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“My transformation was because of good sleep”, In Conversation with Wakefit Sleep Intern Vijay Thanki

Wakefit Sleep Intern Vijay Thanki

Wakefit Sleep Intern Vijay Thanki

About the post: Wakefit sleep internship Season 2 is afoot. The internship is a unique experience where participants understand the importance of sleep and exercise, learn about a variety of sleep tips, and in the process improve their physical and mental well-being. That’s not all, they get paid for this! 

In this post, we share our conversation with Vijay Thanki, Season’s 1’s sleep intern whose understanding of the importance of sleep and exercise helped him lose 26kg! In this interview, we talk in detail about the benefits that recognizing the importance of sleep and exercise can have on one’s weight and overall well-being. 

Vijay, an independent filmmaker, came across Wakefit’s sleep internship online. “I read about this contest and how Wakefit was paying people to sleep (laughs),” Vijay said. Since he had never seen something like this, he got intrigued immediately. Moreover, “I was trying to understand my sleep better, and this internship seemed like the perfect opportunity to do just that,” Vijay added. 

How does sleep affect weight: Vijay’s experience

The biggest achievement for Vijay was building a discipline around his fitness. “I lost 26 kgs, and it’s all thanks to the sleep internship. Working out was a crucial part of this programme, and simply by doing that, I was able to sleep better”, Vijay explained. “Working out regularly helped me with my transformation and weight loss, but none of that would have been possible without good sleep”, he said.

Wakefit Sleep Intern Vijay Thanki

Understanding what the lack of sleep effects on brain are

Talking about how we take sleep for granted, Vijay said, “We usually give very little thought to sleep, though our entire day depends on how well-rested we are.” Wakefit’s effort to draw attention toward how we all carry a sleep debt is a step in the right direction, according to Vijay. 

“Getting enough sleep means being ready to take on the world. You don’t wake up with the clouded mind. You won’t be postponing living for tomorrow,” Vijay told Wakefit. “ When you wake up fresh, the first thing you do in the morning is get your work out in, and you are set for the day. But that can only happen if you get good sleep”, he emphasizes.

The lack of awareness around the importance of sleep and exercise is one of the reasons why Wakefit came up with the idea of sleep internship. Appreciating this, Vijay observed how people are ignorant about the benefits of sleep and how lack of sleep affects brain development, and that there are these initiatives working toward promoting sleep awareness. “In fact, I think Wakefit is the only company that is trying to do this. Spreading sleep awareness is more important right now with the pandemic,” he commented.  

Sleep tips shared during the internship

As part of the internship, the interns had to attend several sessions that offered sleeping tips. They were also introduced to the benefits of sleep and exercise and given secrets on the best way to sleep. The most enriching session for Vijay was The Neuroscience of Sleep where he learned how sleep is so much more than what meets the eye. The other session that left a mark on Vijay was Yoga Nidra Meditation Session by Manish Pole. “I learned how to release energy and relax in order to prepare for sleep, one of the things that I have continued even after the internship”, shared Vijay. 

At Vijay’s home, Vijay wasn’t the only one who reaped the benefits of Wakefit’s Sleep Internship. His wife too enjoyed the sessions thoroughly and lost 9kgs during this time. Vijay told us how she misses her Wakefit mattress and the peaceful sleep she is losing out on every time they travel.

“My transformation isn’t only physical, but also mental,” Vijay told us. “I write more than 800 words a day now, while I could clock in only 300 previously,” he said when talking about how the sleep habits and practices he picked up during the internship have helped him become more disciplined, which in turn lets his creative juices flow in abundance. “The internship is a complete package for you to turn your life around,” Vijay declared beamingly. 

What is Wakefit’s Sleep Internship? 

Sleep internship by Wakefit is a one-of-a-kind employment opportunity where the interns are expected to get deep, uninterrupted sleep for nine hours every night for 100 nights in return for a sum that could help them build on their other dreams. Through the sessions conducted and gauntlets thrown down at you as part of the internship, you will go deeper into themes like how does exercise affects sleep, the best way to sleep, does sleep affect weight, lack of sleep affects on the brain, and so much more! 

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You can have a look at Wakefit’s Sleep Internship here

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