Last updated on February 23, 2022

A wall is the foundation of any house, but when it comes to decor and interiors, many people forget to consider what they are putting on their walls to create a house wall design.

With the right decoration hung on the wall, any living space can be easily transformed from dull and boring to unique and personal. Wall decor adds freshness and incredible hues to beautify the entire room. Let’s learn more!

Wall Decor:
What Is It and
Why Is It Fun?

A thoughtful interior can maintain the energy of each room conducive to it’s purpose. And wall decor has a huge role to allow the design elements play and sync with each other. But before moving forward with thriving ideas, let’s understand what wall decor is.

What is Wall Decor?

A wall decor is the primary element or the foundation of every interior design. It has the power to create an ambience within a room. Also, a wall decor helps decorate the interior of a space and accentuates the essence of a particular room. Sometimes, any one wall becomes the focal point and is called the accent wall or the feature wall.

The Importance and Purpose of Each Room in the House

A subtle wall art reflects personality and style and gives texture and depth to the room. Every room in the house serves a different purpose and it should be decorated accordingly. While the living room is considered as the focal point in the house where family members spend time with each other watching television or gossiping, a bedroom is a place where you can enjoy some cozy and relaxing moments. You can make the stylish modern sofa designs contribute to the whole vibe! Also, go for large wall decor ideas for living room to grab the attention of your guests and to make it look chic.

How to Personalize your House Wall Design?

As each room in the house serves a different purpose, it is important to personalize the design of the room accordingly. You need to consider the needs of each individual room before applying wall painting ideas for home.

How the room is used, and by whom, should be taken in mind while choosing designs, materials, wall art, and furniture for the same.

  • Living Room: From the formal parlor to the family space, the living room fulfills many functions. Therefore, you should go for a formal hall wall design in house to keep things subtle
  • Bedroom: You spend a third of your life in the bedroom, therefore, your choice of color matters the most. Pick the lighter hue if you are a morning person or go for the dark colors if you are a late riser. Generally, serene shades which have a calming effect are suggested as bedroom colours to help you sleep better.
  • Kitchen: It is an expensive room to remodel. Opt for simple wall art designs to make the kitchen look sophisticated and organized.

What Are the Different Wall Drawing Ideas For Home?

You can decorate your wall thoughtfully with simple items that make you feel warm and happy. Hark back at your passion. Is it photography that you like? Or maybe painting. Or, do movies fascinate you enough to make quotes out of popular dialogues?

Here are some of the exciting wall drawing ideas for home.

  • Go for an oversized painting or photograph to draw attention and to set a tone in a small space. Try adding a black-and-white photo in a minimalist space or add colour in a vibrant abstract piece.
  • Nothing can add personality and colour to the room like a gallery wall. You can go for the gallery wall ideas to display a collection of art or photograph or opt for simple, cohesive frames and bring them in an array of ornate variations to mix things up.
  • A wall hanging or tapestry not just adds a pop of colour and pattern but brings a sense of softness to the space. You can also use this idea as a great hall wall design in house to make the hall stand out.

Interior Vs Exterior Wall Designs

What’s with in and out? A home interior wall design helps to maintain a safe and warm energy within the house. Whereas the exterior helps keep the foundation strong. Knowing the difference between interior and exterior wall designs can help you with dozens of aspects of home decorating and designs.

  • Interior Wall Designs: Interior designing is the art of decorating the interiors of the house with water-based latex colours or a variety of wall art designs. You can simply go for murals, wall hangings, paintings, etc when it comes to interior house wall design.
  • Exterior Wall Designs: Exterior wall designs, on the other hand, refer to the exterior of the building including facade skin roof and foundation element. To decorate the exterior walls, you can simply go for low lustre, semigloss, and gloss paints.

Pick a Theme for Each Room

A good wall decor alone cannot be the sole wall design. Each decor element or item has to have something to go with. Hence, it’s important to define a house’s design theme. And you can place your accessories upon that foundation! Here are some of the ways in which you can choose a perfect theme for your room.

