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5 Myths and Facts about the Memory Foam Mattress

Memory Foam Mattress

So, you are in the market looking to buy the best memory foam mattress. Yes, adverts do sound enticing, but you are confused if you should be investing thousands of rupees on a good memory foam mattress. And, then there are those myths that bother you when you want to buy the best memory foam mattress. You aren’t alone. There are scores of people who face this tough choice when they have to buy a new quality mattress. Finding the right mattresses can be a bit of a struggle. To help eliminate some of the conflicting information, we are about to expose 5 common memory foam mattress myths and give you the right memory foam facts

Common Myths and Facts about Memory Foam Mattress

Myth 1: Memory Foam Generates Heat

Fact: Research says that Memory foam does generate heat and is among the leading memory foam facts. The reason behind this was that the memory foam is sensitive to body temperature so it becomes warm and soft. But, this is a story of the past. Today, newer better technology-induced memory foam mattresses online have made this a thing of the past. Companies such as Wakefit, manufacture a good memory foam mattress that increases airflow by 95% thanks to its open cell construction in comparison to traditional memory foam varieties. If you buy the best memory foam mattress it has the ability to drain heat and moisture 3 times quicker than traditional Tempurpedic mattresses. Most of the good memory foam mattresses come with breathable covers, which means you do not sleep hot and it is no longer an issue with memory foam mattresses. The best part is that you can buy the best memory foam mattress online without having to step out. 

Memory Foam Mattress - Wakefit

Myth 2: A Memory Foam Mattress is Mighty Expensive

Fact: Yes, when you do research online to buy the best memory foam mattress there are a few leading brands that may be expensive. However, among the many leading memory foam facts that are not known to people is that you can find a number of newer companies that have forayed into the mattresses industry, and make equally good mattresses at affordable price points. You can easily buy the best memory foam mattress for half the price and you will pay for a big brand when you do your homework right. Many of these companies also allow you to buy a good memory foam mattress online and ship your mattress right from the warehouse to your home, which cuts down overheads such as showroom rental. This benefit is passed on to the consumers and you can walk away with a really good memory foam mattress and sleep comfortably for many years to come and also buy the best memory foam mattress without breaking your bank.

Myth 3: Memory foam is pretty comfortable to start off but then after a few months develops cavities

Fact: Yes this is among the memory foam facts, our research suggests when you buy a very low-quality foam mattress, this is the inevitable truth. Whether we like it or not, the market has plenty of cheap memory foam that comes from China. That said, a good quality memory foam mattress does not develop cavities or dips and hence ideal for the body. In case it does, it’s usually covered under warranty. So, what do we learn from this? Look to buy the best memory foam mattress that does not come with a minimum sag requirement but comes with a 10-year non-prorated warranty.

Myth 4: Memory foam gives away foul odor

Fact: Most people opt for a spring mattress as per research conducted on buyers, as they believe that memory foam emits a foul odor that sometimes feels like it is stuck to the body. This, again can be memory foam facts of a low quality and cheaper memory foams. Another fact about the odor that you get when you open the memory foam mattress is because it has come straight from manufacturing or storage and not a used product. This odor goes away in a quick time before your first sleep on the new mattress. However, when you shop to buy the best memory foam mattress, you must ensure that it is not- made with formaldehyde, phthalates, mercury, lead and other heavy metals or made from PBDE flame retardants or ozone depleters.

Also, be sure to buy a good memory foam mattress that has lesser than or equal to 0.5 parts per million VOC emissions. This enables you to sleep without allergies especially for those who are sensitive to this.

Myth 5: The denser the memory foam, the more firm it will be

Fact: The firmness of the memory foam and the comfort it provides to the body is entirely dependent on how it is made. For instance, two different companies can make a foam bed with the same dimensions, but one can be firmer than the other. So, be sure to do thorough research and then try out a mattress even if you buy the best memory foam mattress online or test it if you shop offline. And, if you plan on buying one, check out their return policy, in the event that you do not like the feel of the mattress.

Those were 5 of the many myths along with the memory foam facts that you should consider when you buy the best memory foam mattress. Do not shy away from a memory foam mattress. You can rest assured to buy the best memory foam mattress that will give you years of support and comfort.

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