Top 7 Elegant Bedsheet Designs to Style Your Bed with

Wakefit Bedsheet

In today’s post, we have the latest bedsheet design 2020 that will elevate the chic quotient of your bedroom and also improve your sleep quality by several notches. 

But before we present the selection of bedsheet design, let us walk you through factors to keep in mind when purchasing a bedsheet online. 

Things to consider when buying a bedsheet online

  • Measure your bed

Before even beginning the hunt, measure the bed you plan to get sheets for. 

Since you are buying your bedsheet online, this step is even more important. You might think that you know the standard size of your bed, or in other words, you know that your bed is a king-size bed or a queen-size or a double bed or a single one. However, it is highly recommended that you measure your bed nonetheless in order to avoid issues later on. 

Once you get the right measurements of your bed, you are all set to browse through various websites that sell the latest bed sheet design 2020 could offer. 

  • Thread count 

When browsing through the bedsheets online, the first thing to pay attention to is the thread count. Thread count or TC means the number of threads, both vertical as well as horizontal, per square inch. The general rule is that higher the TC, more comfortable the sheet. 

  • Pick the fabric of your choice

Once you have figured out the thread count, the next step is to pick a fabric of your choice. 

The most common fabrics are cotton, silk, sateen, and microfibre. Whatever fabric you choose, make sure it suits your sleep style, your individual requirements, and the weather of the place where you live. A cotton bedsheet, for instance, is a perfect purchase for summer months in India. 

  • Think about whether you want a fitted bedsheet or not 

Fitted bedsheets have revolutionized the art of making one’s bed. These are easy to put on and effortless to maintain. The elastic in fitted bedsheets ensures that your bed remains tidy throughout the day. A tidy bed is a bed that welcomes you for a good night’s sleep. 

If a fitted bedsheet doesn’t sound like something you want to go for, then choose a traditional bedsheet. The point is, you need to be sure about what you want for your bed 

  • See what bedsheet design works for you and your room

And finally, we come to bedsheet design. Your bedsheet can upgrade the overall look of your bedroom/guest bedroom, and so you need to pay special attention to its design and the patterns. 

Below we have seven latest bedsheet design 2020 that will look great in almost every bedroom. Have a look right away! 

Wakefit’s seven latest bedsheet design 2020

The Design 

A good bed sheet is one that makes you feel like you are on a bed of clouds. We aren’t exaggerating. In fact, we are offering you that bed of clouds in the form of soft cotton bedsheets. 

Wakefit bedsheets are a hundred percent cotton. The prints it comes in and the solid subtle colours, make the bed sheets perfect for every household. At Wakefit, we believe in marrying good design and good sleep and have applied that motto to our bedsheets as well. 

Here are seven bedsheet designs that not only look spectacular but also help you with great quality sleep: 

The Collection

  • Beige 

Beige Bedsheet Design

  • Serene flora 

Serene flora Bedsheet Design

  • Dreamy bubbles 

Dreamy bubbles Bedsheet Design

  • Spring Summer 

Spring Summer Bedsheet Design

  • Sunrise 

Sunrise Bedsheet

  • Lilyana 

Lilyana Bedsheet Design

  • Daisy 

Daisy Bedsheet Design

Wakefit’s printed bedsheets are created with a sateen weave to give them the much-needed luxurious feel. No wonder lying down on these helps you drift off to sleep heaven in no time. The solid colour bedsheets by Wakefit, on the other hand, come with a percale weave, which is then brushed so that the raised fibres give the sheets the ultra-soft finish.

These prints do not fade even after several washes. The sheets will not shrink too but instead will become softer and cosier after every wash. Here are all the specifications: 

Fabric feel Super soft, made with 100% cotton
Thread count 300 TC
Fall length 10 inches
Care Quick machine washable material for hygiene and cleanliness
Features Elastic for tucking in the corners

You can make these seven latest bedsheet designs yours today. Visit us
here and pick what you want on top of your bed, we will take care of the rest.