  • Pick a theme you are truly passionate about. Your passion could be anything, music, game, or whatever you feel like.
  • It’s a good idea to have a computerized preview of the theme to look at how the theme would look like with the rest of the home and surroundings.
  • Select the theme that fits your space well. There are certain themes that look good in large spaces only while others fit the smaller space.

Let a great wall shelf be the sole decor for your wall. Choose from a handpicked lot.

The Psychological Benefits
of Wall Decor

Now that you understand something about what it is, let’s understand why you should use wall decor. They say, a room’s design and items can become a contributing reason for your mental state. And it’s true.

You may not realise that you feel anxious if you have clothes lying around the room. Similarly, you overlook your feelings when the room is toobrightly coloured. Maybe you are facing trouble having a good night’s sleep. And your wall may be a major reason.

A wall decor helps in increasing productivity, radiate positive energy, reflect your personality, and more. Let’s have a deeper look at the psychological benefits of a wall decor.

House wall design


House wall design makes you happier which in turn increases productivity in no time. Cool hues like light blue, pink, etc calm the environment and provide you with inner peace.

Moreover, a perfect wall art design can set the mood of the person and enhances focus and concentration. That is why, when it comes to wall showcase design for home, you should buy attractive pieces that look appealing and intensify your focus in no time.

Wall Plants Radiate Positive Energy

Decorating walls with indoor plants not just adds colour and depth to the room but brings positive energy to the space. These wall design ideas absorb negative energy and radiate positive vibes while calming down the senses. Also, the many benefits of plants include filling your rooms with fragrance, freshness, positivity, and more.

There are various indoor wall plants you can go for such as peace lily, jasmine, money plant, snake plant, bamboo, jade plant, etc. All of these plants boost energy, purify the air while amplifying the sense of well-being.

Create Your Own Sanctuary/ Space

House wall design lets you create your own personalized space where you can enjoy working or relaxing. There are lots of ways to personalize your wallpaper templates. Undoubtedly, these gallery wall ideas or wall arts make your walls alive and add extra charm and spark to the space. Personalized contemporary wall art evokes several emotions every time you see them.

Such wallpapers are more than just a wall covering, these are emotions that soothe your senses and make you feel good inside out. So, no matter what kind of look you wish to create for your home decor, selecting the right wallpaper is the magic tip to it.

Reflection of Your Personality and Tradition

Your house wallpaper design is a true reflection of your personality and lifestyle. Look, your home is the place where you feel the most comfortable. It simply means that the cosiness is directly proportional to the comfort of your walls.

You destroy your sense of creativity if your house wallpaper design is plain and dull-looking. Therefore, you should go for the DIY wall art design revolving around the theme that you are passionate about such as murals, customized paintings, and a lot more things.

The Right Type of Lighting Enhances The Designs/Patterns on the Wall

There is no point in investing in rustic wall decor if your home doesn’t have the right type of lighting fixtures. Lights can enhance the wall patterns in no time and make your artwork look it’s very best.

To make a rustic wall decor look aesthetic a variety of lighting ideas are there to choose from such as ceiling-mounted accent lights, track lights, wall washers, picture lights, and many more to count.

If you love patterns on your wall, might as well make it functional. Look at our wall shelf collection.

Key Factors to Consider
During a Room Makeover

Generally, going with the trend doesn’t always sedrve everyone positively. You might cherish something today and your mind changes the next day! Hence, you should also look at if the decor item reflects your personality or is something you are genuinely interested in.

Similarly, there are other serious factors that you must consider before starting a room makeover. Let’s take a look at those factors so you don’t regret not having done something to your wall or maybe doing something without a proper knowledge.


Time is the major key element to be considered while making your mind for a room makeover. Keep in mind that modifying the pre-existing decor and settings is a time-consuming process.

Therefore, determine how much time you can devote to your room makeover scheme and plan things accordingly. You must note down the fact that making over your space is a great investment, hence it needs a good amount of time to be carried out.


When it comes to house wall design, budget plays a critical role. Before jumping to the luxury living room decor ideas or room makeover suggestions,
it is essential to set a specific budget that you can easily spend without putting a hole in your pocket.

