Bought a bookshelf online? Here are 9 tips on how to decorate it!

Wakefit bookshelf

Shopping for a bookshelf online need not be a hassle anymore. With Wakefit’s new line of bookshelves, decorating your cozy corner just got super easy. We have three variants currently: The staircase-inspired bookshelf for home, the zig-zag variant, and the ladder bookshelf. Each of these is designed in such a way that they turn into display units where you can exhibit not just your books, but also your curios from around the world, art collectibles, small indoor plants and so much more. Our bookshelves elevate the style quotient of your living room and make your home a reader’s paradise. 

Wakefit bookshelf

In today’s post, we are going to spill nine secrets on how to decorate your bookshelf so that it reflects your idea of style and comfort. 

Bookshelves decorating ideas

  1. Pick your style 
  2. Pay attention to ergonomics 
  3. Keep space in mind
  4. Remember the Cantaloupe Rule
  5. Keep it festive 
  6. Go for a colour theme
  7. Group the displays according to size
  8. Pay a tribute to your favourite place 
  9. Keep it green

Bookshelves decorating ideas

Here are nine shelf styling tips that you can try and make your bookshelf the centre of attraction in your living room: 

  • Pick your style 

Wakefit bookshelf 1

When you pick your bookshelf for home, you need to know your style in advance. Do you want a quirky zig-zag bookshelf or a classy staircase one? Or do you want to ditch all of that, and go for a magical ladder bookshelf? Whatever matches your style and the general style of your living room decor, bring that bookshelf home. 

  • Pay attention to ergonomics 

Wakefit bookshelf 2

A bookshelf should not only look good, but should also be functional. Paying attention to a booshlef’s practicality is very important when decorating it. Placing heavier books in the lower shelves for example helps further improve the balance of the furniture. You also need to make sure the bookshelf is placed at the right height so that no strains are caused in your neck or hips while using it.

  • Keep space in mind 

Make sure your bookshelf is not too big for space where you are storing it in. You need to be certain that the bookshelf and its contents fit well with the other decor items in the room or it might look odd no matter how beautiful it is.  

  • Remember the Cantaloupe Rule 

According to the cantaloupe rule, any figurine or collectible that is smaller than the size of a cantaloupe contributes to making the space look cluttered, something that you want to avoid. So if you have a small space and want to make the room look spacier, then make sure that the figurines placed in the bookshelf are bigger than a cantaloupe. 

  • Keep it festive 

To keep the spirits high, decorate your bookshelf according to the season. A monsoon-themed bookshelf or bookshelf that has pretty lights during Diwali, will keep the guests talking about the bookshelf all year long. 

  • Go for a colour theme 

Notice the colours in the room and pick hues that will complement them when picking figurines for the bookshelf. You can also color-code your books and arrange them accordingly for a unique style. 

  •  Group the displays according to size

Don’t just arrange the books according to their height, but also the figurines. See which collectibles are of the same size and create groups of them and display them that way for a neater look. 

  • Pay tribute to your favorite place 

Wakefit bookshelf 3

Almost everyone has a favorite travel destination. Think about yours and then style your bookshelf accordingly. Also, this place need not be real! You could even have a Hogwarts-inspired ladder bookshelf with little brooms and wands on display. 

  • Keep it green 

If you are a nature lover like us, then add some indoor plants into your collection of things displayed on the bookshelf. Creepers work well, and so do small cacti plants. White pots can add the much-needed oomph to your bookshelf. 

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