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9 Bookshelf Decor Ideas That Are Easy Peasy to Style

Bookshelf Decor Ideas | Wakefit

About the blog: Today, we will give out some of the best ways to decorate bookshelf for home. 

From what to keep in mind in bookshelf decor to where to placeit, this blog on how to decorate bookshelf covers it all. 

Many people decorate bookshelf on the basis of the space available. Some try to pick some bookshelf design ideas and replicate them. 

We say you can do both when you incorporate bookshelf decor. You need to:

  • Pay attention to the space where you will be placing your bookshelf. 
  • Look around and see what the overall look of your room is. 
  • Decide on which books you will be displaying. 
  • And finally, add a touch of green or a dollop of festivity to make your bookshelf come alive. 

All this and much more information awaits you in today’s blog on how to decorate it with bookshelf decor ideas the Wakefit way.

Shopping for a bookshelf online need not be a hassle anymore. 

With Wakefit’s new line of bookshelves, decorating your cozy corner just got super easy. 

Wakefit’s bookshelf for home comes in different styles. 

We have a staircase-inspired bookshelf for home. 

The zig-zag variant which is a much loved bookshelf online. 

And the ladder bookshelf for home is the easiest bookshelf for home to decorate. 

When you try out ideas to decorate bookshelf, all of our seven bookshelf designs turn into perfect exhibition units. 

You can use them to display not just your books, but also your curios from around the world, art collectibles, small indoor plants and so much more. 

Wakefit’s modern book rack designs elevate the style quotient of your living room and make your home a reader’s paradise. 

Before we get into the tips to decorate bookshelf, we need to make one distinction. And that is: 

The difference between a bookshelf and a bookcase

A bookshelf is any shelving unit that contains books, including open shelving units. A bookcase, on the other hand, is a closed-sided case unit that actually encases books.

While bookcases allow books to be piled upright from end to end, bookshelves offer you the choice between enclosed sides and unenclosed sides. 

If your bookshelf doesn’t encase the books, then you need bookends to display your books upright. 

Bookcases are nearly always made of wood. Bookshelves, on the contrary, can be made of a variety of materials. Glass, metal, and acrylic bookshelves are all common. 

In terms of design, bookcases are more classic, while bookshelves can be classic, minimalistic, or even quirky. 

Now as promised, let’s get into the nine secret bookshelf decor ideas to decorate a bookshelf.

Bookshelf Decor – Modern Bookshelf Decor ideas

While picking our bookshelf decoring ideas, we focussed both on style as well as comfort. 

Here are nine modern bookshelf decor ideas and tips that you can try and make your bookshelf for home the centre of attraction: 

1. Modern bookshelf decor ideas: Pick your style

When you pick your bookshelf for home, you need to know what bookshelf design ideas appeal to you most.

Do you want a quirky zig-zag bookshelf or a classy staircase bookshelf online? 

Or do you want to ditch all of that, and go for a magical ladder bookshelf? 

Whatever matches your style and the general style of your living room decor, go for that bookshelf online. 

2. Modern bookshelf decor ideas: Pay attention to ergonomics when buying a bookshelf online

A bookshelf should not only look good, but should also be functional. 

Paying attention to a bookshelf’s practicality is very important when thinking about decorating bookshelf.  

Placing heavier books in the lower shelves for example, helps further improve the balance of the furniture. 

You also need to make sure the bookshelf is placed at the right height so that no strains are caused in your neck or hips while using it.

3. Modern bookshelf decor ideas: Keep space in mind while reading tips on how to decorate bookshelf

Make sure your bookshelf is not too big for the space where you are storing it in. 

You need to be certain that the bookshelf and its contents fit well with the other decor items in the room or it might look odd no matter how beautiful it is.  

4. Modern bookshelf decor ideas: Remember the Cantaloupe Rule when choosing a bookshelf for home

What’s the cantaloupe rule?

According to the cantaloupe rule, any figurine or collectible that is smaller than the size of a cantaloupe makes the space look cluttered and unappealing. 

So if you have a small space and want to make the room look spacier, then make sure that the figurines placed in the bookshelf are bigger than a cantaloupe. 

5. Modern bookshelf decor ideas: Keep it festive

To keep the spirits high, you should decorate the bookshelf according to the season. 

A monsoon-themed bookshelf or bookshelf that has pretty lights during Diwali, will keep the guests talking about it all year long. 

6. Modern bookshelf decor ideas: Go for a colour theme to decorate bookshelf

Most bookshelf decor ideas will advise you to notice the colours in the room and pick hues that will complement those colours when picking figurines for the bookshelf. 

You can also color-code your books and arrange them accordingly for a unique style. 

7. Modern bookshelf decor ideas: Group the displays according to size

One of the handiest bookshelf decor ideas is to arrange the books according to their height. 

We say you go a step ahead, and also arrange figurines by their size.  

Group the collectibles that are of the same size and display them that way for a neater look. 

8. Modern bookshelf decor ideas: Pay tribute to your favorite place through these bookshelf design ideas

Almost everyone has a favorite travel destination. 

Think about your most loved destination, and then style your bookshelf accordingly. 

Also, this favourite place of yours need not be real! You could even have a Hogwarts-inspired ladder bookshelf with little brooms and wands on display. 

Remember, when it comes to styling, it’s all about going through bookshelf decor ideas and then using your imagination to make them yours. 

9. Modern bookshelf decor ideas: Keep your bookshelf for home green

If you are a nature lover like us, then add some indoor plants into your collection of things displayed on the bookshelf. 

Creepers work well and so do small cacti plants. Go for succulent plants and then read about keeping them healthy and alive. 

