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Sleep on a memory foam mattress: How is it different?

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What makes sleeping on a memory foam mattress different from other mattress types? In today’s post, we will be discussing the features of a memory foam mattress to finally end all the confusion around whether or not this particular bedding material is the best online mattress. 

Memory foam was developed in the mid-1960s by NASA in order to enhance the safety feature of airplane cushions. Almost 30 years after NASA’s incorporation of memory foam into aircraft cushions, the material was first used for a mattress by Tempur-Pedic Swedish Mattress. Since then, the mattress has come a long way. 

Sleep on a memory foam mattress How is it different Wakefit (1)

A memory foam mattress is a today one of the best mattresses available. The first feature that needs to be mentioned is the mattress’s ability to offer body conformity to the sleeper. In simpler terms, the mattress adapts to the body shape of the sleeper thus giving them a snuggled up feeling, which is crucial for good sleep. The mattress will conform to your body shape regardless of your sleeping position. Because of this reason, the memory foam mattress suits all kinds of sleepers – back sleepers, stomach sleepers, side sleepers, and mixed sleepers. 

A memory foam mattress will distribute your bodyweight all throughout so that no pressure points are created in your body. This means, sleeping on a memory foam mattress will ensure you do not wake up with any kind of strain in your neck, shoulders, or your hips. Also, your joints will be protected from pain. 

The most important quality of a memory foam mattress is related to its effects on the spine. An orthopedic memory foam mattress, by offering body contouring and by distributing your body weight, will make sure your spine is not bent in an unnatural way during your sleep. This not only prevents back pain from getting aggravated, but it also ensures no postural defects are caused in the sleeper in the future. 

A memory foam mattress’ next feature which makes it a fantastic choice for couples, is its motion isolation. The mattress’ memory foam layer will absorb the motion of one of the sleepers when they move or slip in and out of bed. After absorbing the movement, the mattress will completely isolate it so that the other sleeper is not disturbed in their sleep. By doing so, a memory foam mattress offers zero disturbance sleep to people who share their bed. 

The hypoallergenic quality of a memory foam mattress is another factor that makes it such a top choice among customers. The mattress keeps dust, mites, molds, and all other kinds of allergens away so that your sensitive skin, eyes, and lungs are protected against allergies. 
Traditionally, memory foam mattresses were criticized for their inability to offer temperature neutrality. This has changed with time. Today, leading brands incorporate a temperature control technology into their design for better heat ventilation and circulation. The Wakefit Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress, for instance, has a memory foam layer with an open cell structure that absorbs the body heat of the sleeper and circulates it throughout so that the sleeper is not disturbed during their sleep. To buy this mattress, visit us here.

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