21 Days 21 New Things To Try: Week 2

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To stop the spread of novel coronavirus, India went into a 21-day lockdown which came into effect on March 25. To help people who are being responsible and staying at home do so with as little friction as possible, we at Wakefit decided to come up with 21 activities, one per day for our sleepers. We completed week two a few days ago, and here is a list of all the things India participated in with Wakefit during week two of the lockdown.

  •  Midweek calls for a treat!

Since we cannot step out of our homes to get a bite of our favorite dessert, why not prepare some at home? Learn how to make your favorite dessert or the simplest dessert as long as it is yummy, and indulge within the safety of your home. 

  • Make time for Meditation

The lockdown has been a very stressful period for a lot of us. From longer work hours to getting all the household chores done without any help, the lockdown has left us more drained than before. To get some relief and to ensure that you don’t experience a burn out, take a few minutes off from your schedule to empty your mind of all kinds of thoughts. Find a peaceful corner, and listen to some guided meditation with your eyes closed. 

  • Get in touch with an old friend

Physical distancing does not mean that you cannot stay in touch with your favorite people in the world, right? Call up an old friend and tell them about your days in lockdown, ask them about theirs. 

  • Try your hands at journaling 

Are too many thoughts passing through your mind making it hard for you to concentrate? Do you feel like you have lost touch with your inner self? Are you feeling grateful about all the things that life has offered you so far? Whatever be the reason, start a journal today, and see how it turns into a treasure tomorrow. 

  • Yoga for better posture 

Get into a yoga posture, and give your body the much required stretch. Maybe jot down about how it made you feel in that journal of yours?! 

  • Revive a classic comedy

Studies suggest that when we watch a favorite TV show, our mood is lifted and we feel the same sense of joy we experience when we are with our real friends. Let Chandler and Joey help you get rid of your Lockdown woes and social distancing blues. 

  • Breathe a little better 

To breathe better and therefore live healthier, try a breathing exercise today. It can be the simple practice Kapal Bhati or pranayama to help you get through the day more alive. 

How many of these activities have you tried? Let us know in the comments.

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