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Your Spirit Animal, Revealed

Your Spirit Animal | wakefit

Ever wondered what is your spirit animal? 

On the basis of which room you spend most of your time in, let us help you find out your whether you are a sleepy koala, a lounging panda, an overachiever beaver, or a wise owl. 

Home Personality Types

  1. Bedroom: The Sleepy Koala 
The Sleepy Koala | wakefit

You love spending most of your time in the king of all rooms, the Bedroom! You understand how important sleep is to you, and so are likely to pay maximum attention to your bedroom decor while looking for more bedroom decorating ideas. 

Your pile of goodness is overflowing with modern bedroom furniture, and looks somewhat like this: a sturdy bed with a headboard that you can lean on, a mattress that cradles you to sleep, plush sheets that gently caress your skin, and a comforter that wraps you up in delight. 

To make your bedroom even cosier, you may want to explore Wakefit’s world of sleep. Our sleep products are known to turn any bedroom into a sleep lagoon. 

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  1. Living Room: The Lounging Panda
The Lounging Panda

You are a serial lounger! Your living room is the love of your life, and so you are most likely to spend almost everything on sprucing it up.

The jealousy of the other rooms does not deter you from your purpose of spending all your Sundays lazing around in front of your TV in your comfy PJs and catching the latest episode of whatever’s trending. 

When not lounging with a bowl of comfort food, you are found napping on your L shape sofa. If anyone were to give you an ideal gift, it would be a set of the cuddliest cushions or a coffee table for you to lift your feet up, sit back and relax even more. 

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  1. Study Room: The Overachiever Beaver 
Overachiever Beaver 

You love work, and wherever you go you find a place to get some done. 

When the world decided to work from home, you took it as an opportunity to finally live your dream of having the coolest workstation ever, complete with an ergonomic office table and all! 

Your work corner is where you are mostly found compared to any other room in the house. You are always either getting something on your to-do list done, or involved in a creative pursuit. 

A perfect addition to your work corner would be an ergonomic office chair that supports your spine while you support your dreams. 

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  1. Reading Nook: The Wise Owl 
Reading Nook: The Wise Owl

When you reach home, you cannot wait to go to your reading nook. This zone is your zen cave, and most of your time goes in either being here or buying things to showcase here. 

Your bookshelf, if not bookshelves, is usually brimming with information and inspiration. According to us, your biggest struggle is how to hoard more books because honestly there is no such thing as too many books, right? 

We have a suggestion. Get yourself a good wall shelf and shift the memorabilia from your bookshelf in order to have more space there. 

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Wakefit has solutions for all kinds of homebodies. Whether you are a Sleepy Koala, a Lounging Panda, an Overachiever Beaver, or a Wise Owl, our range of products will make your home brighter and better.

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