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The Father’s Day Sleepscope

The Father's Day Sleepscope

It’s possible you might get the best gift for Father’s Day, it’s possible this gift is a vacation, it’s possible you won’t get a gift at all and it’s possible that India might win the match and that might make for a great Father’s Day. In anticipation, you might gain or lose sleep and we thought we’d take a shot at predicting how much sleep you’re likely to get this Father’s Day. It’s possible we could be wrong or right, but read on and find out what your Sunday’s going to be like!

  1.   Aries aka The Attention Seeker.  

You’re likely to be the centre of your child’s attention this Sunday night. It is likely be a relaxing night, as you get spoiled rotten and get fed your favourite food. *Pro-tip: To become the centre of their world on other days, change your Wi-Fi password daily.

  1.   Taurus aka The Baby

You’re likely to feel sleepy through the day, since the excitement of Father’s Day will keep you awake the previous night, being the excitable Taurus that you are!

  1.   Gemini aka The One with Two Minds

You might have trouble shutting off your mind (minds!) that night, since the kids are likely to throw you a lavish party… with your credit card!

  1.   Cancer aka The One Who Can Be Crabby without Sleep

The stars say you will sleep tonight like you never have. Maybe the kids are planning to get you a new Wakefit mattress for your Father’s Day gift! 😉

  1.   Leo aka The Ever Excited

Your kids might smear your face with cake, during the celebration. A bath cannot be avoided, so why not make a sleeping ritual out of it? Also, wearing that white shirt you love may not be a good idea!

  1.   Virgo aka The Never Excited

You are probably getting a journal for this Father’s Day gift, and you will use it as a sleep diary to jot down your sleep habits. Why so predictable, Virgo?!

  1.   Libra aka The One Most Likely to Clone Themselves

No sleepless nights for you this week because the celebrations are going to go as planned – for, of course, you planned it yourself.

  1.   Scorpio aka The One Who’s Always Misunderstood

Tonight, sleep isn’t coming, but that’s no biggie, you haven’t slept in a lifetime. Sorry Scorpio, you signed up to be a “daddy” and they took it to mean something else!

  1.   Sagittarius aka The Wanderlust-er

The crystal predicts that you won’t sleep on your bed this Father’s Day. The kids have planned a vacation for you. What can we say, they got your genes!

  1.  Capricorn aka The Foodie

You are going to be really busy having fun, and will hit the sack full and filled!

  1.  Aquarius aka The Starry Eyed

You are not sleeping tonight, your children brought you the stars and the moon. You are getting a new telescope! (You can sell it and use the money for something you really want. Ssssh!

  1.  Pisces aka The Romance King

It’s a Sunday, and the kids have plans of their own after having dinner with you. You have the house to yourself. Dim the lights, put on a movie and spend some quality time your better half 😉

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