21 Days 21 New Things To Try: Week 1

To stop the spread of novel coronavirus, India went into a 21-day lockdown which came into effect on March 25. To help people who are being responsible and staying at home do so with as little friction as possible, we at Wakefit decided to come up with 21 activities, one per day for our sleepers. We completed week one a couple of days ago, and here is a list of all the things India participated in with Wakefit during week one of the lockdown.

  • Read a classic

Since you are at home now, it is likely that you are spending more time on social media. If it is driving you slightly crazy, and you want to turn off notifications and get something concrete done, consider reading a classic. Reading a paperback before bed will relax you and will help you fall asleep faster.

  • Grow a plant

Missing the outdoors? Bring some of it in! Growing a plant at home is known to make people feel calmer and more relaxed. It makes you happy, which in turn, helps boost your immunity, something we need more than ever right now. 

  • Take on a fitness challenge

All of us look for a work break to allow ourselves to work on our fitness. Now that we have been given the luxury of time, why not make the most of it by taking on a fitness challenge. Challenge your friends and family too to make the activity more fun. 

  • Spa from home

When working from home, some people tend to take too much on their plates. To learn how to avoid overworking takes some time. But one way you can ensure you don’t suffer a burnout is by pampering yourself at home. All you need is a simple face mask, some soothing music, and a couple of lit incense sticks to set the mood right. 

  • Indulge in a siesta

The daily grind prevented you from taking your afternoon nap which you used to relish as a child, right? Well, now is the time to experience that pure delight of siesta once more. Also, it is said that naps make you more focussed allowing you to avoid interruptions while working from home. More reason to indulge! 

  • Draw, paint or sketch 

A great way to clear out your mind when it is obsessing about something or anxious with negative thoughts, is to create some art. It puts you in a meditative state by making you more mindful, and helps you de-stress. All you need is a pen, a paper, some colours of your choice, and you have your own art therapy session. Involve your friends through a video conference, and that could be a new way to include social breaks in your schedule. 

  • Level up with a new language

Always wanted to learn a new language, but never found time for it? Now is when you can fulfil your dream of exploring a new culture through its language. Once the lockdown is lifted, you might want to visit the country whose language you are learning! 

How many of these activities did you try your hand at? Let us know in the comments.

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