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Which is The Best Mattress to Buy For Different Sleeping Positions

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Have you ever wondered what you might have to choose a mattress based on your sleeping style, i.e., side sleeper, back sleeper,  or Tommy sleeper? Well, if you haven’t yet, it’s time that you consider this aspect before you find an answer to the question: Which is the best mattress to buy!

Tommy sleeper

different sleeping positions

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These kinds of sleepers lie with their face down on the mattress and are hard to find. And it is very important for them to decide on the type and best mattress brand in India. There are very few of this kind (not more than 2% of the overall population). But if you are one, the following is what you need definitely in a mattress:

  • Your mattress should have higher buoyancy. That means your body should float on the mattress, not sink in it. A soft mattress like a spring mattress should definitely be avoided. Try hard mattresses like a High-Density Foam Mattress or a Pure Latex mattress (Why pure? Because there are fillers added – adulteration basically – in the rubber to reduce the cost – it reduces the life, breathability, and the softness of latex). Always go for at least 10 years warranty in latex mattresses.
  • Your mattress should be breathable. Try latex mattresses (again, only pure ones, with a minimum of 10 years of life expectancy)
  • The mattress cover should be made using a natural yarn like cotton, bamboo, etc.,

Which is the best mattress to buy for a tommy sleeper? A High Density Foam or a Latex mattress with a nice cotton cover on it is recommended.

Back sleeper

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Best Mattress To Buy

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There are quite a few who prefer watching the ceiling while lying down on a mattress. Generally, this kind of person likes to contemplate when they go to bed, and getting sleep in time is what they dream with their eyes wide open! 😛 The following factors are what you definitely need in a mattress if you are a back sleeper:

  • Your mattress should neither be too firm nor extremely soft. The mattress should be able to take the shape of your body and support your back evenly, thus helping your spine maintain its natural S-shape. It will be best to buy a Memory Foam mattress.
  • You should avoid using a pillow because your neck might not align properly with your spinal cord.
  • The mattress should be breathable because the surface area touching the mattress is almost half of your body. And since the mattress is taking the shape of your body, it will be difficult for air to pass through and let the skin breathe. Amongst best mattress brands in India, There are a very few who offer breathable  Memory Foam mattress or a Latex mattress – Best Mattress To Buy.

Which is the best mattress to buy for a back sleeper? A Memory Foam or a Natural Latex mattress is recommended.

Side sleeper

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Best Mattress To Buy

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Almost 80% of the world’s population belongs to this category. For a side sleeper, which mattress is good is hard to figure out because it varies too much with different expectations of customers from a mattress. However, the following are the basic things expected out of a mattress for a side sleeper:

  • The mattress should conform to the body contour, which is provided by a Memory Foam mattress.
  • The mattress should be breathable, which an Open Cell Memory Foam or a Latex mattress provides.
  • The mattress should be highly durable, so go for a Pure Latex or a Memory Foam mattress.
  • The mattress should not be hard, so avoid Coir and Bonnel Spring mattresses.

Which is the best mattress to buy for a side sleeper? A Memory Foam and Natural Latex mattresses are recommended.

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