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Wakefit Dual Comfort Mattress - Hard & Soft (72*30*6inch) / (182.9*76.2*15.2cm)

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Use SalaryDay to Save upto ~30% on MRP + Free INR 5000 Wakefit Rewards on Mattress T&C Apply


  • Specifications
    Mattress Feel: Medium Soft and Medium Firm on opposite sides
  • Specifications
    Warranty: 7 years manufacturer warranty
  • Specifications
    Shipping: Direct from factory/warehouse Delivered in a roll pack box.
  • Specifications
    Cover Material: Premium quality, high GSM spun polyester fabric
  • Specifications
    Cover Type: Non-removable fixed cover
  • Specifications
    Mattress Material: Soft foam and High Resilience Foam
  • Specifications
    Mattress Usability: Usable on both sides. Medium firm on the grey side for those who prefer firm support and medium soft on the white side for those who prefer soft comfort
  • Specifications
    Available Offers: 0% (No Cost) EMI

The Design

As the earliest creators of this design, our goal was to create a versatile, all-purpose mattress that suited anyone and everyone irrespective of their preference for a firmer or softer mattress. And, not break the bank in the process. Hence the outcome of our design and foam formulation experiments very simply and effectively satisfies those that desire varying levels of firmness, without investing in multiple mattresses. All this because we don’t differentiate when it comes to sound sleep.

Designed for your daily doze:

  • The two layers of the mattress are designed to help you experience enhanced comfort on both sides.

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The design journey:

As with us, the journey always starts with hundreds of customers’ home visits, thousands of phone calls and several hours of exploring consumer insights. Armed with this data, we dug deeper into the interests, sleeping patterns and requirements of an average Indian. We took a step further and approached the R&D as a consumer-led problem, rather than merely making it a lab experiment. This is especially relevant, since whether you like a mattress or not is driven by personal experiences.

Our extensive consumer preferences study covering thousands of customers showed us how they perceive the different materials available in the market. Memory foam was viewed as a more novel technology and a premium product. This was followed by latex, because the perception was that it is more eco-friendly, and then by normal PU foam, which had a strong association of durability and longevity. Finally came spring mattresses which everybody associated with hotels and a bouncy feel.

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Memory Foam

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With the gap in the market in mind, we created the Dual Comfort Mattress, with two layers of foam:

  • Memory Foam that adapts to a sleeper's body and enhances comfort.
  • Base Foam that gives the overall construction support.

The results speak for themselves - our flagship memory foam product has an acceptance rate of over 97% in the past four years.

I have started using this mattress for last 3 months and feel comfortable. Delivery was good.

Dinesh Reddy 09 March 2020

Folks, If your planning to buy new mattresses, go for WAKEFIT! These are real value for money. Unbeatable Price!! Excellent product!!! Innovative packing!!!! I bought 2 mattresses for my senior citizen parents and they are absolutely delighted about the quality of sleep they are now getting.All in all, I am a happy customer and will definitely buy more sleep stuff from these guys....Hey, WAKEFIT...Kudos to you all out there!!!! Keep it going.....Thanks!!

Rajesh Ramname 02 March 2020

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    The product is very soft. It is too good. Superb
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    The water proof mattress protectors should be purchased separately as the outer cover which comes with mattress is not a water proof one.
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