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3 Real Resolutions for 2022!

Real Resolutions

Almost a month into the new year is the perfect time to pick your resolutions!

By now, you have taken off your rose-tinted new-year-new-me glasses, and are ready to choose resolutions that are realistic and really matter to you.

Though everyone’s resolutions are different, we thought we will give you 3 goals that can help you get started. 

Goal 1: Eat Healthy to Wake Fit! 


Eating well has always been crucial for better health. A balanced diet can strengthen your immune system, improve your energy levels, and enhance your overall quality of life.  


According to Nutritionist and Fit India Ambassador, Nikita Suresh, healthy food habits include:

  1. Incorporating green leafy vegetables
  2. Increasing your intake of fruits
  3. Drinking at least 8 glasses of water every day
  4. Making dinner the lightest meal of the day

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This year, promise yourself that you will make HEALTHY EATING a priority. Unless it’s a cheat day, you will not cheat, because only when you feel better can you perform better and live better. 

Goal 2: Stick to a Sleep Schedule  


A regular sleep schedule keeps your heart in the pink of health. It keeps the immune system strong, protects you against cardiovascular illness, prevents hypertension, and keeps body weight in check. 


Some of the healthy sleep habits to incorporate into your sleep routine include:

  1. Sleeping & waking up at a particular time, every day
  2. Saying no to electronic devices an hour before bed
  3. Gratitude journaling before bed

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This year, promise yourself that you will make HEALTHY SLEEPING a priority. No matter how nail-biting the series you are watching, you will stick to your sleep schedule and make us proud!  

  Goal 3: Create a Happy Haven


A healthy living environment at home is crucial for you to achieve your other goals.

A home that reflects who you are, allows you to be more productive, focussed, and happy. 


According to interior designer Rittika of Ariyona Interior, some of the ways in which you can decorate your home so it truly reflects you, include:

  1. Make sure your layout is first practical, and then beautiful
  2. Do go with pieces you truly love
  3. Do use furniture that is proportionate in size to space
  4. Do accessorize with artwork, décor, and plants to make the space warm, inviting… and your own

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This year, promise yourself that you will make YOUR HOME a priority. You will get rid of clutter, savor your favorite things, and make your home safe with ergonomic products

So which of these goals are you planning to adopt this year? Let us know in the comments, and do remember to challenge your friends too! 

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