Waterproof Mattress Protector: Keep Your Bed Brand New for Ages!

Waterproof Mattress Protector

Watch Jyoti protect her bed and other Wakefit essentials with Wakefit’s best mattress protector online:

Jyoti is smart. She knows that buying the best mattress protector online for her bed is critical. 

One, it keeps the bed clean. 

Two, it protects your mattress warranty. 

Three, it gives you a good sleep as you no longer have to worry about your mattress.

Buying a mattress cover is extremely important. Not only does a waterproof mattress protector render aesthetic functionality, but it is also beneficial in many other ways. 

The best mattress protector online will also help you curtail any unforeseen expenses and enjoy better sleep for a long time. 

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Major Benefits of Using the Best Mattress Protector Online

Also known as mattress protector purpose list! Here we share every reason why you should bring home a good mattress cover

Benefits of Mattress Cover

  1. Mattress Protector Purpose: Keep Dust at Bay

The importance of mattress protector isn’t hard to understand. 

Regardless of where you live, dust can accumulate on a mattress over time. With the use of a waterproof mattress protector or a quality mattress cover, this can be avoided. 

The best mattress protector online is one that can be easily washed. If you have any allergy to dust, then the mattress cover is something that will come in handy for good sleep.

  1. A Mattress Cover Offers Protection from Mould/Mildew

Every person perspires, no matter the age. If you tend to sweat in excess and you don’t haven’t bought a bed protector online, the sweat can sink into the mattress. 

If you are lying in bed without a waterproof bed cover, there is a high chance of accidental spills in which case, it will do more damage to your mattress. 

If you are spending long nights without sleep due to such spills, then you definitely need the best mattress protector online. This is where waterproof mattress protectors or waterproof bed covers come into the picture. 

The best mattress cover will also prevent mold growth and mildew which could cause or increase allergies and other respiratory infections.

  1. Importance of Mattress Protector: Lengthen Mattress Warranty 

Most mattress warranties do not cover spills or burns. When you buy the best mattress protector online, you can protect your mattress. 

Investing in a waterproof bed protector is a great way to protect your mattress and your warranty.

  1. Get a Bed Protector Online for Protection from Other Elements

It is not just dust or allergens that accumulate on the surface of your mattress over the years. 

Depending on the pollution level and where you live, many other types of particles or mites can get trapped in the mattress leading to long nights without a wink of sleep. 

For example, your mattress could be inundated with fur if you have a furry pet at home without a waterproof mattress protector. Pollen from plants can also get trapped in the mattress if you don’t have the best waterproof mattress protector online

A mattress cover like a waterproof bed cover can be effective in keeping your mattress squeaky clean.

  1. The Best Mattress Protector Online Keeps Your Bed Forever New

A good bed protector online keeps your bedding and your fitted sheets protected from stains, allergens, and dust. 

This ensures that the mattress looks brand new, no matter how old it may be. If you are someone who likes to keep your house spic and span and free of mites, bring home a waterproof mattress protector today!

  1. A Good Mattress Cover is Easy to Clean

When you use the best mattress protector online, clean-up becomes easier. The dust, dirt, allergens, and stain marks accumulate only on the waterproof bed protector that can be dumped in the laundry for a quick wash. 

This means no more vacuuming or beating your mattress to get rid of dirt and mites with the best waterproof mattress protector! 

The best mattress protector online is a lifesaver in more ways than one. 

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Things to keep in mind when buying a waterproof mattress cover

You need to keep a few things in mind when buying a bed protector online

While using a mattress cover will safeguard your mattress from liquid, stain, dust, allergens, mites, and any other particles, the mattress will still need occasional cleaning. 

Using a vacuum cleaner is the way to go, but it would be even better if you hire a professional mattress cleaning agency. 

It is also important that you choose the best mattress protector online after analyzing your needs as well as the budget. Buying a waterproof mattress cover will serve the purpose, but you can also shop for anti-microbial waterproof bed protector covers that are resistant to dust mites and allergens.

At the end of the day, investing in a top-quality waterproof bed protector or waterproof bed cover is the best way to protect your mattress from external elements and get good sleep. 

The best mattress protector online is designed to protect your mattress from spills, dust, allergens grime as well as dust mites. In fact, the waterproof mattress protector is an essential item in every home. 

If you have invested in an expensive mattress, the waterproof mattress cover can do wonders in keeping your mattress clean and neat. So get ready to get quality sleep on a top-quality mattress protector soon!

Wakefit’s Mattress Protector 

Wakefit’s best mattress protector online maintains the hygiene of your bed by keeping it safe from dust, bacteria, pollen, and other allergens.

 Automatically, the mattress cover enhances your sleep health.

The bed protector online can be removed as easily as it can be tucked in. So whenever you feel like washing or cleaning it, just remove it and dump it into the washing machine!

The Wakefit Mattress Cover comes with a 30 wash cycle manufacturer warranty. You can have a look at the product specifications below: 

Protector FeelSoft and textured
Warranty30 wash cycle manufacturer warranty
Size of protector Custom size, Single, Diwan, Queen, King size mattress
CareQuick machine washable material for hygiene and cleanliness
Features Elastic for tucking in the corners
Material Type200 GSM terry cotton surface with TPU film
Regular PriceINR 733


  1. What is mattress protector purpose?

By using a mattress cover, you protect the mattress from the usual wear and tear. You shield it from spills and other leaks and the mark they leave. It is water-resistant so the liquid will not even reach the mattress, thus making sure it doesn’t get wet or stained.

There are several other benefits of mattress protector. A mattress protector can be removed at any time and washed, which means it improves the overall hygiene of your mattress and keeps the freshness intact for years.

This way your mattress lives a longer life, which it should, considering how big and important an investment it is. This is why you should consider investing in the best mattress protector online today.

  1. How to wash Wakefit mattress cover

Most people assume that by encasing their mattress in a mattress cover, they have done their job of protection. They forget that the waterproof mattress protector needs regular clean-up as it has cushions spills and is exposed to allergens, dust mites, bugs, and dirt. If you use your mattress frequently, you must clean the bed protector at least once in two weeks.

If you own a mattress pad, wash it once every 2 months. If you change your bed linen regularly, it can act as protection to your mattress pad from accumulating dust mites, and dirt and getting way too dirty. 

As with toppers, follow the manufacturer’s instructions to wash your mattress pad. However, if you do not find any specific instructions, you can wash them in the washing machine in lukewarm water. Once you wash, they can be tumbled on low heat to dry.