Determining your budget will automatically narrow down your room makeover choices and make things easy for you. It is advised not to get fascinated with every wall design idea you come across and pick the option that compliments your home without dragging
you out of your budget.


Whether you are going for DIY wall art or seeking professional services, the quality of the products matters the most. If you wish to enjoy a new home decor for a good time, then consider the quality of every single item you’re going to use,
be it wooden art, picture frames, vintage instruments, lights, or anything.

Never compromise the quality just to save a few bucks. Keep in mind that one wrong choice can ruin all your efforts of making your space better.


Space is one of the most crucial aspects when it comes to a room makeover. Using space in the correct way can make your living and dining room wall art cosy, characterful yet functional. With the standard space, you’ll do great with some of the most creative apartment living room ideas!

There are two types of space in the room – positive space and negative space. Positive space is the one where the actual objects are placed and negative space refers to the empty space around and in between everything else. Having an eye on the positive
space scheme helps you in creating a balanced room that is neither too crowded nor too minimalist.


Want to modify your house wall design? Well, in that case, let your creativity flow out to make your room look chic and classic. Don’t just go for the same old boring patterns and makeover ideas and search for something extraordinary.

Paint your wall in a rich colour to add warmth or incorporate a raw element from nature into your room decor. Dare to play with new and exciting creative ideas coming out of your mind and give your room a much-deserving makeover.


So, now when you have made up your mind for a room makeover and new house wall design, it’s time to shop for the materials to begin the process. You should buy items according to your makeover design theme, be it vintage, modern, or quirky.

While buying the materials, take ample time to determine their quality. Never forget to compare materials from different sites and always place an order from a trusted platform. Check the reviews of both materials and the website before making the final

Colours and Patterns

The selection of colours in wall painting designs for home can make or break the whole scheme. Therefore, you are advised to choose the colour combination of the walls, lights, furniture, and other accessories only after thorough research.

Make sure whatever wall colour or pattern you are choosing complements the entire room rather than looking out of the context. Don’t add too many flashy colours like red or yellow and go for the subtle colour schemes to make your room look classy.

Place an elegant TV unit against your accent wall! Give your living space the best.

Unique Ideas to
Spruce Up Your
Room’s Wall Design

By now you already realize that wall designs play an important part in home decor. The right colour can help boost your mood or put you to sleep.

But, if you want to feed the eyes as they wander around, do it right. This is mainly for the living room where the guests can have a look around. And don’t forget to give your walls a makeover!

From bookshelves, photographs to incredible wall painting ideas for living room, you can couple great colours with creative wall accessories. Some ideas don’t even need thought. You can choose some simple functional objects like a bookshelf!

However, before looking at some wall design ideas for your home, let’s learn a little more about wall styling.

How do you Design a Wall?

A good wall decor makes or breaks an ambience. It can create a sense of relaxation or show warmth according to the room’s purpose. And with the right wall accessories, the wall can play with the remaining elements of the room.

So, it’s important to know what you like and would want to showcase that brings calmness to your mind. Some of the creative wall decor ideas for your home may include these:

  • Curate a galley of photographs: Look back the photos of your childhood or your children’s pictures. Better yet, bring your grandmother and fathers on the wall. Maybe the clicks during when they were young or with their contagious laughter! Basically, collect your favourite shots and frame them to fill a part of the wall.
  • Hang a fabric with intricate artwork/prints: With a pastel coloured wall, the gabric hanging idea helps make a contrast thanks to the intricate details. It helps your space appear unique thereby making you love the wall.
  • Inspiration quotes: Heard a lot about this? Well, these types of writings or lights are great for study rooms. Choose the quote that inspired you once. And keep them beside your work/study to turn the motivation into action.
  • Don’t forget mirrors: Mirrors seem to light up the space even more. It reflects more light into the room and has a power to make the space look bigger.
  • Paint and hang plates: Got old plates and some are broken? Bring the artist in your family to make it a beautiful piece with fabric colours, etc. Then, hang it on the kitchen wall!
  • Go for mural paintings: When you’ve used up all the ideas, why not resort to making the wall a canvas? Let your creative juices flow and fill the wall the way you wanted it to.
  • Let a shelf do the talking: Choose wall accessories that are functional like a wall shelf. Store books, figurines, scented candles, you make the call. Don’t forget to mix things up!
House wall design

How to Choose the Right Colours/Shades for Walls

The simplest way to choose the right shades for large wall decor ideas for living room is to start with the colour you love. Your favourite colour is the perfect inspiration for your new colour palette for the whole room. And amidst these decors, don’t forget cleaning upholstery to maintain the decor items’ longevity!

