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How often should you be changing your bed sheets?

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This is a no-brainer. You must change your bed sheets as often as you can. Most of you will agree that a freshly made bed feels heavenly, but how often to change bed sheets? If getting into your bed after a long day of work is something you look forward to, trust us when we say slipping between new and clean bed linen is something you will totally love!

On the flip side, making the bed is time-consuming, and takes time away from doing other fun things. Then you also have to deal with all the laundry generated by changing your sheets. YES, more work! This is why most people delay changing the sheets for as long as possible despite knowing how often to change bed sheets. However, little do they realize that clean bed linen not only makes one feel fresh but also improves general well-being and facilitates better sleep.

Dirt and dust can quickly build up, if you are not changing bed sheets often, you will be sleeping amidst microscopic dust mites, dust, dead skin cells, among other not so pleasant things. Dust mites aren’t the only surprises that lurk within your good quality bed sheets. Every night, you shed about a million skin cells, and not to forget the natural skin oils and sweat, and if you are not changing bed sheets or do not wash your bedding, you will soon have to spend restless nights tossing and turning in bed despite sleeping on the best bed sheets in India.

When should your Bed Sheet Linens be Changed?

Changing bed sheets depends on a number of factors that go into determining how often you must change bed sheets and throw them into the washing machine. A two-week rule will work great for most households even if using good quality bed sheets. But, there are a few reasons to change them more often. Listed below are a few factors that call for changing bed sheets every 4-5 days.

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#1. Do you have oily skin?

If you have oily skin and need to wash your face every few hours to keep the oil in check, it will do you good by changing bed sheets once every three to four days. Be sure to use a good detergent to wash your printed bedsheets to remove all the oil, dirt, and grime that may have collected in your sheets. Also, wash your pillow covers and air dry your pillows in a sunny spot before you layer your bed with freshly washed linen. We suggest buying good quality bed sheets online that are made from cotton, especially if you tend to sweat a lot or have oily skin as they are more breathable and comfortable too!

#2. Does your pet share your bed?

If you love your pet and allow it to jump into your bed occasionally, you should wash your bed sets as often as you possibly can. While we recommend that you clean your bed linen every alternate day, do not push it over 4-5 days despite using the best bed sheets in India. Your pet is bound to shed hair that will get lodged in your good quality bed sheets, and if not cleaned more regularly, can cause a number of infections, allergies, and also disturbed sleep.

#3. Do you eat in your bed?

If you eat on your bed and have an accidental spill, changing bed sheets is recommended and wash the sheets immediately. Unless you treat your linen to some detergent, the stain is likely to remain even in the best bed sheets in India. Let us not forget that you can contract allergies and infections if you sleep in a dirty bed.

#4. Do you watch the telly from your bed, or use it as a makeshift office?

If your answer is yes, changing bed sheets at least once every 4-5 days is ideal. When you spend long durations of time in your bed, you are more likely to contaminate your good quality bed sheets with sweat. Even the best sheets can get dirty when you spend a long time in bed. So, do not be lazy. Make some time to launder your sheets every few days to keep your bed smelling and feeling clean and fresh and get more out of the best bed sheets in India that you have purchased. 

#5. Do you have allergies or asthma?

How often to change bed sheets depends on whether you have allergies, asthma or sensitivity to dust. Dust mites and other allergens accumulate on your good quality bed sheets and cause allergies like sneezing, runny nose, cough, fever and more. Hence it is essential to wash even the best bed sheets in India, often. Check the instruction label and wash with warm water to get rid of all the allergens. 

#6. Do you have a skin infection that makes contact with your sheets?

Changing bed sheets every day or at least every two days is essential if you have a skin infection or a lesion as the sheets are in direct contact with the skin. Soak in lukewarm water with a disinfectant and wash them in a washing machine using the hottest settings that the label recommends. 

How often to change bed sheets – Try Preserving it!

If you are not the kind who likes changing bed sheets more often, then here are some ways to preserve good quality bed sheets between washings.

  • Avoid sleeping after a sweaty workout.
  • Do not get into bed with dirty feet or socks. 
  • Avoid using oils, creams, gels as that can ruin even the best bed sheets in India.
  • Take a shower before bed.
  • Avoid sleeping with makeup
  • Try not to eat or drink in bed as it can spoil your good quality bed sheets. 

These are but a few of the factors that influence how often to change bed sheets. You can change them every alternate day if you have the patience to deal with laundry and bed making. But, changing bed sheets at least once or twice a week helps you enjoy better health and sleep quality and keep the good quality bed sheets in great condition. 

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