Why Used Mattresses Are A Health Hazard


Mattresses play an important role in your life; however, most people tend to overlook this important piece of utility. Did you know that an average human being spends nearly 1/3rd of their life sleeping? Therefore, it would not be wrong to say that a mattress plays an important role in one’s physical and mental well-being.

Different kinds of mattresses are available in the market catering to the requirements of various customers. While some people look for hard mattresses, some look for soft varieties. There are special mattresses available for orthopedic needs and other patients on the market as well.

Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress

Old mattress – can become a grave problem

An old and used mattress can harm your body in several ways. Apart from leaving you awake, leaving you tossing and turning all night, there are many other health hazards that a used and old mattress can pose. Many people buy old mattresses keeping the cost factor in mind, but they actually prove to be more expensive in the long run. There is no fixed life expectancy of a mattress. But experts recommend replacing a mattress every 8-10 years. In the interim, the mattress has to be maintained well, so that it remains in good condition.

Health hazards which are closely associated with used mattresses

If you are thinking of buying a used mattress, even for a short period, DON’T. A used mattress will only add to your woes and sleepless nights, and of course, make you a few dollars poorer! Read on to know about the various health issues you might be welcoming with an old, worn-out mattress:

  • Source of allergens – Formation of mold is quite common in old mattresses. Mold left untreated, can cause several allergies and irritation related to the respiratory system. Reactions from mold infections include a runny nose, incessant sneezing, skin rashes, and red eyes. If a person has breathing issues, the problem might aggravate. Asthma attacks are also not uncommon. Infants, children, and adults can suffer from such allergies commonly whose immune system is weak.

Along with molds, old mattresses might also contain dust, dirt, grime, dead skin cells and a thousand other unknown things. Dust mites are extremely common in these mattresses. The greatest problem with these mites is that they reproduce and grow at exponential rates. Asthmatic patients are highly sensitive to these mites and might suffer serious allergic reactions.

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  • Bed bugs – Generally, mattress removal entails moving the old mattress from one room in the house and junking it in another. And, if you dump it in the attic, you will soon find insects and pests creeping and crawling on your old mattress. Old mattresses are also a haven for pests such as bed bugs that are hard to get rid of. You may be surprised that an old mattress that you may buy from a sale may also be infested with pests. Though the mattress undergoes treatments before being sold, there are chances of bed bugs surviving inside. When you bring the mattress home, you bring the bed bugs along as well.
  • Back pain and neck pain – Old mattresses generally lose they’re binding and begin to dip and sag. The pressure points in the body do not get the required support from such a mattress, and hence, lead to neck pain and back pain. Both the neck and the back do not get the required support and cause strain to the body. As a result, your night’s sleep is hampered greatly with such a mattress.

The best thing to do to your old and used mattress is to send it to a mattress recycling facility. The numbers of such facilities are growing all over the world so that old mattress can properly be disposed of. Though a used mattress is indeed cheaper, it is best you invest in a new mattress to ensure years of rest full and healthy sleep.

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