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Did you know that you spend almost one-third of your life sleeping? Everyone would have experienced a day after a bad night of sleep, you feel sluggish, moody and too tired to do anything. If you are looking for a good quality sleep, one of the most critical factors to consider is the bed you sleep. A good sleep will leave you energetic, refreshed and improves your overall health so it is essential to invest in the best mattress. Leading in the market for mattresses in India is Wakefit.

Wakefit offers a range of products which includes orthopedic mattress to dual comfort mattress available in different sizes. The products manufactured us are genuine and is made of pure foam that lasts much longer than other brands and hence more durable. The density of the foams is such that it conforms to the body shape and offers great comfort and support. To top all of it, the mattresses made by Wakefit is not only of high-quality but is also highly affordable, you can save up to 50% compared to the other leading brands in India.  

There are many reasons why Wakefit mattresses are popular, it is not just because of its mattress price in India but also because of the features it offers.

Features of Wakefit mattress

The design for the Wakefit mattress is a result of extensive research in the lab with numerous combinations of foam types and other factors. After all the experiments they have been able to get the best features, some of them are:

  • Comfort: These mattresses offer great comfort to the body as they have made further improvisations to the technology introduced by NASA on the memory foam. The memory foam mattress of WakeFit does not push the body upwards while sleeping on it and thus provides more comfort.
  • Support: The base of the mattress is made of a firm foam so that it offers greater support to the entire body and also promotes a neutral spine preventing any back, hip or shoulder pain while at sleep or later in the morning.
  • Temperature Neutrality: Most people who own a memory foam mattress complain of sleeping hot at night. The Wakefit mattresses address this issue with their design. The foams have bigger cells which make the air-flow better and more breathable keeping it temperature neutral.
  • Durability: The mattresses are made of high-density foam due to which there is less wear and tear and thus last longer.  

Suits all types of sleepers:

The mattress you choose should be based on the way you sleep and Wakefit offers mattresses of various firmness to cater to everyone’s needs.

Side sleepers: When a sleeper sleeps on the side, the back, neck and the spine should be aligned properly. A soft-medium firm mattress is ideal for people of normal weight as it helps to relieve pressure from the back and neck and adjust to the shape of your body.

Stomach sleepers: People who sleep on their tummy apply a lot of pressure on the lower back. An ideal mattress should have less gap between the body and the mattress to provide better support to the back. A memory foam mattress is the recommended choice for such sleepers as it conforms to the body.

Back sleepers: This is the most ideal position to sleep and the best mattress for such sleepers is the one which offers support and conforms to the body without sagging. The ideal firmness level is medium to medium firm. Lighter people would opt for medium firmness and heavier people should buy a medium-firm to a firm mattress.

You can buy a mattress online through Wakefit website and can find choose from various sizes, and firmness level suiting single kids or adults, couples or people suffering from back pain.

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