Pro tip: White pots can add the much-needed oomph to your bookshelf. 

Decorate Bookshelf: Wakefit’s Modern Book Rack Designs

Let us quickly walk you through our new line of solid wood bookshelf for home

These are already making a splash among customers because of their unique design and ergonomic features.

This piece of furniture is ideal for any corner of your home. Irrespective of where you place it, it provides the much-needed shelf space with clear-cut shelves. That ensures the books look organized and not cramped. 

You can browse through the features of each one of these modern book rack designs by visiting us here.

Before we let you go, let us help you decide where you should place your bookshelf, in our last section, below:  

Living room bookshelf design ideas – Where should bookshelves go?

Once you pick a bookshelf online and before you decide on the bookshelf decor ideas you are going to pick to decorate a bookshelf, you need to know where you are going to place your bookshelf. 

Here are a few ideas: 

Imagine a bookshelf behind the grey sofa. 

Now that’s a visual feast! 

  • Beside your TV unit
  • One full side wall

This is good for aesthetic reasons as well as storing a large quantity of books. 

  • Two smaller shelves on either side of the TV Unit 

This will provide both symmetry as well as a minimalistic neat look. 

  • Either side of the fireplace 

This works perfect for a vintage look. 

  • As a figure beside sofa 

As you can see in this picture, modern book rack designs need not only store books.

You can turn your bookshelf for home into a nook for your favorite display pieces as well. 

Interesting Bookshelf Ideas for the Bedroom

Finding enough space in your bedroom for those favorite books of yours can be quite a challenge. But nor with the Wakefit bookshelves. They not only bring order but also aesthetics to your room and you can end your day with some good night-time reading. 

Wakefit Angelou Sheesham Wood Bookshelf

This rich wooden bookshelf adds a touch of class to your bedroom with its contemporary design. Additionally, the wooden finish of this bookshelf compliments your existing decor and furniture making it a welcome addition to your room. 

Wakefit Strand Corner Sheesham Wood Bookshelf

This bookshelf made from the best quality Sheesham wood is a ladder-design corner bookshelf. Use any of the corners of your room to get a perfect storage place for all your latest and favorite reads. 

Wakefit Hopkins Sheesham Wood Bookshelf

The Hopkins wood bookshelf made from Sheesham wood is the perfect choice for your bedroom or your home office. It has a zig-zag design which elevates the space it occupies. 

Wakefit Oliver Sheesham Wood Bookshelf

Oliver bookshelf is made from high-quality Sheesham wood and has an interesting design, unlike the other shelves on offer. It is multi-utility furniture that can be used as a display unit in your room or store books, collectables, or even place indoor plants.

What bookshelf designs would be suitable for the study room?

Bookshelves have become a great highlight as a background for most study rooms due to people working from home and taking conference calls. Trendy modern bookshelves also represent your personality and who you are when you are in your abode. Some of the bookshelf designs on offer for the study room are: 

Wakefit Rossetti Sheesham Wood Bookshelf With Glass Doors

The Rossetti Bookshelf is made from Sheesham wood and has a teak wood finish It comes with a drawer and a cabinet and a glass covering. So it can act as a bookshelf as well as a display unit for your valuable collectables. 

Wakefit Taylor Sheesham Wood Bookshelf

A multi-purpose bookshelf that can act as a display unit or a storage space for books. It comes with many compartments with open shelves at the back. It can be placed against the wall or act as a divider to create zones in your study room. 

Wakefit Milton Sheesham Wood Bookshelf

The Milton Sheesham wood bookshelf is a dual-tone finish piece of furniture that elevates the look of the room instantly. It is strong and sturdy and can hold books of all sizes and shapes. It comes with compartments of different sizes and thus caters to all types of storage needs, The ladder design is sure to make your room look perfect. 

Wakefit Brooks Sheesham Wood Bookshelf

The Brooks Bookshelf is for those who love to collect books and display them. It is a shelf that has a natural tone and can store big books like the encyclopedia due to its robust design. The natural finish is beautifully crafted and subtly versatile, but also inexpensive. 

Wakefit Blake Sheesham Wood Bookshelf

Blake Bookshelf is made from Sheesham wood and has a timeless design. It is not only lightweight but also sturdy. It has a sleek American Walnut finish which instantly becomes the centre of attention. It comes with many shelves and a flat top for the display of your collections. 

We hope that you enjoyed this blog on how to decorate bookshelf the Wakefit way. If you have any questions or any suggestions on what you’d like to see on our blogs, please drop us a line in the comments.

Frequently Asked Questions On Modern Living Room Ideas

How do I style my bookshelf?

Stock books vertically as well as horizontally instead of going one way or the other. 
Add colour to the shelf preferably at the back to make it look harmonious. Use beautiful and stylish bookends and arrange books by size. 

What should I put on a bookshelf?

A bookshelf need not contain only books, you can place artwork, photo frames, boxes, baskets, vases, and even green plant pots on them.

How do you hang art on bookshelves?

When you want to hang art on bookshelves look for something that does not cause a hole on it. It should also be something that can be removed easily without causing any damage to the wood. A few options to consider include command hooks, velcro strips, etc.

What do you put on top of bookshelves?

One of the simplest ways to decorate the top of the bookshelves is to add greenery. Since there may not be enough light or find it difficult to water, use silk plants. Choose plants that fall on the sides and also extend upwards. For example, you can use ferns, silk ivy, etc.

How do you decorate a wooden bookshelf?

The bookshelf decor is usually done with items that you have at hand. Look for picture frames, artwork, decorative vases, and other accessories with the same theme or style. Place the largest books and items first and then stagger objects on shelves. Add magazines, colourful books, and potted plants for more texture and colour.

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