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The Ultimate Guide to Buying the Latest Bedsheet Design

Latest Bedsheet Design

About the post: 

In today’s post, we are discussing how to choose the best bedsheet design.

Wakefit’s range of New bed sheet designs will elevate the chic quotient of your bedroom and also improve your sleep quality by several notches.

Our range of bedsheet designs is luxurious, comfortable and economical. You can have a look at our bed sheet designs with price right away.

Wakefit’s bedsheet design range is also very easy to clean and maintain. 

In this post, we also share effortless ways to lengthen the life of your bedsheets, and so much more. Keep reading!

How To Choose the Latest Bedsheet Design for 2022

Latest Bedsheet Design | Wakefit

When choosing the right latest bedsheet design for your bed, you need to factor in a few things. 

Here are 6 things to consider when buying a cotton latest bed sheet design. 

1. Measure your mattress before picking the perfect bedsheet design

Before even beginning the hunt for your latest bedsheet design online, measure your bed. 

Since you are buying your bedsheet online, this step is even more important. 

You might think that you know the standard size of your bed, or in other words, you know that your bed is a king-size bed or a queen-size or a double bed or a single one. 

But even then, it is highly recommended that you measure your bed in order to avoid size issues later on. For instance king size fitted bed sheet suits a king size bed and does not work well for a queen size bed as it does not fit perfectly. 

Once you get the right measurements of your bed, you are all set to browse through the latest bedsheet design.

2. Find out what thread count you want to pick

When browsing through the bedsheets online, the first thing to pay attention to is the thread count. 

Thread count or TC means the number of threads, both vertical as well as horizontal, per square inch. 

The general rule when picking a bedsheet design and the right bedsheet material online is to go for a higher TC. The higher the thread count, the more comfortable the bed sheet.

3. Choose your fabric before locking in on the bed sheets design

Once you have figured out the thread count for your cotton bed sheet, the next step is to pick a fabric of your choice. 

The most common bed sheet fabrics are cotton, silk, sateen, and microfibre. 

Whatever bed sheet fabric you choose, make sure it suits your sleep style, your individual requirements, and the weather of the place where you live. 

The best cotton solid bedsheet design, for instance, is the perfect purchase for the summer months in India.

4. Think about whether you want a fitted bedsheet design or a flat one

Fitted bedsheet has revolutionized the art of making one’s bed. 

Fitted bed sheets are easy to put on and effortless to maintain. 

The elastic in fitted cotton bed sheet design ensures that your bed remains tidy throughout the day. A tidy bed is a bed that welcomes you for a good night’s sleep. 

If a fitted bed sheet design doesn’t sound like something you want to go for, then choose a traditional flat cotton bed sheet design without elastic along the edges.

5. See what bedsheet design works for you and your room

Once you have decided what thread count to go for, which fabric to choose and what type of fitting to go for, you need to lock in on the bedsheet design. 

Your bedsheet can upgrade the overall look of your bedroom/guest bedroom. You need to, therefore, pay special attention to its design and patterns. 

In the next section, we tell you all about Wakefit’s latest bedsheet design that looks great in almost every bedroom. But before that, we need to tick one last thing off this list, and that’s price.

6. Check the New bed sheet designs with price

When you shop for bed sheets, it’s best to look at the designs with price.

Do you want to go for a luxurious bed sheet or an economical one?

Why not find new bed sheet designs that feels comfy and plush, but does not cost you a fortune? 

Wondering where you can find a bedsheet design like that? Go to the next section! 

Wakefit’s Cotton Bedsheet Design

A good cotton bed sheet design is one that makes you feel like you are sleeping on a bed of clouds. 

We aren’t exaggerating. In fact, we are offering you that bed of clouds with our range of soft cotton bed sheet design. 

Wakefit bedsheet design range is a hundred percent cotton. 

The prints Wakefit’s bed sheets come in as well as the solid subtle colours, make them perfect for every household. 

At Wakefit, we believe in marrying good design and good sleep and have applied that motto to our bed sheets as well. 

Here is our range of bedsheet designs that not only look spectacular but also help you with great quality sleep:

Fitted cotton bed sheet design: King size fitted bed sheet in solid colors

King size fitted bed sheet

Mention available in two more colors: 

1. Navy blue cotton bedsheet design

2. Slate cotton bedsheet design

Fitted cotton bed sheet design: King size fitted bed sheet in delightful prints

King size fitted bed sheet in delightful prints

1. Periwinkle cotton bedsheet design

2. Autumn Sunset cotton bedsheet design

3. Chekkers cotton bedsheet design 

4. Bookeh cotton bedsheet design

5. Serene Flora cotton bedsheet design 

6. Spring Summer cotton bedsheet design

7. Sunrise cotton bedsheet design

8. Lilyana cotton bedsheet design

9. Daisy cotton bedsheet design 

Specifications for All Sizes Fitted Bedsheet Design Range by Wakefit 

Fabric Feel Super soft, made with 100% cotton
Thread Count200 TC
Fall Length 10 inches. Fits mattresses up to 9 inches.
CareQuick machine washable material for hygiene and cleanliness
Features Elastic for tucking in the corners
Regular PriceINR 746
Sizes AvailableSingle, Diwan, Queen, King

