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Bedroom Feng Shui: Align your Bedroom Elements


Before jumping into the steps and processes of bedroom feng shui, do you know what it is? You must have heard about the term earlier. But the meaning is very deep.

So first, let’s start with defining Feng Shui and why it’s important.

Bedroom Feng Shui

What is Feng Shui and Why is it Important?

Feng Shui is a Chinese traditional belief and practice of arranging the elements in rooms and spaces so as to maintain a balance with the natural world.

Also, it is also considered as the Chinese geomancy that claims to use the different forces of energy to harmonize individuals with their neighbouring environment.

Moreover, feng shui categorises the world into five elements namely, wood, fire, earth, metal, and water. Wood stands for growth and creativity, whereas fire represents leadership. Earth signifies strength and stability, and metal denotes order and focus. And water represents inspiration and emotion.

If you create a balance between the elements at your home, you tend to allow the traits for each element to manifest in your life. Since we are well aware of the importance of sleep it becomes extremely important to look into bedroom feng shui.

It can include the optimal way to place your bed in a good direction for sleeping. Or, may a proper mirror placement in bedroom, and more. Let’s find out more.

Bedroom Feng Shui: How to arrange your Bedroom with Respect to Feng Shui

Feng Shui caters to all the living spaces in your house. And each has different energy within. And even to sleep better, your feng shui bedroom layout matters a lot.

Hence, let’s talk about the bedroom feng shui that will allow you to maintain the natural energy of the same.

  • Bed Position according to Feng Shui

It’s important to place your bed in a good direction for sleeping. But for that, you need to be calm. So, make sure your bed is in a commanding position. Now, this means that your bed should be facing the entry door but also not in line with it.

Moreover, try to not make your bed position in a way that your feet point at the door. Also, always place your headboard at a wall ensuring there is space on all three sides to get up and get down.

Bedroom feng shui also includes the arrangement of the furniture and accessories in a way that allows energy flow. The other steps help you understand your feng shui bedroom layout.

  • Feng Shui-friendly colors

When it comes to choosing feng shui bedroom colors for sleep, the common recommendation from Feng Shui practitioners is terra cotta, coral, tan, copper, and cream. Also, soft lavender and green hues make the bedroom more welcoming and calm.

Feng shui bedroom colors ensure a tranquil essence that invites a certain healing power. Not to mention they also promote quiet and peace and the combination is the best for bedroom feng shui.

  • Wall decors that bring good luck

Do we leave the walls alone? Not at all. The walls make the bedroom lively and also comforting at the same time. But you’d have to know what can go up there to align with the bedroom.

Your walls could do great with good luck paintings for bedroom and mirrors to create an illusion of space. Good luck paintings have a calming vibe and are mostly placed around the bed. Also, traditionally it is said to bring good luck as the name is pretty self explanatory. They are one of the best ideas for house wall designs.

Moreover, you can also look at mirror placement in bedroom to allow more light and show more space. But do it strategically. Mostly, practitioners say that mirrors amplify the energy around the room. Hence, it’s best to keep outside of the bedroom.

To decorate the walls, you can stick with the good luck paintings for bedroom.

  • Separate your work life

One of the important things in bedroom feng shui is to separate work and life. If you are working, you can manage a table that is foldable and removable from the bedroom after work. Moreover, this is when the bed position comes into play. The feng shui practitioners believe that it’s best to move the bed far from the door and the study table to avoid mixing energies.

  • Feng Shui-friendly Bedroom Decor

You can add lucky plants for bedroom and create a lively yet calming ambience. Bedroom feng shui always promotes indoor green plants. And this tends to be a very good bedroom decor idea.

You can also keep the best plants for bedroom hanging near the window so they get sunlight, wind and also the coolness of the room.

Moreover, talking about decor, the good luck paintings for bedroom remain prime!

Frequently Asked Questions on Bedroom Feng Shui

  • What is the best bed position in feng shui?

According to Feng Shui, placing the bed in a commanding position is a good direction for sleeping. It should not be near the bed or if it is due to lack of space, it should not be in line with the entry door.

  • How to bring positive energy to my bedroom?

You can attract positive energy in your bedroom by engaging in self-growing practices. For eg, actions that provide calm like playing an instrument, reading a book, listening to music, and indulging in your hobbies. You can also use lucky plants for bedroom to add to the newly calm atmosphere.

  • Why is it considered bad luck when your feet face the door while sleeping?

According to feng shui, traditionally, dead bodies are carried out of the room with their feet first. Hence, this position of allowing your feet face the door is also called the coffin position.

  • What are some bedroom feng shui tips for better sleep?

The bedroom is associated with calm and comfort. Hence, in feng shui, it’s important to maintain the same energy. You can position your bed optimally, maximize airflow in the room, limit electronic usage and devices, and use low-light bulbs to bring a quiet and tranquil atmosphere.

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