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This Bed Will Gift You New Space This Year

Wakefit’s range of solid sheesham wood beds is worth exploring. We are not saying this, our customers are.

Our beds are strong, sturdy, and they will last you a lifetime. And the best part? They are tastefully designed but available at extremely affordable prices.

Our beds come in king size and in queen size. Also, the beds can be shopped online. They are then delivered to your doorstep across the country, and once they arrive, you can easily assemble them.

Keeping modern day problems in mind, we at Wakefit are now introducing storage beds for you. Why storage beds? Well, there are a number of reasons why a storage bed is a good choice.

The number one reason is space! We today are starved of space. Storage beds smartly solve this problem. With a storage bed, you can store your extra bedding material, say extra bedsheets, blankets, duvets, pillows, pillow covers, etc. in here. It is suggested by experts that the space below our beds should be used only for storing accessories of sleep. Storing books or things unrelated to sleep can hamper your sleep, says research.

The second benefit of using a storage bed – saying no to dust! Storage beds help keep your extra bedding materials clean and dust-free for a longer time. Why just use your bed for sleep when you can also use it to keep your things dust-free? If you want to purchase extra bedding materials like pillows, pillow cases, bed sheets, etc. then you can check our products here.

Auriga Sheesham Bed – Design That’ll Put You to Sleep

The sleek and stylish lines on our Auriga Sheesham Bed’s headboard make it the ultimate choice for people who appreciate minimalist design. The style is such that it fits in with all kinds of décor. So whether your décor is modern, vintage, or eclectic, our Auriga Sheesham Bed will fit in seamlessly.

But that is not the only thing to look forward to. Apart from the richness in texture, the bed scores high in utility too. It is designed keeping in mind the challenges urban couples face owing to lack of space.

The bed has four sizeable compartments. These compartments are under the support MDF boards. Due to this, the bed offers storage that is flexible. This classic headboard is sturdy and strong and offers the ultimate support if you decide to lean back on it.

Usually, assembling a bed can be a bit of a struggle. Keeping that in mind, we at Wakefit have designed our beds ensuring that they are easy to assemble, dismantle, and reassemble. Even if you are usually on the move and changing homes, our bed will help you through the transition instead of causing a hassle.

The Wakefit Auriga Sheesham Bed is long-lasting, durable, and easy to maintain. It fights against termites and successfully resists decay. A bed is a huge investment, and nobody would want to spend so much on one that does not endure. Our Sheesham Bed will not let you down, but instead help you lie down for a good night’s rest.

You can purchase the Wakefit Auriga Sheesham Bed here.

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