Try decals: You can also try decals, which are easy to stick on to the walls but make sure they blend in, instead of being distracting.

Simple TV showcase design for hall rooms can help you transform your hall into a TV room. Traditionally, the hall has been the place where you put the TV and independent TV rooms are relatively new and help create a luxury living room.

In a small room, saving space wherever you can is important. You need to adopt decor ideas for a small living room. That’s why floating TV wall units are more common in small rooms. When everything is mounted to the wall, there is more floor space available for furniture. Here are what you do:

  • Add floating Tv wall: Save more space on the floor as you utilize the wall tactically!
  • Add lights: For lighting, use hanging or wall-mounted lights and avoid standing lights unless you really love the ambience they give. You may not have the space for a TV unit interior, so just settle for a minimal TV unit.
  • Add a coffee table near your sofas: A low-lying table can do a lot to the space. Allowing you utmost comfort both for stretching and grabbing your drink!
  • Add showpieces on your TV unit: Cut the blandness with statement pieces like these.

If you are happy with a simple TV showcase design for hall rooms, then you can focus on your hall showcase interior design. Choose the things in your showcase and make sure they are bright and visible, since the inside of a showcase may not have its own light.

Place the TV in a place where it doesn’t catch the glare from any windows or doors. This can make it very difficult to watch something peacefully during the day. Make sure there is enough width for people to sit side by side and watch together.

Keeping the TV at a height increases visibility and comfort. You don’t have to strain your neck to watch even if you’re sitting at an angle. Focus on keeping viewing angles open to everyone in the room.

Here is some furniture that makes a Tv room cosier and allows you to bond more easily!

  • Every good TV room has a comfy sofa that’s built for hours of sitting.
  • For a family TV room, you’ll want a longer sofa so that everyone can sit comfortably.
  • Apart from that, you’ll need a coffee table to keep snacks and drinks on.
  • Folding or stackable chairs that can be put away easily will help you manage space more easily while allowing you to seat many people.
  • Bean bags are great for a casual, relaxing vibe, and they are easy to move around, making it easier to declutter the room.
  • A console table for your TV is a good substitute for a mantle piece, and gives you more storage options.
  • Consider getting a couple of cabinets/ sideboards to store DVD’s of your favourite movies to watch at home.

You’ll also want space for snacks and drinks so you don’t have to run around the house every time you start a Netflix watch party.

The lighting in a TV room should be dimmable. Bright lights may be too bright for the room. The idea with the lighting is to create a theatre-like effect to enhance the viewing experience. Lighting around the TV also gives a great effect when watching TV.

Before entering the rest of the house, one must first pass through the living room. Depending on the size of your television, you can arrange your living room in a variety of ways. You can take cues from some creative Apartment Living Room Ideas and go on! However, a few of the most basic guidelines for not overcrowding your TV and living room spaces are as follows:

  • Choose furniture that can be used as a TV stand and any other case at the same time.
  • Add a light-coloured panel to the TV to fit the atmosphere and narrow the space.
  • Make use of sliding doors.
  • Consider installing built-in storage.
  • Try to incorporate the TV panel with other aspects of your life that revolve around it.
  • Add some showpieces on the TV unit interior and make the doors of glass so you can see the elements inside.
  • It is recommended that you use a slim TV.

Some of the ways to decorate your living room with a TV are:

  • To have a dark wall or a dark console behind the TV
  • Use wallpaper or abstract murals for the wall
  • Use a bookshelf to hide your TV
  • Conceal the TV wires
  • Create a gallery wall around the TV unit
  • Use artwork behind the TV screen
  • Use backlighting

The best place for your TV depends on the design of the living room. However, a few tips to consider is to have a good viewing distance between the TV and the sofa. The height of the TV should be at eye level to prevent strain. Ensure that there is no glare from natural light or overhead fixtures. Finally, make sure to have electrical outlets where you plan to place your TV.

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