Flat Bedsheet Design Range by Wakefit 

bed sheet designs with price

Flat cotton simple bed sheet design in solid colours 

1. Slate cotton bedsheet design

2. Navy cotton simple bed sheet design

3. Dark Grey cotton simple bed sheet design

Best Fitted cotton bed sheet design in vibrant floral prints: 

1. Periwinkle cotton bed sheet design

2. Spring Summer cotton bedsheet design

3. Sunrise cotton bedsheet design

4. Autumn Sunset cotton bed sheet design

5. Lilyana cotton bedsheet design

6. Daisy cotton bed sheet design

7. Checkers cotton bed sheet design

Specifications for Fitted Bedsheet Design Range by Wakefit 

Fabric Feel Super soft, made with 100% combed cotton
Thread Count200 TC
Product DimensionsDouble: 100 x 90 inches (25.4 m x 22.8 cm)Single: 90 x 60 inches (22.8 m x 15.2 m)
CareQuick machine washable material for hygiene and cleanliness
Regular PriceINR 605 
Sizes AvailableSingle and Double

Wakefit’s best floral bed sheets and printed desings are created with a sateen weave to give them the much-needed luxurious feel. 

No wonder lying down on these printed new bed sheet design helps you drift off to sleep-heaven in no time. 

The solid colour bedsheets by Wakefit, on the other hand, come with a percale weave, which is then brushed so that the raised fibres give the sheets the ultra-soft finish.

These bed sheet prints do not fade even after several washes. 

Also, the bed sheets will not shrink, but instead will become softer and cosier after every wash. 

In the next and final section, we tell you everything you should know about taking care of your simple bed sheet design. 

How to take care of your top sheets for summer

top sheets for summer

Once you buy the perfect bedsheet design, you need to look after it. 

The only way to make sure your top bed sheets for summer live a long life isn’t just about cracking a great warranty deal. 

The other thing you must do to lengthen your bed sheet’s life is washing it regularly, drying it well and storing it in the correct way. 

Here are a few things to keep in mind when taking care of your bedsheets: 

perfect bedsheet design | Wakefit

1.  Read the care instructions carefully

Every fabric bed sheet design has a different set of care instructions. You will find this information on the label. 

Read the care and maintenance instructions carefully, and follow them religiously in order to keep the bedsheets almost new for a very long time. 

2.  Choose the right cleaning products 

The second thing to remember in order to care for your bedsheets especially your best floral bed sheets, is to pick the right detergent. 

Using an abrasive/harsh detergent can do more harm to your bedsheet design than good as the floral prints may fade quickly. 

Go for mild detergents to also ensure that your bed sheets don’t get discoloured. 

3. Try spot cleaning first 

When cleaning your bed sheet, pay attention to the spots first. 

Any visible stains should be cleaned with your hands before you drop the sheet in the machine and take it for a spin. 

The way to do it? Identify these stain areas. Wet them with water, Now add a small cherry of washing liquid or sprinkle some powder, and clean it with your hands. Easy-peasy!

4. Dry your bed sheets properly 

Drying your sheets in the sun is a good idea. 

But when the sun is too harsh, be careful of the duration. Drying your bed sheets for way too long in harsh sunlight can discolour them and affect the bedsheet design.

Even if you use dryers to dry your sheets, be careful of both the duration and the temperature. Overdrying is a complete no-no!

5. You need to wash your bed sheets regularly 

Washing your bed sheets once a week is a good practice. 

In case you live in a hot and humid climate, you might want to wash the sheets twice a week. 

To keep your bed sheet clean, use three layers of beddings, namely, a fitted bed sheet, a flat bed sheet, and bed cover. 

You can wash your bed cover more frequently (thrice a week) to keep your bed fresh and hygienic.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Latest Bedsheet Design

Which bedsheet quality is best?

There are a few factors to consider when determining the quality of bedsheets. The fabric plays an important role and cotton is a highly recommended option as it is soft and affordable. You can also opt for cotton/polyester blends as it is durable, less prone to wrinkles, and inexpensive. The weave also makes a difference and some prefer sateen as it gives a smooth feel and others percale as it is crisp.

What kind of bed sheets are the best for sleep?

Bedsheets are an important element to having a good sleep. The quality of the sheets makes a great deal of difference as the body emits heat at night. It is essential that the sheet does not trap heat and increase sweating and cause sleep disturbances. Bed sheets made from natural fiber like cotton is considered the ideal choice as they can wick away the sweat and also offer a soft and smooth feel.

Which bedsheet material is best for summer?

When it comes to bed sheets for summer, cotton is undoubtedly the most popular choice. It is a natural fiber that is extremely breathable as it does not trap heat and also wick away the sweat. So when you sleep on cotton bedsheets you dont wake up sticky and sweaty. The other popular choice is linen but has a rough texture which many find uncomfortable to sleep on.

Which Colour is best for bedsheet?

The most popular bed sheet colors are beige, white, ivory, or light brown. These are neutral colors that blend with any design and match the other colors in the bedroom. If you are looking for some color to get the best sleep consider purchasing various shades of blue.

What kind of fabric is best for making a bedsheet?

Cotton is the ideal choice as a fabric for making bed sheets. It is soft, breathable, wicks away moisture, easy to maintain, and is also affordable. There are many types and weaves of cotton and buying one depends on individual preference and budget.

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