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Will Sleep Tracking Improve Our Sleep and Health?

sleep tracking

Having an uneasy night of broken sleep is something that everyone deals with in their life at some point. It’s difficult to identify the reason for broken sleep. The current busy lifestyle impacts everyone physically and mentally.

To keep track of your fitness, sleep and more which is not easily trackable, organizations have gone one step further to introduce a myriad of fitness trackers, sleep tracker apps, created different health and sleep tracking watch and more. Some have also made devices all in one.

These sleep tracking devices have changed the way of sleeping. It helps you to record sleep patterns and makes you aware of your sleep cycle. So that you can make changes to get a better sleep experience.

sleep tracking


What are Sleep Monitoring Devices?

Sleep trackers help you improve your sleep. They monitor your heart rate, record sleep quality, oxygen levels, snorings, sleep duration, etc. Then, present it to you with recommendations formed after tracking that you can use to improve your sleep. These sleep monitoring devices are digital tools having unique features that interpret a myriad of health data for your sleep improvement.

For decades, the only way to track sleep was by maintaining a bullet journal sleep tracker. If you had the option of spending some of your excessive money you could stay at sleep clinics for a few nights. Technology has given the option to create more affordable options to monitor your sleep in different ways. Be it a sleep tracker app, under the mattress tracking pad and sleep tracking watch, you can make your health a priority.

These sleep monitors give you priceless data on your sleep patterns. It will also let you know if your sleep pattern is affecting your health.

Benefits of Sleep Monitoring Devices

A sleep tracking device will tell about individuals sleep patterns but some details depend on the tracker. Some sleep trackers not only monitor sleep but also give out details below.

  • Your body temperature.
  • Information about snoring
  • Breathing variations
  • Your heartbeat rate

 Features Of Good Sleep Tracking Devices

The emergence of health trackers are a rage nowadays and many people would like to wear those devices that help you monitor your oxygen levels and heartbeat rate to the number of steps that you have taken each day. Apart from the above functions these trackers also help in sleep monitoring.

First of all, it is important to find about best sleep tracker available in the market. An individual should also look at apps that directly connect with your phone. Each of these trackers has features as per tips for good sleep that may or may not coincide. While some sleep monitors can be tied to the wrist like a watch, others need to be clipped on the pillow.

There are some sleep monitors as per better sleep tips that can be placed on bedside tables and yet they will track various sleep parameters. Some of these parameters include sleep duration, sleep quality, and sleep phases. These are the features of the best sleep tracker.

As per most of them, these are the best sleep tracking parameters that come in handy.

How does Sleep Tracking work?

Generally, people wear these monitoring devices as a wristwatch. And it tracks as you make movements during your sleep, or if you’ve made any noise such as snoring, etc. From there, it will tell you the amount of time you’ve been awake and asleep. Plus, some trackers also show suggestions that you can do to improve your sleep the next night.

What parameters do a sleep tracker check?

Now that you have bought a sleep tracker device, it’s time to take a closer look at  the parameters of sleep tracking. Sleep monitors, and sleep apps. Here are a few factors that your sleep monitor will record:

1. Duration of your Sleep 

The best sleep tracking device will monitor how long you sleep, as it is one of the prerequisites for good sleep. The device will record the time you fall asleep and the time you begin to stir and display it in their app. This way, according to better sleep tips it will monitor how long you sleep by recording the time you have been inactive. The sleep tracker should monitor your sleep without any trouble.

2. Phases of your sleep 

The best  sleep tracking device will also be able to detect the phases of your sleep. It will then time the alarm in such a way that it goes off during the light phase of your sleep. The sleep monitor, as per better sleep tips, makes it easier for you to wake up while also waking you up in the most natural way. According to the top tips for good sleep, try using a sleep tracker to understand your sleep patterns

3. Quality of your sleep

By tracking the periods when your sleep is interrupted for some reason according to better sleep tips, the best sleep tracking device will inform you about your sleep quality. The interrupted sleep includes times when you move, toss, turn, or slip out of bed to go to the loo, etc.

Also, fitness tracking watches can be used to track your sleep quality according to the top tips for good sleep. With the right sleep monitor by your side, you don’t have to worry about getting enough sleep ever again!

Apart from these three essential parameters, some of the other sleep tracking parameters can even give you the sleep score of your room. The best sleep tracker will fill you in about the amount of light in your room, how hot or cold the room is, and other environmental factors that affect sleep.

Not just that, some of the best sleep trackers can even give you tips for good sleep, and by doing so, help you improve your sleep habits. These sleep monitors and tips for good sleep will tell you about how stressed you are or how much caffeine you have consumed so that you can keep a check on the factors that lead to good sleep. This is how sleep tracking works.

How to Choose a Good Sleep Tracker for Yourself?

It’s difficult to buy a sleep tracking device as there are a lot of devices in the market with many different features. Here are a few points to consider while buying sleep trackers.

  • To Wear or Not to Wear

If you are considering wearing it most of the time, get a smartwatch as it will track all your physical activities. In case you are just looking to track your sleep, get a non-wearable device that will track just your sleep. 

  • Consider your Budget

The next step for choosing a tracker for yourself is the budget. Many trackers come between Rs.10,000- Rs. 20,000. Consider your budget before getting the device.

  • Purpose and Information you Seek

Another feature you should consider is the information the device can provide. Some trackers will provide one or two information like sleep duration and breathing variation. But, if you want more information try looking for other devices.

Therefore, buying a sleep monitor that gives you valuable information about making a good sleep investment and taking advantage of data. Compared to bullet journal sleep tracker which is one dimensional. 

One such investment is an Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress. Check it out here! These tips for good sleep should help you get a good night’s sleep in no time. With the right sleep trackers and mattress by your side, you don’t have to worry about getting quality sleep ever again!

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