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2022 House-scope: Your Home Horoscope is Here!

Home Horoscope

A new year brings with it new hopes for a home that truly reflects your personality. 

Here’s what your home needs this year based on your zodiac sign: 

1. Aries

WFH unit- Unit

The go-getter attitude gives Aries an edge over others. 

Ticking things off a to-do list offers you all the joy in the world!     

In 2022, why not set up the perfect WFH unit and up the ante? 

Work From Home like never before!

2. Taurus

best bed- Wakefit

  A Taurus loves being loved. 

  Cuddle, snuggle, nuzzle – we believe you came up with all of it! 

This year, get the best bed and take cuddling to the next level.

Cozy sleep, right this way!

3. Gemini

bookshelf design- Wakefit

Learning is Gemini’s mantra for life. 

Traveling without leaving one’s home isn’t a new concept for you. 

In 2022, get your books the bookshelf of their dreams. 

Build a book nook

4. Cancer 

New Yoga Mat- Wakefit

Cancer is forever looking for tranquility & calm.

Building a home within a home is what you are famous for.

This year, get your meditation corner a brand new Yoga mat.

Feel grounded, literally! 

5. Leo

showpieces- Wakefit

Leo thrives at expressing emotions. 

And you know how to do that with every decor item you buy for your home. 

In 2022, do much more with the most eloquent showpieces. 

Express yourself through these accents

6. Virgo 

Spacious Closet- Wakefit

Organization, thy other name is Virgo!

Trust us, Marie Kondo has nothing on you.

This year, take things up a notch with a spacious closet.

Bring home your perfect match 

7. Libra

Gorgeous Lamps- Wakefit

Libra values all things aesthetic. 

It’s no secret that you are the most stylish person in your friend circle. 

In 2022, bring your panache into every corner of your home with gorgeous lamps. 

Light up your world

8. Scorpio

Wooden Dressing Table- Wakefit

Magic mirror on the wall, who’s the most mysterious of them all?

Captivating as you are, you own the room you walk into. 

This year, give your charm a rustic upgrade with a wooden dressing table. 

Look great every day of 2022 

9. Sagittarius 

Wherever there is fun, there is a Sagittarius waiting to join in. 

You make friends the moment you walk out of the door and you love inviting them in. 

In 2022, spill the beans on a bean bag. 

Bring home casual comfort

10. Capricorn

Wooden Shoe Rack - Wakefit

I want to break free: Capricorn’s theme song!

You love your adventures the way a bird loves the sky.

This year, get a shoe rack for all your muddy adventure boots. 

Get your sole-mate!

11. Aquarius 

Center Table- Wakefit

The storyteller, Aquarius sure knows how to spin a tale. 

Sip, chat, and repeat, has always been your motto!

In 2022, let conversations & coffee flow eternally around your center table.  

For those brew-tiful mornings

12. Pisces

Living Room Furniture- Wakefit

Pisces, you take your entertainment seriously!

You like bingeing in style, and we love that about you.

This year, enjoy four seasons of laughter, drama, romance & action. 

Organize your daily entertainment

May the new year help you take a step toward your DREAM HOME.

We at Wakefit wish you a great 2022.

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