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Top 5 Wedding Gifts You Should Not Pass Up This Wedding Season

Wedding Gift Ideas

Unforgettable wedding gifts are often sought when a grand event like a much-awaited wedding draws near.  Many factors, like budget, usage, uniqueness, etc., come into play while selecting useful wedding gifts for couples. Detailed planning is often required as it is very hard to come up with wedding gifts for couples’ ideas at the spur of the moment. 

Selecting a present for a wedding, whether it be that of your best friend, beloved cousin, or neighbour can be quite the challenge. Giving the newlyweds a thoughtful wedding gift is a way to shower them with congratulations and blessings. This means you should be able to put in a lot of thought and effort while buying wedding gifts. However, only some have the time to do this. With the wedding season here, here are a few wedding gift ideas that you can use as inspiration while choosing ideal wedding gifts for the bride and groom.

Top 5 Exceptionally Useful Wedding Gifts For Couples

1. Silver items

If you’re looking for unique, unforgettable wedding gifts, look no further than lavish wedding gifts made from Silver! As per Indian culture, it is auspicious to receive silverware. A puja thali, a silver laughing buddha, an ornate dry fruit box, a gleaming lamp set, and priceless Kumkum holders are some of the popular choices as wedding presents made from silver. These are just some of the umpteen wedding gifts for couples ideas that come in silver. These are useful additions to any home and will be appreciated by the couple, especially as an expensive wedding gift for a best friend or close relative. Such beautifully crafted silverware will be one of the best wedding gifts for couples, appreciated by all.

2. 3D Casting Kit with golden frame

With so many wedding gifts for couples ideas to choose from, it can be difficult to decide what to get for the bride and groom. Amongst the many unforgettable wedding gifts out there, a 3D Casting Kit with a golden frame is an especially thoughtful and unique gift. 3D casting is a replica of hands or feet in 3 dimensions that are captured in great detail and can be preserved forever. This trend of 3D casting started way back with Queen Victoria, who used artists to replicate her children’s hands. Though 3D casting is popular for casting an infant’s feet and hands, it can be used for adult’s hands too. A 3D casting kit with their hands held together makes for an unforgettable and precious gift that is delightfully surprising. The casting kit with a golden frame is sure to impress even the pickiest of couples. It also shows them that you have put thought into the special occasion and shows how much they mean to you.

3. Couple watch set

 A matching couple’s watch is among the best wedding gifts for the bride and groom. It is definitely in the list of useful wedding gifts for couples and is ideal for gifting to a close friend or family. It is one of the unforgettable wedding gifts that build romance and love in their relationship with the passage of time. These watches symbolise love and make for a great wedding gift. When choosing a couple’s watch set, look for something that is stylish and trendy. A couple’s watch set from leading brands can also make for an expensive wedding gift for a best friend or family.

4. Cash or Gift cards

If you are someone who prefers to give useful gifts rather than luxury wedding gifts for couples, cash is a great choice. While it is an old tradition in many Indian communities to give money as a token of blessings, it can be used even today. It not only saves you the hassle of choosing a wedding gift but also prevents the risk of the couple not liking it. Use a gilt or beautifully decorated envelope to put the cash in. Many couples safeguard this cash for the future, thereby making it one of the most practical and best wedding gifts for couples!

If you need more time to buy personalised wedding gifts or are running out of ideas,  gift cards are the next best useful wedding gifts for couples. Choose a gift card from a popular retailer, online store, or mall that everyone loves and give them the choice of buying what they want or like. The best part of these gift cards is that the couple can easily redeem them as they have an extensive expiry period. 

5. Home decor items 

Other luxury wedding gifts for couples ideas involve gifting valuable home decor items. Home decor items are one of the most convenient wedding gifts available today. It is a traditional gift idea that is an apt choice if you are looking for something elegant. The gift choices can range from kitchen appliances to crockery to bedroom accessories. These make for long-lasting gifts for couples. Home decor items are attractive, useful wedding gifts for couples that can brighten the newlyweds’ new home.

A special mention among home decor items is the dinnerware category. One of the most useful gifts for couple ideas is a fancy dinner set. Newly married couples often settle in a new house. As a wedding gift, a dinner set can go a long way to help a newlywed couple. A dinner set usually includes plates, bowls, glasses and cutlery. Gift a classy dinner personalised with their names or initials for an extra special touch.

Planning to attend a wedding soon but wondering what to get as a wedding gift? Choose from the above list and give a thoughtful and precious gift that is ideal as a wedding gift for the couple. 

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