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Debunking the Myth of the Hard Mattress

Hard Mattress

Regardless of what type of bed you have, it becomes imperative to buy a suitable mattress to sleep well. However, buying an apt mattress for your bed can prove to be rather tedious for most people. It’s not only owing to the abundance of mattress brands and models available in the market but thanks to the prevalent myths and misconceptions about mattresses also, which add to the difficulty of the task. You may have heard a lot about the benefits of using a hard mattress for sleeping. However, it is time you learn to differentiate the myths from the facts. By the end of this article, you will understand how switching to Wakefit memory foam mattresses is good for your health in the long run.

The Myth about Hard Mattress and Firmness

The majority of people who believe in the concept of the firm mattress being beneficial for sleep and spine health to refer to the theory that orthopedics recommend it. However, a little analysis reveals that it is more of folklore than a scientifically proven fact. On the web, you can find posts and blogs on the topic that support and contradict this theory, in equal measure.

Hard Mattress

Historically, a majority of mattresses were made with soft materials that would compress easily under pressure. This led to users sleeping in a hammock-like position, which in turn led to the development of pain in the back and shoulder, and eventually gave birth to the hard bed myth. Nowadays, most people confuse a firm mattress with a supportive one. 

Wakefit memory foam mattresses and orthopedic memory foam mattresses have helped many people across the country find solace from back pain and finally sleep well through the night.

Learning The Fact About The Hard Mattress

The truth is, there are several variations in both, hard and soft mattresses available in the market, and not all hard types can fit the requirement of users. While sleeping on a hard mattress for back pain gives you a sense of comfort, using such mattresses may not always be good for your body. The fact is that the hard mattress for back pain should conform to the shape of your body, not the other way around. A hard mattress for back pain creates pressure points and inhibits the free flow of blood. Such a mattress just does not let your hips and shoulders sink in naturally. Using it can ultimately lead to improper sleeping positions and you may develop chronic back pain, in all likelihood. You will wake up with a stiff neck or muscle spasms unless you switch to orthopedic memory foam mattresses or Wakefit memory foam mattresses.

Too soft is not good either!

While buying a very hard mattress for back pain will not actually be suitable, the same is true about the opposite – a very soft mattress as well. Buying a very soft mattress can be equally harmful to your spine. Using such a mattress makes you sleep in a position that tenses up your muscles. You become vulnerable to developing orthopedic issues quickly by using soft mattresses. 

Although a soft mattress might seem extremely comfortable initially, it will create a sinking feeling unlike the orthopedic memory foam mattress or Wakefit memory foam mattresses. This sinking mattress will prevent your spine from aligning naturally, which leads to excruciating back pain the next day. This is why you can find plenty of soft mattresses at low prices. Unless you want to spend your money on different remedies for back pain, it is time to invest in Wakefit memory foam mattresses. These last longer, don’t cause back pain and also enable you to get quality sleep night after night. The Wakefit memory foam mattresses and orthopedic memory foam mattresses are designed to keep your body in its natural alignment without a sinking feeling.

So, what is the Solution?

Now that you know choosing a very hard mattress for back pain or a soft mattress can be bad for your spine, body, and overall health, what will you do differently? The solution lies in buying a medium-firm mattress like the Wakefit memory foam mattresses that offer a balance between the two! There are semi-hard mattresses available that are better suited to allow your body to align with the base. Manufacturers use different names to sell such mattresses though. You need to, however, consider and carefully select the mattress type such as – memory foam, foam, or coir spring. Pure foam mattresses can be very soft, and so manufacturers use composite materials inside the mattresses to get the right firmness like the Wakefit memory foam mattresses. If you think you are unsure about the right mattress online, you can discuss the matter with an orthopedic specialist to make an informed decision about which orthopedic memory foam mattress to choose.

The perils of choosing the wrong mattress include not only experiencing excruciating back pain, but also sleepless nights. This is where Wakefit memory foam mattresses come in handy. You can also opt for the extremely popular orthopedic memory foam mattress for quality sleep every night. Rather than falling back on the myth that a hard mattress for back pain, it is time to do your research and make a good decision for better sleep and no more back pain.

You can also find orthopedic memory foam mattresses specifically meant for use by people with spinal and orthopedic issues. These will cost you a bit more than the regular mattresses. However, buying an orthopedic memory foam mattress or a Wakefit memory foam mattress that allows your body to align properly in an ergonomic position is better than saving money by buying a bad mattress that leads to health problems in the long run.

It is time to ditch the belief that a hard mattress for back pain is the only way out and learn more about the different Wakefit memory foam mattresses and orthopedic memory foam mattresses available in the market today. Did you know that the orthopedic memory foam mattress is designed by a team of orthopedic doctors to ensure that your spinal cord is well supported while you sleep? When your spine remains in its natural alignment, you will experience fewer or no more back pain episodes. It is time to pay attention to your health and invest in one of the best orthopedic memory foam mattresses available currently, and ditch those awful hard mattresses for back pain.

You can buy Wakefit memory foam mattresses and orthopedic memory foam mattresses at affordable prices rather than use a hard mattress for back pain. Check out the various discounts available before you make your purchase.

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