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5 Intriguing Facts About Sleeping with Your Love

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Spending your time in bed, cuddling and sleeping with love of your lives, is probably the best feeling ever! It feels great and is an instant boost of serotonin. This fact is backed up by scientific research which makes it even more accurate.

So, this Valentine’s Day read the most interesting co-sleeping facts to make your ritual of sleeping with love of your lives, even more special. These interesting facts about sleep will help improve both, your and your partner’s sleep. 

Sleeping with Love: Why Sleeping with A Partner Is Good for You

Believe it or not, sleeping with love of your lives has some really interesting benefits! Here are some interesting facts about sleeping with a partner:

  • Better Immunity

Lovers sleep the best. Those who share their bed with their lovers and get physically intimate more often at night have a better immunity compared to those who don’t, suggests research. Wilkes University, Pennsylvania, in a study found out that partners who were intimate on a regular basis, rarely fell sick. Even just cuddling, intimacy improves your immunity by strengthening your T-cells. So if you love sleeping with your special someone, you are on the perfect track to having a romantic and healthy life. 

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  • Release of Happy Hormones

Sharing your bed with your partner and hugging them or holding them during sleep increases the serotonin and dopamine in your body. These two are known to be mood lifters and can help lower stress and feelings of sadness. This is one of the fun facts about sleeping that gives you a reason to cuddle with your partner each night. So if you are sleeping with love of your lives every night, you’ve got good news!

  • Falling Asleep Faster

Sleeping with a partner makes you calmer, which in turn makes you fall asleep faster. Can you guess how your falling asleep quickly is related to your health? Since overthinking is uncommon when people are in the arms of someone we love, it is easier to quickly fall asleep, which further is good for your overall health.

  • Sleeping With A Partner Lowers BP Level

Sleeping with lover at night is good for your blood pressure. The lovers sleep is like a medicine or habit known to increase oxytocin levels of one’s body. Research suggests that an increase in oxytocin means a decrease in blood pressure. Tell your partner about these fun facts about sleeping and get some quality sleep time together!

Additionally, by taking care of your blood pressure levels, these interesting facts about sleep will help you prevent chances of cardiovascular diseases, and thus ensure you live a longer life.

  • Sleeping with Love Improves Sleep Quality

There are so many ways of enhancing your sleep quality and improving your sleep patterns at night. Of these ways, the ones that get the most attention include sleeping on time at night, bettering your sleep environment, eating healthier, reducing screen time, and exercising. But did you know, sleeping with lover or a  partner contributes greatly to your sleep quality? Adopting good sleep habits like this is beneficial to you and your partner in the long run. According to psychologists, those who are sleeping with love and share their beds with their partners report less occurrences of interrupted sleep. 

Some Fun Facts About Sleeping

Now that we know sleeping is beneficial to our health, let’s take a look at some cool facts about sleeping and scary facts about sleep:

  • The record for the longest continuous period of sleep among adults is 11 days. So it’s safe to say thay sleeping with love of your lives can be an addiction!
  • Interesting facts about sleep: A brown bat needs almost 20 hours of sleep a day while a giraffe needs about 2 hours of sleep a day!
  • One of the fun facts about sleeping is that cats spend almost two-thirds of their lives sleeping.
  • Sleep deprivation can kill you faster than food deprivation!
  • Adults tend to forget almost 50% of your dream as soon as you wake up.
  • According to recent statistics, high earners tend to get better sleep than low earners. 
  • Statistics state that around 12% of the human population dream in black and white. Maybe sleeping with love of your lives makes you dream in color?
  • One of the fun facts about sleeping is that 41% of adults prefer to sleep in the fetal position.

There are also several scary facts about sleep as well as interesting facts about sleep. Sleep deprivation is considered to be extremely dangerous. In fact, driving while sleep-deprived is considered the same as drunk driving. The scary fact about sleep is that sleep deprivation will prevent your reflex from working. People are not able to make a quick decision, and will also experience impaired judgment while sleep deprived. These scary facts about sleep are proof that you need to get adequate sleep every night and for those of you who love sleeping, you’re on the right track! 

Now that you know about these numerous health benefits of sleeping with love of your lives and interesting facts about sleeping, it is time to invest in a mattress that is designed to keep the needs of couples and adults in mind. Wakefit’s Orthopedic Memory Foam mattress is optimally constructed to prevent motion transfer. It will absorb the movement of one partner and completely isolate it so that the other partner is not jostled out of sleep. By doing so, the ortho mattress will give the two of you zero disturbance sleep and keep the scary facts about sleep at bay.

The mattress is also hypoallergenic and ensures that both you and your partner are protected against allergens of all kinds. The mattress comes with an outer cover that can be removed easily and washed as and when, further improving the hygiene of your bedroom. You can buy a mattress online and peacefully sleep with love of your lives. So it is time to forget about those scary facts about sleep and get cozy, cuddly and sleep with love all around you!

These interesting facts and statistics about sleeping with love of your lives is proof that it is essential for your body. This Valentine’s Day cuddle with your partner some more and hold them tighter as you both drift off to slumberville but keep in mind the scary facts about sleep! 

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