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Father’s Day Gift Guide 2019

The Father's Day Sleepscope

Dads can be the hardest to buy gifts for – they tend to have everything and want absolutely nothing. This Father’s Day,  we made an effort to look beyond hi-tech gadgets, ties, socks, and pens. We decided to make a list of the best Father’s Day gifts, that would affect the most important aspect of your father’s life: sleep!

  1. Brand new dads need a brand new mattress.

If one of your loved ones, just became a dad, then you could do him a great service by getting him the Wakefit Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress. The daunting stretch of sleepless nights that he will inevitably have to face, will be easier on him.

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  1. Nod-off anywhere neck pillows.

Whether your dad is a travel buff, a movie maniac or a sports junkie, our neck pillows will find a way to squeeze their way into his life. We know what you’re thinking – just another neck pillow… but did you know, ours comes with a molded memory foam for superior neck support AND an eye mask, which allows him to nod off, just about anywhere – including the mall, when you drag him there for your monthly shopping spree!

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  1. Back Support Cushion:

Does your dad spend long hours sitting? Does your dad have a long and painful commute to work? Does your dad get lost on road trips and refuse to ask for directions? Every dad has been in one of these tight situations. We suggest you bring him some relief with our Back Support Cushion that has the ability to make long hours of driving or sitting at a desk, much more pleasant.

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  1. Mattress Protector:

If your dad loves his coffee in bed or routinely snacks in bed, then we suggest that you gift him a mattress protector. With a TPU film that makes it waterproof, this gift could score you some brownie points from your laundry person!

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  1. Sheesham Wood Bed:

If it’s time to upgrade the furniture in your dad’s room, may we suggest a beautiful and sturdy Sheesham wood bed? Assembling this with him gives you a bonus, which he’s likely to treasure the most – quality time together.
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