You are not bound by the traditional colour schemes to decorate your space. Just go with your choice and create a unique house wall design. If you are a morning person then go for cool hues like light blue, purple, and green that evoke calmness and relaxation. These colours contribute to a sleek yet soothing vibe while making smaller spaces feel more expansive.

However, you can select warmer shades like red, yellow, or orange to add a sense of sunshine to your space. Warm colours are typically used to create cosy and warm spaces and are associated with energy and playfulness. Such colours are popular in living room or dining room wall art.

Wakefit’s Decorative Wall Shelves

To create a beautiful house wall design, you can choose Wakefit’s decorative wall shelves. We offer three wall shelving options to choose from – Wakefit Hamlet Wall Shelf, Wakefit Macbeth Wall Shelf, and Wakefit Phoenix Wall Shelf.

You can stack your books in you wall shelves. The different colors of the collective book jackets leaves a slightly different essence. You can look at the best books to read for beginners if you need to increase your book collection!

Plus, a good wall-shelf itself can revamp the wall thereby being a wise wall design for home. Some of the standard features in these shelves are:

  • These are made of the best-engineered wood.
  • These are lightweight
  • They are stylish and are ideal for contemporary wall art.
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Minimalistic in nature
  • Sturdy and functional
House wall design

Experiment with Quirky Wall Patterns and Designs

Bored of the same old traditional house wall design and looking for something out of the box? Try out the following wall design for home and revamp your room.

  • You can go for the wave-like patterns that not just add a relaxing effect but also makes your wall seem longer.
  • Choose the geometric home decor painting ideas and paint a black canvas in geometric designs.
  • Choose a variety of paints inclusive of complementing and contrasting colours.
  • You can simply go for a farmhouse look, look for rustic wall decor and build picture frames that resemble wood pallets.

Pick the Right Wall Art or Accessory

It is important to pick the right wall accessories or art to spruce up a wall. Before making a purchase, determine whether it complements your existing home decor or not. You can also look at some of the wall painting ideas for home to add art to the screen!

Don’t just make a random choice in picking wall painting ideas for living room; otherwise, you will end up regretting the same. Think about the space, furniture, decor, and theme, and choose the house wallpaper design.

How to Match Your Furniture with the Wall Design?

Matching furniture to the house wall design can feel tricky, but it doesn’t have to be. Look at some of the ways here to mix and match wall design and furniture.

  • If you have handmade wooden furniture, then choose the subtle tones and blend them with the rest of the colours.
  • If you have fabric furniture, pick the fabric colour, move it up or down a few saturation levels, and make the shade lighter or darker.

Types of Walls

Wall Showcase design for home, highlight the look and impression of walls. Before choosing a wall showcase design for home, it is important to consider the type of wall to add depth to the same. Here are given some home partition ideas to choose from.

  • Glass walls: Glass partition wall home design is no less than a visual treat to the eyes. These fill the interior spaces with daylight and offer a wide variety of visual and practical applications.
  • Wooden walls: Wooden walls are the most sought-after product for the interior solution. It brings warmth to the space and makes it look rustic.
  • Brick Walls: Red brick walls add a unique colour to the home interior wall design and boost contemporary wall art.

Shelves Coffee Tables for the Kitchen

Accentuate your dining room wall art by adding shelves and coffee tables from Wakefit. We offer various coffee tables to choose from, such as the Java coffee table, Arabica coffee table, Robusta coffee table, Liberica coffee table, Excelsa coffee table, etc. Our products are:

  • Ergonomic
  • Affordable
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Multi-purpose
  • Available in different colour variations, designs, and styles

Allow a chic coffee table to complement your quirky wall. Add a bold one to cart!

