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Get the comfort of five-star hotels without spending too much money

Spring Mattress | Wakefit

Why are the mattresses at five-star hotels so comfy?

Spring Mattress | Wakefit

Is this one of the questions you keep asking yourself after every holiday? Do you wonder why after spending so much money on your mattress, you do not enjoy the same bounce and support that you experience in a five-star hotel? 

High-end hotels have spring mattresses that offer bounce, support and comfort, helping you sleep extraordinarily well during your stay. Spring mattress is considered the best mattress for hotels. To replicate the same experience at home, buying a spring mattress could do the trick, right? But why then the spring mattresses at home start sagging and sinking within just a few years of usage. That’s because ordinary spring mattresses have several disadvantages. Let us have a look at those first, before we take this conversation or buying a mattress guide forward. 

Spring mattress disadvantages  

There are a number of disadvantages of using a traditional innerspring mattress. Though people initially enjoy the bounce which lures them to buy it, traditional spring mattresses pose several challenges that make them a bad investment in the long run. 

Firstly, most traditional spring mattresses are hard to move around because of how heavy they are. As a result, if you are moving rooms or houses, it can be very difficult to move your mattress. Also, cleaning the mattress and dusting it becomes difficult which poses a threat to your hygiene. 

Secondly, an ordinary spring bed mattress does the opposite of what a hypoallergenic mattress does. It usually constitutes layers of material such as wool which is a magnet for dust mites. Thus, if you have respiratory issues or skin allergies, then the traditional spring mattress is the worst purchase you can make. 

Thirdly, traditional spring mattresses are bad for your back. The metal coils in them start wearing out rather quickly, making them unsupportive and therefore uncomfortable. This also makes them extremely responsive to any kind of tossing and turning, which further means that it cannot be used by couples as it has high partner disturbance. 

How Wakefit’s Foam Spring Mattress has overcome the challenges of traditional spring mattresses

Pocket Spring Mattress | WakefitWakefit has put in a lot of research and work to develop a spring mattress that not only overcomes the disadvantages of traditional spring mattresses but also retains its pros. 

The pocket spring mattress by Wakefit uses advanced technology to offer the bounce of hotel mattresses while providing zero partner disturbance. This means when you get in or out of bed, your partner will not be disturbed because the motion created by the bounce will be isolated even in a king size mattress!

That is not all. Wakefit’s spring mattresses are also free of the creaking sound made by traditional spring mattresses when their metal coils begin to disintegrate. This is because our mattress is not made using metal springs.

Top 3 features of Wakefit’s Foam Spring Mattress

Because Wakefit’s Foam Spring mattresses don’t have metal coils, they offer the following benefits as compared to a traditional spring mattress:


The metal coils or springs in traditional spring mattresses hinders them from offering the sleeper breathability. The coils are too closely packed which obstructs the flow of air. 

Wakefit’s Foam Spring Mattress , on the contrary, is constructed with foam layers that allow the proper circulation of air through the length of the mattress. This allows the sleeper to sleep cool even during the hottest months. 

Bounce, no sound

Due to the absence of coils and springs, our pocket spring mattress offers bounce without the creaking sound that is typical of spring mattresses. As a result, you will not be disturbed in your sleep. 

No sag, no sinks 

The foam used for our spring mattresses is made with sturdy layers which makes the mattress very durable. This is why the mattress comes with a warranty of 10 years. The mattress by Wakefit will not only last long, it will support your body without sinking or sagging. 

You can have a look at the Wakefit Pocket Spring mattress online by visiting our website.

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