Cleaning And Decluttering Your Bedroom For Diwali

Diwali is here, and with it, the occasion of cleaning and decluttering!

Are you fretting about it? Have the anxiety-ridden nightmares begun?

Anything that is disrupting your sleep isn’t good news for us. And so, we have decided to help you with cleaning your bedroom for Diwali.

Let’s begin!

Diwali Cleaning

  1. The shelves are a good place to start

Try getting rid of anything and everything that hinders the look of your bedroom.

Why are shelves a good place to start? Usually, shelves become convenient places to keep things that are not important at all. Over a period of time, the racks are filled with these trivial things.

The clutter not only makes the room look untidy but also makes it unmanageable.

Try the cantaloupe rule. Anything that is smaller than the size of a cantaloupe does not belong to the shelves, and so you can remove it.

Once you have gotten rid of the excesses, you can begin dusting the shelves.

  1. Proceed to the wardrobe war zone

You might want to go the Marie Kondo way.

First, bring out all your clothes. Next, categorize them. Some categories could be – shirts, t-shirts, pants, pantsuits, skirts, traditional wear, you get the drift!

You can try the “spark joy” test too. Whichever piece of clothing does not bring you happiness, goes into a pile that you can later discard.

You can donate the clothes that you don’t wear anymore. However, you may want to make sure they are in good condition before presenting it to the donation camp.

After the categories are decided and the clothes to be discarded have revealed themselves, all you have to do is decide which piece of clothing goes wear. And tada! You have a perfectly organized wardrobe!

Once you have organized the wardrobe, you might want to add some camphor balls in every shelf to keep the mites away.

  1. Cleaning the bed

The centerpiece of the bedroom has to be the center of attention while cleaning too.

The first step – Strip the bed of all its accessories.

If you are a proud owner of Wakefit’s Sheesham Wood Bed, then all you need to do to clean the bed is take a mild detergent and dilute it with some water. Dip a clean piece of cloth into this solution, and then rub the bed very gently. Finally, use a dry cloth to wipe the bed making sure there is no water or moisture left on the wood.

Next comes the mattress. Wakefit’s Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress comes with two covers. While one is attached to the mattress, the other can be removed and washed as and when. This helps maintain the hygiene of not just the mattress, but the entire bed.

Also, if you have done the smart thing of getting our Mattress Protector too, then you will have an easier time cleaning your room this Diwali. It is waterproof and uses TPU for 100% resistance to water.

To clean the bed, all you will have to do is to dump the fitted bed sheets and the mattress protector into the machine and give them a spin!

  1. Let the light in

Before lighting diyas and candles, let some natural light into your bedroom when cleaning for Diwali.

To clean the window space, first remove the curtains and dump them for a wash. Now using a wet cloth, clean the window panes and the window sill.

Finally, use a dry cloth on the glass to make sure no marks are left on it.

This Diwali, declutter your bedroom to let the lights shine a little brighter. Clean every nook and corner to allow good vibes to set their camps there.


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