Additional Accessories to
Enhance Wall Designs

If you love the design ideas, you would love these additional wall accessories for your rooms! While we looked at some earlier, this time we’ll make it deeper.

You will understand how with the right elements, you can enhance your space’s vibe! Here are some more quirky wall design ideas that will help accentuate your wall.

Texture Paints/Wallpapers

Though colour is often the first thing you turn to when a home feels lackluster, the texture is an equally effective tool to add life to the room. Using textured paint is one of the best home decor painting ideas that bring in-depth and dimension to your space. Similarly, wallpapers can also lift the modern room design and easily match the existing interiors.


A mural is a piece of artwork painted or applied directly onto the wall, ceiling, or any other permanent space. It harmoniously incorporates the architectural elements of the existing house wall design to blend with the interiors.

It holds a special place in home decor painting ideas, especially when it comes to expression.

Wood/Metal/Abstract Art

If you are looking for something out-of-the-box, then add either wood, metal, or abstract art to the home entrance wall design and enhance the aesthetics on the go.

Better yet, you can go thrifting and look for discarded metal or wooden parts. After tidying up and cleaning them, you can write a message or paint something abstract. And voila! You have a new decor item for your room.

A variety of unique, custom, and handmade pieces are available to choose from. Mix and match with the existing interiors and add life to your dull-looking walls.

Wall Picture Frames/Paintings/Posters

Wall Picture frames/ paintings/ posters have been around us for many years. These are the most traditional yet effective ways to decorate and enhance home entrance wall designs. And frames and photographs really make your house a home.

Just choose them according to the pre-existing interiors and add some spark with these frames and paintings. These visual images are no less than a treat for the eyes and evoke memories and emotions.

Wall Hangings

Wall hangings add grace and beauty to the walls and make them lively. These are available in various colours, patterns, and styles, so you can simply choose them according to the existing decor.

Since wall hanging creates an aura of perfection and optimism, It is an elegant addition to your house wall design.

House wall design


Are you looking for the best home partition ideas to enhance wall designs? Opt for the brick, concrete, or glass wall partitions and make your space look standout. Why build walls when you can make it better with glass partition wall home design tricks! A majority of home partition ideas are available to choose from.

These partitions not just divide large rooms into small ones but also add a unique depth to the room you are looking for.

Quirky Furniture

From velvet armchairs and side tables to coffee tables, drink trolleys, quirky furniture adds that pizazz to any room and makes it look distinctive.

These unusual furniture items add interest to the modern space and brighten up the overall decor in no time. It lends itself nicely to all interior settings, adding a more live-in and homey vibe.

Vintage Additions

The vintage decor adds a unique character to your home that makes your space distinctive and not so cookie-cutter like any other house.
You can simply add a historic charm to your modern home through a record player, instrument, vintage board, wall mirror designs, or light fixture.

Light Fittings

You can simply amp up the house wall design by using the appropriate lighting, chandeliers, pendant lights, or vintage light fixtures. Lights can keep up the vibrancy and vitality of the classic room.

Moreover, it also highlights the decor and features of the room. Combine overhead lighting with floor or table lamps to decorate your room.


Mirrors aren’t just designed to check out your appearance, but this accessory adds a unique spark to your space when added appropriately. Moreover, it is a perfect solution to make your room feel brighter and larger.

You might like to play with your closet door and may have a sliding wall mirror instead of wooden doors. It will enhance the room decor and will complement your small closet ideas.

A large mirror adds interest to an original mantel in the master bedroom and makes a unique statement. When it comes to home entrance wall design, you can also add a simple square-shaped mirror to drizzle an inviting touch.

Indoor plants

Indoor plants are a great bedroom makeover items. They add a sure boost to your interiors and set a calming atmosphere. They will sprinkle a texture in the space and give your space a more dynamic look.

These can be used as accent pieces to soften areas or to create a certain impression. Plus, plants, vertical or pots on top of cabinets, alone can be a great wall design for home.

