How Wakefit Lets You Sleep Cool

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Memory foam mattresses have, in the past, been criticized for not being able to provide temperature neutrality. These mattresses would heat up through the night by absorbing the body heat of the sleeper or sleepers and then trap that heat within it. Since air circulation would not occur, the mattress would get really hot during the middle of the night making it really uncomfortable to sleep on.

When absorbing body heat of the sleeper, these traditional memory foam mattresses would soften, and therefore, not be able to provide the firmness they promised. As a result, the sleeper would feel like they are trapped in a very hot and uncomfortable sleeping bag!

To do away with these drawbacks, memory foam mattresses of today incorporate various new technologies into their designs. While some go for cooling crystals, others are using a cooling gel. At Wakefit, we have introduced a CoolFit foam into our Wakefit Orthopedic Mattress in order to provide temperature neutrality to our customers.

The CoolFit Foam

To overcome the problems of traditional memory foam mattresses, Wakefit incorporates a CoolFit foam above its next-generation memory foam.

The open cell CoolFit foam at the top has an open-cell structure. What does this mean? The open cell structure of the CoolFit foam makes sure that heat is never trapped in the mattress. It also allows the air to pass through the mattress at all times. Because of this, even if the sleeper tends to get really hot at night, the mattress will evenly distribute the heat and help the sleeper sleep cool and comfortable.

Other features

Wakefit’s Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress can be used on both sides. However, it is suggested that you use the white side as it allows you to directly benefit from the cooling technology offered by the CoolFit foam. You also get to experience the firmness provided by the next generation memory foam layer used by Wakefit right under the CoolFit foam.

You can go on the grey side if you need more firmness. This can also be done during winters when temperature neutrality isn’t a requirement.

The memory foam used by Wakefit allows perfect body contouring. The mattress can adapt to the shape of sleeper’s body, thus ensuring there is no pressure felt by the joints. The neck, the shoulders, and the hips of the sleeper feel no pain. Due to this ability of the memory foam layer to take the shape of the sleeper, there are no blood clots and/or feelings of restlessness and anxiety caused in the latter.

The Zonal Support Transition Layer that comes below the memory foam helps with spinal alignment. It distributes the bodyweight of the sleeper evenly, ensuring the heavier part of the sleeper’s body gets more firmness and support while the softer parts that can do with just adequate firmness are provided with the support they need. Because of this feature, the Ortho mattress allows the spine to maintain its natural alignment during the night. The mattress makes sure the spine isn’t bent in a weird way, which in turn, helps the sleeper improve their posture after using the mattress for a period of time.

Hygiene too is considered a major priority here at Wakefit, and therefore, our Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress comes with two covers – one attached, and the other removable. So every time you think you need to clean it up, just remove the second cover and dump it into the washing machine.

Among Ortho Mattress’ very many brilliant features, is its ability to provide motion isolation. This is especially applicable to sleepers who share their beds with a partner. So if and when your partner tosses and turns through the night, or goes to the loo several times, you need not worry about being disturbed out of sleep. The motion caused by their movement will not jostle you out of sleep. Instead, the mattress will absorb the motion caused by your partner and will isolate it so that you can continue with your peaceful sleep.

Have you tried the Wakefit Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress yet? Try out this mattress with a 100-day trial period to check if the claims we’ve made are true or not.

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