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A supportive pillow is the ultimate sleep investment

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When buying a pillow, the most important factors to look out for are comfort, support, hygiene, etc. We may think this is obvious, but when you talk to people, they will tell you about how the pillow they use has wreaked havoc on their neck health. A bad pillow can cause a number of problems from postural defects and skin rashes to sleep deprivation and sleep debt. 

supportive pillow

A supportive pillow is one that will: 

  •  Provide right alignment 

Your pillow needs to make sure that your neck and spine are in their natural straight alignment even while you rest. The pillow needs to raise your head slightly so that no pressure is created in your shoulders or your neck. This is why when you wake up after a night’s rest on a memory foam pillow, you do not feel any pain in these points. The pillow will also contour the shape of your head so that you get the most comfortable sleep that you can dream of.

  • Work for all sleeping styles 

Whether you like to sleep on your back, on your stomach, your sides, or are a mixed sleeper changing sleeping positions throughout the night, a memory foam pillow will conform to your shape without any trouble. 

  • Keep dust at bay  

A memory foam pillow is hypoallergenic. It keeps dust away from you, thus protecting your lungs and your skin. For people with breathing difficulties and/or skin allergies, a hypoallergenic pillow is a must-have. 

Wakefit Sleeping Pillow

Wakefit’s Sleeping Pillow is designed to keep a number of factors in mind in order to ensure that all our sleepers get the most comfortable sleep that they are looking for. A pillow is a health investment, and we at Wakefit take that very seriously. 

Our design uses a hollow fiber to make sure the pillow is both light and fluffy, and at the same time, it breathes through the hottest months. The height can be adjusted according to your personal requirements, which makes this pillow such a favorite among our sleepers. 

The pillow, due to the memory foam, absorbs the sleeper’s heat and circulates it throughout so that the sleeper sleeps cool. This ventilation is very important, especially in a humid country like ours. Because of this air circulation, the pillow will not form any lumps unlike other pillows that need to be aired out regularly to prevent lumps. 

The pillow’s internal structure ensures that both your head and neck get the support they need. The luxurious material on top feels very comfortable against the skin thus ensuring no marks or lines are created on your face after a night’s rest. 

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