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Picking Out A Mattress

Taking out the time to do your research before you go mattress shopping will save you much time and provide you with quality sleep in the years to some. Since the best mattress designs are created with comfort and durability in mind, you have to decide which one meets your requirements as well as meets your budget.

To maintain your health in the pink you need to sleep well. You can achieve getting at least 8 hours of quality sleep every day by picking out the right mattress. Herein lies the question – How exactly do you choose a mattress that is perfect for you?

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Well, this article will help you get started on your journey to picking out a comfortable mattress without having to empty your wallet.

According to the National Bed Federation, changing your mattress every seven years is considered to be the norm. However, if you take extra good care of your mattress, maybe you can make it last up to 10 years, but never longer than that.  With constant use, mattresses tend to get worn out and start sagging in the centre. This can lead to back pain and plenty of tossing and turning without getting enough sleep. Mattresses also retain body fluid and dead skin cells, making it necessary to replace them from a hygienic point of view.

Deciding Mattress Dimensions:

According to the experts at the Sleep Council, people do not buy beds that are big enough. If you plan on sharing your bed with your partner, it might be a good idea to invest in a king-size mattress if your bedroom is big enough. This way, both of you will have enough space for different sleeping positions without disturbing one another.

It would be best if you took down the measurements of your bedroom as well as your doorways and hallways to make sure the mattress does not get stuck.

Different Types Of Mattresses To Choose From:

With top manufacturers like Wakefit coming up with high-quality mattresses, it has become easy for customers to find mattresses that they will fall in love with.  Here are some of the different popular types of mattresses seen in stores these days:

  •    Memory Foam Mattress

These mattresses are made from foam which allows the mattress to conform to any body shape, regardless of how skinny or bulky you are. It also absorbs movement, making a king-size bed mattress the best choice if your partner tends to change sleeping positions frequently while asleep. Memory foam mattresses are often delivered rolled or vacuum packed and can be set up easily in any part of your house.

  •    Dual Comfort Mattress

Dual comfort mattresses are made of a combination of foam layers of varying firmness to offer you comfort with a top foam layer and durability with a different bottom layer. It consists of breathable fabric on top, making it much easier to sleep during humid summers. This is followed by a medium-soft foam that is also highly dense. This adds comfort to the mattress. The last layer is made of high resiliency support foam to create a firm foundation for the mattress. They are also priced lower than a pure memory foam mattress, making it the perfect choice if you are on a low budget and come in different bed sizes as well.

Dual Comfort Mattress | wakefit

  •    Orthopedic Mattress

These mattresses are designed by renowned orthopaedics to offer your body the support and comfort it requires. A queen-size bed is an excellent choice for people in chronic pain or recovering from an injury or surgery.

Your sleeping position also needs to be taken into consideration when you go mattress shopping:

  • Front sleepers require an orthopaedic mattress to get the right support for the different parts of your body.
  • Side sleepers can benefit a lot from investing in memory foam mattresses as it helps prevent pressure points from forming.
  • Back sleepers are more versatile and can get enough support and comfort from memory foam or orthopaedic mattress.

You can always take advantage of the trial period and try out a mattress before deciding whether it’s the one for you or not.

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