Organize your ‘priorities’ in a good bar cabinet. It’s your call!

Frequently Asked Questions on Quirky House Wall Designs

Yes, absolutely. Colours have a lot more influence on the temperature of the room than you might think. Therefore, while picking the wall colours for wall painting designs for home, you need to consider more than just how they look.
Keep the below-mentioned things in mind while choosing the colour for wall painting designs for your home.

  • Lighter colours refract more light and cause the heat to be reflected away from the home.
  • On the other side of the spectrum, darker and dull colours have more tendency to absorb all the heat, causing the room to feel hotter.
  • It is advised to go for the light and white shades for home interior wall design to control the overall room temperature.
  • White shades can give you around 35% less heat as compared to black or dark-coloured walls. 
  • However, if you don’t like white shades in your room, select cool colours like light blue and pink to complement the wall painting ideas for home while keeping the temperature under control.

You can use photographs, paintings, wall shelves, printed fabric, etc. as DIY wall design. However, here are some more DIY wall art ideas.

  • Hang decorative clipboards and wall picture frames in a symmetrical pattern.
  • Paint the entire wall with the printed designs you love, be it flowers, butterflies, trees, mountains, or anything you feel like.
  • Build rectangular shelves out of shoeboxes and paint them with different exciting colours for added texture. Fill them with flower vases, succulents, and other decorative pieces.
  • Join popsicle sticks together with glue and then paint a wooden board with a range of colours. Place it in the middle of the white-shaded wall to add a pop of colour.
  • If you are looking for more creative wall drawing ideas for home, then repurpose your scarf to make a unique artwork. Line a picture frame with a fabric piece and hang it on the wall.
  • Choose a coloured washi tape to accent a wall in your room.

If brick red doesn’t fit into your colour scheme, cover it up with the following home interior wall design ideas.

  • Putting a picture on a brick wall is the easiest way to amp up the overall room decor.
  • Place the cabinet display in front of the brick wall, lean a large piece of art on the top and add some books and accessories that would typically remain on the wall-mounted shelves.
  • Accessorize the brick wall with common houseplants as it will give an extra boost because green and red are complementary colours.
  • To add a unique character to the brick wall, paint it part way and let the colour trail off in an organic line that helps delineate rooms in wide-open spaces.
  • Brick walls are known to be one of the best home partition ideas. It always adds a rough surface to a room, so it plays it up with an all-white scheme goosed with classic textural pieces. The final soft-meets-hard mix looks ultimate and gives a fun surprise in the bedroom.

You can decorate your bedroom into a minimalist theme with the right thinking before choosing a decor item. Here are some ideas to decorate your bedroom with a few elements without overdoing it

  • Choose a very subtle color paint or wallpaper
  • Keep plenty storage spaces
  • Prioritize essentials. Always find the functionality of most products before purchasing
  • Choosing the right size of furniture is important to avoid bulking
  • Use soft and warm color bed sheets. Furnitures and window coverings
  • Use minimal decorative items which fits the theme of the entire bedroom

Being cost effective is one of the most important pointers when it comes to spending on anything. You need to opt for ideas and designs that are unique and allows for a sustainable lifestyle.

  • Make use of your DIY collections
  • Invest in a lot of plants
  • Choose good lighting to accentuate your room
  • Choose the right set of bedding and curtains
  • Use one of two statement pieces

Choosing the right colors for your bedroom is very important to strike the perfect balance of elegance and accentuate your wall.

  • Black
  • Off white
  • White
  • Pebble Gray
  • Cream
  • Candy Red
  • Light Sapphire
  • Dark Clay
  •  Pastel Blue
  • Pastel Pink

However, for kid’s room, you may have to choose colours differently. You can study more about the psychology of each wall colour. This will help you choose kids room colours wisely.

A wall can be used as a statement piece if you incorporate the right kind of elements and designs on it. Here is a list of items that make great gallery wall ideas.

  • Wooden hanger frames
  • Grid panel gallery wall pictures
  • Hanging photo album
  • Fairy lights photo wall
  • Black and White Theme
  • Colorful mosaic wall

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